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Glee: Prom Queen

“They can’t touch me. They can’t touch us.”

Prom fever hits McKinley High, everyone hurries to find a date and the prom king and queen competition affects the couples involved and causes collateral damage along the way.

10 Things I Hate About Prom

This episode started off in the vein of many a prom-themed movie, with prom queen campaigns coming to a head and people worrying about who has/hasn’t asked them. Then in a good twist, Kurt had a rather nasty joke played on him and it all went a bit Carrie for a moment. Some aspects worked well, such as Jesse’s return, which was handled much better than his last few episodes in Season One were. Artie’s and Puck’s subplots felt a little bit flat in comparison.

She’s Not All That

So Quinn is afraid of the future; she thinks that prom will be the high point of her life and it will all be downhill for her afterwards. Sounds like someone spent way too much time around Terri Shuester. I felt a little sorry for Quinn since her relationship feels like it’s going to end before the season is out, but I was surprised that Finn ruined her prom by punching Jesse instead of kissing Rachel. Evidently Finn was more interested in keeping Jesse away from Rachel than making his girlfriend happy. No matter, Quinn sure seemed to recover quite fast and was dancing along with all the rest at the end of the episode. The real prom queen was Rachel, who never had the ego to run a campaign but behaved with much more kindness and grace than any of the other candidates. How can Finn resist that?

Never Been Kilt

Oh my goodness, after all that build-up and neither Santana nor Karofsky came out! I am officially in a mood about that. There was some promising build up with Santana being smug in her Law and Order Eva Peron candidacy and Karofsky being truly ashamed of how his closetedness made him act toward Kurt. I felt as if Santana would be outed just after winning the competition and Karofsky would come out too in a gesture of solidarity. That would be the moment Kurt spoke of, not the one he actually suggested to Karofsky – how is one supposed to come out just when a song is starting? Kurt’s storyline was more satisfying, everyone’s opinions about the kilt at the Hudson/Hummel household felt very true to character and they all had Kurt’s best interests at heart. Although director Eric Stoltz tried to juxtapose the characters’ angst with fast cuts and split screens, Kurt’s scenes were by far the strongest. His decision to get coronated was very brave and helped to heal Blaine’s bad memories of prom. Ironically, Kurt might not have been able to do it if Blaine wasn’t there to support him.


- Sue made a dig at Mr Shue about him wanting to leave for Broadway, glad that thread hasn’t been dropped.

- Figgins likes Air Supply.

- Blaine telling Kurt he is crazy about him. Ahhhh!

- Rachel’s corsage advice to Finn was so sweet. “Finchel! Finchel!”

- Karofsky seemed oblivious to the fact that his Bullywhips outfit was way gayer than dressing as a zombie to dance to Thriller ever was.

- Many new hairstyles – Sam, Artie and Kurt. I only liked Kurt’s though.

- That pocket packet of tissues teleported from Brittany’s hand to Blaine’s!

Didn’t Love

- No one came out!

- I am terrified that spray on butter actually exists.

- If the AV club is that good with their pipes – why aren’t they in New Directions?

- You know who would have been great at guarding the punch? Coach Bieste! She’s been gone so long I am starting to think I missed an episode where she left McKinley High!

Glee Against the Music

Rolling In The Deep - Adele (Jesse & Rachel with the AV Club):
I was about to say ‘great vocals’ but then that’s all there is to this awesome a cappella version. So I’ll simply say good idea to strip it down and also to bring in Jesse who really reminded us what a brilliant singer he is. The lyrics were very appropriate for Rachel to sing while glowering/smouldering at him too. Definitely the best musical number of the episode. Grade B+

Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder (Artie):
Have you ever heard the term ‘meh’? Well, I use it when I have very little positive or negative feelings toward something. Even though I liked Artie back in Season One, I have since started to feel very ‘meh’ toward him, and this song didn’t change that at all. I am just not invested in ‘Artittany’ and never have been. However, I was mildly amused that the Home Economics teacher just let a bunch of singing, cheese grater playing students into her class. Grade C

Friday - Rebecca Black (Puck, Artie & Sam):
I am always annoyed by lyrics listing days of the week, and this song had some truly atrocious lyrics, but it is a very catchy tune and the boys’ voices combined really well. Great fun watching everyone dancing too, especially Brittany making good on her promise to dance with other people’s dates. Grade B

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri (Rachel):
Beautiful song, but I am tired of Finn and Rachel staring at each other over a melody. This is about the fifth time they’ve done it this season! Some other strange/interesting couples featured – Becky/Her Date (Aww), Santana/Karofsky (Eww) and Brittany/Unidentified Female (Err). Grade B

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids (Blaine, Tina & Brittany):
Well, it’s possible that the impossible has happened. I didn’t love a Blaine song. It was mostly the song rather than his performance; I don’t like the sliding onto and off the pitch that goes on. I did enjoy the goofy dancing from everyone though. Grade B

Dancing Queen – ABBA (Mercedes & Santana):
A little strange for the first dance of the prom royalty to be so upbeat isn’t it? It looked a little silly when Kurt and Blaine slow danced to it, I’m glad they picked up the pace. The photos were a nice touch, especially Brittany beckoning Artie over for one. Still, it was a little unoriginal. Grade B

Quotes for Gleeks:

Jacob: “Where does Lauren keep your balls? I’m sure you’ve heard the word on the street that you’ve been neutered by Miss Zizes. That she’s the one who wears the pants in the relationship.”

Sue: “Will Schuester is leaving McKinley to go to Broadway. Oh, William, I’m devastated. Positively horny with grief.”

Sue: “As a going-away present, here’s a spray bottle of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Keep that head merkin looking buttery fresh.”

Lauren: “I look like a lemon meringue pie.”
Brittany: “I think you look delicious.”

Kurt: “Devil in a red dress. Perfect, and it’s totally appropriate for your personality. I have no criticisms. Go with god Satan – Santana!”

Finn: “Dude, that rocks. It's like gay Braveheart.”

Karofsky: “No burning Liberace mannequins, over!”
Santana: “Alright lady lips, all clear. Teen gay, you may now proceed to the next checkpoint without fear of violence!”

Brittany: “I just don’t understand the difference between an egg with a baby chicken inside of it and an egg with an egg in it.”

Jesse: “They say that the best time to start any business is during a recession. I don’t know why, or what a recession is but it’s my understanding that we’re in one.”
Rachel: “He’s so smart – I can’t believe he flunked out of college!”

Santana: “They must have sensed that I'm a lesbian, I mean they must of. Do I smell like a golf course?”

Santana: “As soon as we get to New York I'm bailing to live in a lesbian colony, or Tribeca.”

Rachel: “Most girls would be upset about being slapped in the face. But I happen to appreciate the drama of it.”

Kurt: “Eat your heart out Kate Middleton!”

Sue: “Now we can get all HMO up in your Glee hole or you can tell me who put you up to spiking my bowl.”

I am not sure exactly how I felt about this week’s episode. Why don’t you guys rate it? And then try and contain your excitement that there’s only one episode left before the season finale!


  1. Harry, I am sad to report that spray-on fake butter actually does exist.

    Nice review, and I agree. This was Kurt's episode, and he was great; he's come a long way. Artie has never done much for me. And I was disappointed that no one came out. Maybe they're saving it for the finale.

  2. The past few episodes of Glee have really had me questioning why I even bother watching, it's just lost some of the magic it held in Season 1. Prom Queen was a happy step in the right direction, I'm now looking forward to the final episodes.

    Karofsky's tear filled apology really got to me, I may be able to like him after all. I think Kurt's suggestion for him to come out had to do with Karofsky accepting to dance with him. That would have done the job without him having to say anything.

    Artie's hair was very La Roux and Sam needs a haircut.

    My one complaint was their decision to use "Friday". I mean really, "Friday", Youtube joke Rebecca Black. Please to only use actual music, afores I end you. END YOU!

  3. Did anyone else notice Kurt making a mess of himself and the room around him with that whisk during the home ec class scene? I found it hilarious that he was just sort of flinging flour and dough around for the whole song.

  4. 'twas a fun outing... but I couldn't really get behind all the prom drama. It's definitely Kurt's show, and he's the one who brought out those great reactions by Karofsky. I hope they keep developing that character!

    I haven't been that interested in Artie for a while now either... :s

  5. Oh Nicole, I missed the flour flinging! Definitely gonna have to watch that again.

    CrazyCris, a friend of mine (hi Erick) told me once that he thought Season One was Rachel's season and Season Two has been Kurt's. I definitely concur. I wonder if one of the other characters will stand out just as much in Season Three?

  6. Finn DID NOT punch Jesse. He pathetically tried, but ninja Jesse got out of the way just in time. Mr. St. James can do anything. Love Him!!!!!

  7. I'm going to give this episode Four out of Four Chicken Homes :)
    I looooved this episode! I can't think of a single thing I didn't love. I completely understand the disappointment that no one came out but like Billie said, they're probably saving that for the finale so it will be more dramatic. I really liked all of the songs done at prom. Even thought I despise "Friday", the boys' voices made it sound awesome! "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" I also kind of liked. It wasn't the best song Blaine has ever done but I liked that he stepped out of his comfort zone and sang a song as lead at a school where no one knows him...very brave, Blaine Warbler! Speaking of, I love that Kurt calls him Blaine Warbler, too cute! I was very pleased to get my dose of Finchel this week as well! It was very obvious that Finn feels really sorry for what he did to Rachel and when he couldn't take his eyes off of her during "Jar Of Hearts" it made that quite clear. I think it's adorable when they stare at each other during songs even though I always yell at my tv saying "JUST KISS ALREADY!" You can tell Finn doesn't particularly like Quinn and is just waiting for prom to end. I disagree with one of the comments though, it did look like Finn punched Jessie. I could be wrong, but it looked like he hit him. On the topic of Mr. Jon Groff, I LOVE HIM. As much of a Finchel supporter I am, I love when him and Lea sing together. Their voices are beautiful and they have such a chemistry on screen. I thought Rachel's reactions/facial expressions during their first scene were perfect for what was happening. Oh, one thing I did not like was how after Finn/Jessie got kicked out, they never revisited what happened to them afterwards. I was expecting another fight in the parking lot or something but I got nothing. On the subject of Kurt, I felt terrible when he was voted Queen but I was really proud that he went back in to show he wasn't afraid. When he just said "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton" I was thrilled that the school was so supportive of him. I also felt really bad for Karofsky. He seems genuinely sorry for what he did and he's now coming to terms with the affects of tormenting someone. All in all, this episode got me PUMPED for my prom which was just last night so good job, glee! :)
    p.s. When Kurt talked about how Kate Middleton's dress was designed by Alexander McQueen, did anyone else realize that the Royal Wedding was only two weeks before this episode aired? I'm assuming the writers of "Glee" had to go back and write that scene after the wedding because no one knew who designed Kate's dress until she stepped out of her car on her wedding day. Just a random thing I thought of! Can't wait til next week's episode "Funeral"! Only two more left :(

  8. One more thing I forgot: I was very upset when Quinn slapped Rachel. Quinn losing Prom Queen is not Rachel's fault. She should be mad that the rest of the school was trying to make fun of Kurt for being gay and voting him for Queen instead of her. I thought it was really weird that Quinn apologized right after slapping Rachel. Considering all of the angst she's had towards Rachel since the pilot of "glee", I thought she would yell at her some more. And finally, I loved that Brittany not only comforted Santana but also told her to go comfort Kurt because this would be harder on him. Good job RIB for giving Brittany a good plot this season!

  9. Good review, Harry. I liked this episode too. I don't mind some characters taking their sweet time to come out of the closet. The people I know who went through that took years before deciding to come out, so I would actually feel cheated if that wasn't represented.

    My favourite bit, though, was Sue giving up her torture plans without any hard feelings immediately upon learning of Artie's innocence. Sue is best when she's played as a bad person but good educator.

    I also really liked Quinn apologizing as soon as she slapped Rachel. It shows how severely messed up she is and how hard she's trying to be a better person. Rachel not making a big deal out of it, showing empathy when she shouldn't have to, is the kindest and most generous she's been all season too.

    As an aside, I made $200 off this episode. I was afraid I'd lose money when Tina had her weekly scene and no one said anything disparaging about Asians, but then Jesse had his line about figuring that the school would just send an Asian to do his work for him or something (because, you know, we're slaves).

    I know, I know. I'm sounding like a broken record. I'll stop now. Like every one else, I'm ecstatic about Kurt taking center stage this season.

  10. ^I concur. I'm getting pretty tired of the Asian jokes, which I understand are made somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it's really really getting old. On the other hand, the episode was pretty good - and Harry got it down nicely I believe :)

    Didn't expect Jesse to pop up. He's just as interesting to watch as he did last season, and if he's staying for awhile I don't mind. Honestly speaking his duets with Rachel are the best. When he just walked right into 'Rolling in the Deep' it just went extremely well. Brilliant duet. (And Harry's so right about the AV Club - that was a pretty impressive backup)

    Nice focus on Kurt too. But Glee's lost a lot of its...I don't know, magic? I think it's partly the plot/characters and partly the music. Call me weird but does anyone think that New Directions have had almost no iconic new hits this season, while the Warblers have had all the great showstoppers?

  11. I'm afraid that 'Wild Horses' at Buffy's prom has ruined any other prom show for me. This was all right, but far from one of their best episodes. It seemed as though they were killing time until the final two episodes.

    Following on from my previous comment, if the kids are so important to Will that he won't leave them to follow his own dream, why wasn't he at prom supporting their performances? Glaring absence.


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