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Stargate Universe: Deliverance

... in which Destiny’s crew must find a way to escape the automated drone attack.

‘Deliverance’ had some good tension, decent action, and a few nice character beats, but overall this one left me feeling a bit “meh.” I can’t help wondering if my reaction is colored by my knowledge that the series is drawing to a close. Like maybe I’m trying to mentally distance myself now, so that it doesn’t hurt as much when the end comes. On the other hand, this episode was much more plot-oriented than many of my favorites from the first half of the season, so maybe I just needed a stronger character focus to hook me into this last run of episodes. As anyone reading my Farscape reviews knows, I do love great action sequences, but an episode has to connect on a character level to truly engross me. And, unfortunately, aside from a few scattered moments, ‘Deliverance’ just didn’t give me anything to latch onto on the character front.

The episode briefly attempted to explore the idea that Rush is changing for the better, becoming a more compassionate and less cynical man. Both Camille and Chloe seemed to think he’s turning over a new leaf, but I’m not sure I’m buying it. Not yet anyway. I suppose anything is possible, and Rush is a complex enough character that I could certainly get on board with him becoming a more openly caring person, but I just don’t believe it yet. I can’t help thinking he’s got an ulterior motive or is working some angle. I’m not sure what that would be, but I’ve got strong reservations about his trustworthiness.

Matt and Chloe also got some weighty character stuff this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t find their big emotional parting on the shuttle all that compelling. I’ve certainly started to care more about them as individuals this season, but as a couple, I guess I’m still not feeling it. That said, I did love how several beats in Chloe’s transfer to the aliens mirrored the events in Matt’s wedding delusion from ‘Cloverdale’ --- Young walking Chloe to the shuttle, handing her off to Matt, and getting a parting kiss on the cheek; and Chloe and Matt walking hand-in-hand toward the back of the shuttle. Very effective callbacks.

As for Chloe, I’m a bit conflicted over the apparent close of her alien conversion arc. In some respects the fix felt too easy. We spent so much time building up and reacting to her conversion, that resolving the situation with a quick visit to the blue alien medical bay felt very sudden and not terribly satisfactory (even though the “cure” sequence was suitably freaky). I do like that she retained the enhanced brain power she developed while undergoing the conversion. It makes her a valuable asset and an important member of the crew, something the character desperately needed. But, overall, I’m not sure I’m down with the resolution to this extended arc.

Other Thoughts

I really enjoyed the small touches of humor throughout, particularly with Volker, Brody, and Rush. I was especially amused by the way Volker and Brody completely bought into Rush’s obvious ego-stroking ploy. Plus, the entire group flinching away from the drone after Greer tapped on it was very funny.

Eli: “What I want, is to be as far away from here as possible.”

Scott: “I think we don’t get paid to think.”
Greer: “We get paid?”

The helmet POV cam with the audible breathing noises freaks me out. I end up bracing myself for something awful to happen when folks are in those suits.

RIP, Ursini. We hardly knew ya.

Telford’s reaction to the Ursini’s kamikaze attack on the command carrier was one of my favorite small character beats. Lou Diamond Phillips underplayed the moment, but it was clear that the Ursini’s demise and the extermination of their entire race was a blow for Telford. A nice nod to the bond he likely developed with them following his stint in their stasis pods.

The “previously on” segment pointedly included a snippet about the Lucian Alliance plans to attack Earth, so apparently we haven’t dropped that storyline completely. Good to know.

Rush (to Chloe): “Let’s just say you’re not the only one who’s gone through some changes.”

Final Analysis: Definitely not a terrible episode, but not one that really engaged me either. I’m hoping for better next week.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. Meh indeed.

    They only have 9 more to do something memorable. Otherwise, this is going to be even worse than Voyager.

  2. I wasn't wildly happy with this one, either. I'd been really looking forward to it, too.

    How many of us think Rush is up to something? That many, huh? :)

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  4. I totally agree with your view on the resolution of Chloe's arc. It wasn't the speed of the story, or the ease of the resolution - fast is good when you have only 9 episodes, it just didn't have any meaning.

    I mean, there was no point to the story and we could have done without a sobbing "I am going to die" charter in a room full of going to die people roaming a ship.

  5. I don't buy Rush's transformation NOR Chloe's cure. In the case of Chloe, maybe I'm just being optimistic for a more interesting outcome. If that truly is the end of that story arc, then you are right, it is disappointing.

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