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Latest Renewals and Cancellations

During the strange and prolonged Blogger outage that coincided with Friday the 13th, the final chips have fallen in the renewal/cancellation follies.

ABC has canceled V, No Ordinary Family, Brothers & Sisters (someone asked me to review that once, but I've never seen it), and a few others I've never heard of. (Link here.)

I'm sort of sad about V. It never quite took off, but it starred two of my favorite actresses and that last episode was a killer.

In more surprising news, Chuck has been picked up for a fifth season. I wouldn't have counted on that one. But we're only getting 13 episodes, and it's going to officially be the final season. I stopped watching Chuck this past winter, but if they're going to end it, I'm a bit tempted to hang in until the end.

In less surprising news, The Event is toast. I saw somewhere that they're trying to find another network, but I just don't see it happening. Law and Order: LA is also gone.

That's pretty much it for our list of will-they-or-won't-they shows. Except for Hawaii Five-O. It hasn't been officially picked up yet, but somehow I'm pretty sure it will be. And The Cape. Will The Cape be officially canceled, or will they decide to just not mention that it's been canceled in hopes that we'll forget it ever existed?

One more thing. While putting together this post, I noticed that Syfy has posted a defense of their decision to cancel Stargate Universe. I don't care what their excuses are. I'm still pissed.


  1. I may be wrong, but I think The Cape was officially cancelled a while ago.

    I too am excited about Chuck having an official final season. Seeing the wonders that did for Smallville, hopefully the writers can come up with a fantastic conclusion to the series.

  2. I'm sort of glad about Chuck. But that's not what this comment is about at all...

    This made my night: http://www.hitfix.com/articles/buffy-star-sarah-michelle-gellar-heads-back-to-primetime-with-ringer

    There is a certain dramatic irony that's attached to SMG's new show going to The CW. A synchronicity that borders on predestination, one might say.

  3. The Event was getting better. Another victim to the mid-season breaks.

    Fox axed Traffic Light, Human Target, The Chicago Code, Lie to Me and Breaking In. I was expecting Human Target and Lie to Me to get cancelled. Human Target's new show runner basically destroyed the series. Lie to Me became increasingly stale. The Chicago Code was a more or less mediocre show I was giving it a half chance at survival. Breaking In was a surprise for me. Apart from glooming Slater Jinx factor it was going relatively well.

  4. One thing that annoyed me: NBC didn't pick up 17th Precinct, the new crime/magic drama from Ron Moore that featured a tonne of BSG actors.


  5. Sad about Brothers And Sisters, I was a big fan of that show.

  6. Matthew,

    I think there's still time for NBC to pick it up. They've just announced their first "acquisitions". Besides, notice the number of cancelled series is bigger than the picked up ones.


  7. I'm both really upset at FOX (for cancelling V) and relieved by them (for renewing Fringe)... strange dichotomy! :p

    Someone had sure as hell better pick up Ron Moore's 17th Precinct! It's the only potential new show I was really excited about!!!

    Not surprised about the Human Target cancellation... totally lost interest in it this season. Isla just didn't fit in at all! Pissed about Lie to Me though... and Chicago Code is better than quite a few other cop shows out there! :s

    I too find it amusing that SMG's show will be on the CW! Welcome home Buffy! lol!

  8. V was on ABC so no dichotomy there. ;)


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