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Haven: Audrey Parker's Day Off

Nathan: “You’re stuck in my second favourite Bill Murray movie.”

Haven is back. This was a much better episode. Although we still didn’t get much about the overarching mystery, this week’s weirdness was very interesting.

Weekly Weirdness

As Anson Shumway says, if you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder you feel responsible for everything that goes wrong--and if you are from Haven, the unbearable guilt that you feel when something truly terrible does happen can be enough to reset time. It was heartbreaking to watch Audrey try to prevent a tragedy and instead watch each of the men she cared for die. It was even more heartbreaking to watch Anson sacrifice himself for his daughter. It seemed the only possible answer, but Audrey is struggling with her inability to help some people, although she did help Anson understand his trouble and what he had to do. The town could have been stuck in a time loop for a very long time without her. The focus on Audrey made for a much better episode this week.


Well, our triangle is now a quadrangle. Audrey enjoyed her evening with Chris and probably would have been happy to go on a picnic with him, but her job and the town troubles come first. It was very interesting to watch Audrey with each death. Her joy at seeing Duke was uncomplicated and direct, and she was obviously upset when Chris died and happy when she woke up to him alive. Her reaction to Nathan’s death was deeply felt, but her reaction to seeing him alive again was curiously reserved. I wonder if she has some rule against dating partners. The scene at the end with all the men she cares about sitting at the bar (with Nathan and Duke trying not to look at Chris) was priceless.

Bits and Pieces

Best death scene goes to Duke, although Nathan’s comment about only feeling Audrey was quite poignant.

I loved watching Duke making his Taco Tuesdays sign. He is really getting into being a restaurant owner.

The first time Audrey did career day was hilarious. She finally realized she was getting a little graphic and just said "Don’t do drugs."

There was a sign at the school encouraging people to follow Vince on Twitter. Apparently Dave actually has an account. I wonder if Vince does as well?

Audrey flicking Nathan on the back of the head was one of my favourite scenes.


Audrey: “I only have one little piece of official police business, but then I’m all yours.”

Duke: “I’m just honoured that you would choose my place of business to express yourselves... physically. Love happens... here.”

Nathan: “It doesn’t hurt. The only thing I feel is you.”

Chris: “Here’s the deal, you’re weird, you wear a gun, you wake up with mysterious wounds and I’m okay with that. But you’ve got to tell me what’s going on with you."

Nathan: “What Ansen did saved his daughter’s life. In this town, he did what he had to do. He got the world moving forward again.”
Audrey: “No. I failed.”
Nathan: “You can never fail me.”


  1. Maybe it's because Groundhog Day is my favorite Bill Murray movie, but I love this plot. In fact I thought their take on this plot was really different and well executed.

    Focusing on Audrey was obviously the way to go, since she really is the center of this show. I think Nathans death was the hardest, so instead of reacting to him being alive she simply pushed that idea out of her head.

    Of course I could be reading into it cause I'm a bit of a Audrey/Nathan shipper. Still I think this was one of the best episodes of Haven period.

    Thanks for the review!


  2. I liked this one a lot. The resolution was touching.

    Yes, Vince does have a Twitter account.


    Now the big question is, what Bill Murray movie could Nathan like more than Groundhog Day?

  3. Loved this episode. Sometimes I wonder if Audrey's reserve around Nathan has to do with the fact that he can only feel HER. Imagine how intimate that really is - if a guy can't feel anything or anyone but you.

  4. I enjoyed this one a lot too, mainly because it allowed Audrey to react to situations with which the show could never get away in regular continuity, and Emily Rose was really great.

    However, I found the OCD situation a bit silly. Why make the man wait by the phone in the car when you can just do a U-turn and park right next to the restaurant so he doesn't have to cross the street? Why is his wife acting like he's a child abuser instead of getting him help? There is medication for OCD. The problem would be easily fixed.

    These distractions aside, it was all totally worth it. I agree, Sandy: that shot of Duke and Nathan looking away from Chris was adorable. Great review.

  5. Reminded me of an episode of Tru Calling, when Tru kept reliving the same day. But great episode otherwise and Haven for sure is back. I was worried there for a minute when Chris got hit, I thought that's how they decided to get rid of him. Glad they didn't go that way and it was Audrey decision.
    Great review as always.

  6. I absolutely loved the last scene with the music and the three guys at the bar, loved how she interacted with Duke, they always seem pretty straight with each other friends more than anything else, she watched chris (letting go of a "normal" relationship) and then by the time nathan looked up she was hidden around the corner (leading me to think that yes, that is where her heart lies)
    I have said this before but lets get those two together... I love Nath-rey... so come ON!

    oh and Billie, I am thinking "Caddyshack" as the Bill murray favorite, they made a big deal about nathan being a golfer a few episodes back...

  7. I thought Nathan couldn't feel anything... Why did he say ow when Audry flicked him?

  8. I just dont get Haven this season... maybe it seems a bit too light whereas it was darker last season. Let's see what happens


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