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Eureka: Noche de Suenos

... in which some of the town’s residents begin having the same dreams.

Like the previous episode, ‘Noche de Suenos’ made me both gasp out loud (truck accident) and laugh my ass off (naked Carter and my quick realization that Zoe and Jo had shared his dream). However, unlike ‘Duck, Duck, Goose,’ this episode featured some substantial plot and character development, particularly for Allison, Kevin, and Stark.

This week we learned that Stark suspects the Artifact is an antenna that connects to a zero point energy field containing all knowledge and experience from the beginning of time (the Akashic Field). Furthermore, he believes Kevin has developed a connection to the field because of his unique brain wiring and his exposure to the Artifact’s radiation. Kevin could, therefore, be the key to understanding life, the universe, and everything. Pretty heavy stuff for such a little kid. And for his poor mom, who is at her wit’s end trying to figure out what’s happening to her son and find a way to protect him.

Allison’s struggle in this episode was incredibly absorbing. Not only did she have to wrestle with whether her efforts to protect her son were putting the entire town at risk, she had to confront the purity of her own motives for pursuing the research in the first place. Obviously, she and Stark want what’s best for Kevin, but it is far too easy for them to rationalize that their needs --- her desire to form a connection with her son and Stark’s desire to understand the mysteries of the universe --- are also in Kevin’s best interest. Are they truly helping him by invading his dreams, or are they simply allowing themselves to believe that to justify their own selfish agendas? This episode doesn’t really answer that question, and I appreciate the ambiguity. Now we all have to ponder whether Allison and Stark are making the right choices. After inadvertently killing one person and putting 49 others at serious risk, I’m curious to see how much longer Allison will simply forge ahead as Stark wants, especially given that she already has so many doubts about her own motivations.

Other Thoughts

So Carter managed to finagle an actual workout date with Allison! Only to get undercut by Stark and his PhD from MIT, of course.

Carter (re: having to strip down for decontamination): “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”
Stark: “No.”

Jo was reading a magazine called Military Ma’am in her shared dream with Carter. They come up with the funniest titles for her reading material!

Consider me less than surprised that Fargo is an excessively whiny and demanding patient. Or that he was threatening to sue Carter.

Jo told Carter she grew up with three brothers and no mom, but in Season 1’s ‘Before I Forget’ she told him her mom used to make her costumes. Maybe she died when Jo was a young girl.

Interesting that in Allison’s shared dream with Kevin, he was a normal kid. Was that her influence on the dream, or does Kevin really dream of himself as a normal kid?

Stark: “Do you really want him to be like any other normal kid?”
Allison (whispers): “Sometimes.”
Stark: “There’s nothing wrong with that.”
Allison: “Then why do I feel so guilty about it?”

It took me forever to confirm the spelling for “Akashic” Field. I kept trying to find it with “zero-point energy” related searches and nothing turned up. After several days it finally occurred to me to Google “field of all knowledge” and voila! The second result was the Wikipedia entry for “Akashic records.” Doh! That’s what I get for thinking it was a science concept when it was really a theosophical one.

It appears that Carter may be starting to recover his memories of the alternate timeline. The brief glimpse of Henry mind-wiping Carter during the group shared dream had to be from Carter’s mind, since he was one of the subjects in the neural networking study and Henry wasn’t. Very interesting. Henry feigned ignorance when confronted, but I’m more than curious to see how that thread continues to play out.

The dream about Jo, Stark, and “Senor Fargo” was totally freaking hilarious. I laughed even harder when they revealed it was Jo’s dream and not Fargo’s. So are she and Taggart really over? And she’s started lusting after Fargo? OK, then.

This week our featured Stargate guest actors included Colin Cunningham (Major Davis, SG-1) as dream researcher Paul Suenos (because what else would he be with that last name?), and Martin Christopher (Officer/Captain Marks, SG-1) as the medical doctor.

Ooh, Carter had to breathe oxygen-rich plasma! A fun reminder of The Abyss.

When Carter asked Jo if she had ever wanted to be anything else, the first thing that popped into my mind for her was dancer. I guess because she’s such a tough, kick-ass chick, it seemed to me that her secret childhood dream would be to become something graceful, beautiful, and girly. I was really delighted my instinct turned out to be true, and thought the final scene was an incredibly sweet capper to the episode. Very nicely played by Erica Cerra.

Final Analysis: Very strong episode, which managed to be both freaking hilarious and incredibly poignant.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. Fargo as Zorro? Hilarious.

    I got the impression that Carter is remembering more about what Henry did to him than he is letting on. I hope not, but this relationship is not heading to a good place.

  2. We should have known that the Zorro dream was Deputy Jo's, since it was in Spanish.


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