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Haven: Love Machine

Audrey: "So we have no motive and our suspect is a boat."

I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Maybe it was because they beefed up the weekly weirdness or maybe it was because the weirdness was very familiar if you have read Stephen King.

Weekly Weirdness

This time in Haven, the machines have come to life and they are not happy (are they ever?). Their favourite fix-it man is thinking about leaving town, but he’s not going anywhere if they have anything to do with it. I enjoyed the red herrings this week - maybe it’s ghosts from the Sea Star, a ship that went down with all hands at their posts and was raised the same way. Yes, I believe that would produce some pretty creepy ghosts, but that wasn’t it. Okay, it must be that angry guy, Hallsing or whatever his name was. When he gets angry bad things happen (a recurring theme). No, it is pretty clear he is not in control when he dies at the hands? propeller? of the machines. We finally find out that it is poor Louis Pufahl who will remain trapped in Haven, tending to his homicidal machines until the troubles are over. I was very sad for him and for Marsha. The vicious zamboni was a nice touch. Every Canadian kid wants to drive a zamboni.

Overarching Mystery

We also got some good action in the overarching mystery department. Audrey II is gone and she no longer has her memories. The creepy disappearing barn was a nice touch. Why were the Audreys supposed to go there? Would our Audrey, Audrey I, have suffered the same fate? Would the barn be there if just Audrey had shown up at the end? Are aliens involved (as they sometimes are in Stephen King novels)? It is always fun when you end an episode with lots of questions you can’t wait to get answered. Of course, I don’t like to wait too long, so I hope we get more information soon. Audrey is not sure of who she is, but she kept the Audrey name, despite knowing she can play the piano even though Audrey Parker never learned to play the piano. I fully expected her to say Lucy when “no memories”, Audrey II asked her what her name was. Actually Audrey II does have some memories. She only lost the memories she shared with Audrey I.


Audrey II has a partner - Brad - who was willing to come and rescue her, take her home and care for her. That doesn’t seem to jive with Audrey I’s loner profile. Evi is still in Haven and is willing to steal for Duke. She really does seem to care for him and he for her but they are both liars and seem dangerous for each other. Audrey is still clueless about Nathan’s feelings for her. We had a nice little triangle going with Audrey, Duke and Nathan but Duke seems preoccupied now. Will Nathan and Audrey heat up? How many relationships has “Lucy” had with people in the town? Dave was very upset at his vision of Lucy last week.

Bits and Pieces

Nathan has taken over as interim chief of police. They have a “hot stove” box where people can write in and ask for meetings about the troubles. Nathan was going to get rid of it but now seems to see its usefulness.

There wasn’t just one Lucy. I wasn’t sure last week but Dave’s vision was of Lucy and she was a redhead with curly hair rather than a brunette with long hair or our version with a blonde bob.

Duke called the new Audrey, Audrey II. I cheered a little.

First Aid tip: If you can’t feel anything and a nail gun shoots nails into your back, it is better to leave the nails in. You will bleed less.

Audrey I has a new apartment over the Grey Gull. Duke dances when he cleans. Duke cleans.

There is an isolated spit of land (housing the creepy barn) called Kick’em Jenny Mac - please correct me if I got the name wrong.

The file Evi gave Duke has a map in it and what seems like a drawing of the tattoo that will be on the arm of the man that is supposed to kill Duke.


Silly dead guy: “Fishing boats don’t kill people. They catch fish.”

Duke: “You’re not as nice as the blonde one, are you?”

Evi: “Well I cleaned... I cooked... I was fun."

Nathan “I’ve always hated that thing. If it comes to life, I’m a goner.”

Nathan “I’m from Maine. I’ve been hit by hockey pucks a lot.”

Crazy Sentient TV: “And you never have to leave home again.”


  1. I am absolutely loving this season, and your reviews!

    I was a little sad to see Audrey II go because I really liked the chemistry with the Audrey's, but I guess we couldn't have them keep completing each other's sentences - and the story is about our Audrey anyway.

    I miss the Audrey-Nathan-Duke triangle. I am a sucker for a good love triangle, and since I just love all 3 characters, this one in particular is one of my favorites. Especially because there isn't really any romance going on yet...a very good slow burn. Plus, I just am not feeling Evi at all. She isn't all that interesting to me (yet).

    I can't believe Audrey has no clue how Nathan feels about her, however. Is she just choosing to ignore it?

    I also thought Audrey was going to call herself Lucy when she paused. I'm glad she didn't.

    She did show more confusion/fear (not sure of the right emotion here) with regard to her not knowing who she really is. I am glad of that because it just wouldn't be believable to me if she were completely non-pulsed...even if she is a "cool, calm and collected" sort of gal.

    I didn't realize the barn disappeared, I just thought no one else went to that exact spot. I like your take much better - disappearing barn, way cooler.

    I clapped with glee at the possessed zamboni - I just knew that was what was going to come at her - I grew up in Massachusetts and did actually get to (help) drive one once.

  2. This one really did what Haven does best: it was funny and wry and touching and creepy, all at the same time. The crane dropping, the puck attack and the zamboni made me laugh out loud. And I really want Audrey II back. Let's cross our fingers.

  3. okay does audrey actually get that nathan is sort of into her? is nathan actually even into HER or just that he can feel her...they all play it so close to the vest. i love nathan and audrey and think they would be a great couple... i am impatient cmon already...i thought audrey would tell audrey II her name was lucy as well and again i am glad she did not...
    this season is awesome.. just wanna see poor nathan get his girl (but only if his girl is audrey) :)


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