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Haven: Sparks and Recreation

“I’m Dwight. I clean things up.”

Another good episode this week. Although I am really missing Audrey II, we got two new characters: Dwight the clean-up man and Chris Brody the cranky Mr. Popularity.

Weekly Weirdness

We got double trouble again with Lori Fletcher channeling electricity and Mayor Brody channeling popularity. The mayor’s trouble was a little bit scary. Would it only work in Haven? I can only imagine what you could do with that kind of charisma in the bigger world. I’m glad Chris has this “trouble” now. I think this is one of the creepiest “gifts” so far. And we also had some good old human jealousy as the real evil this week. The other woman was not about to put up with being the woman scorned.

Overarching Mystery

Most of the information about the overarching mystery centered on Duke. There is a way to get around being killed by the tattooed man and the FBI file Audrey II had held the key. Why did Audrey II say it was about Duke’s past? Or is this a different file? Which file did Evi steal--or did she already have the file? Duke now has a special box with his name on it. Will this protect him or bring on the tattooed man? Maybe it is a family heirloom. We are in more-questions-than-answers territory right now. The people who seem to have some answers, Dave and Vince, are the keepers of the town secrets which we already sort of knew. Vince did not like to hear the name Rasmussen House. The Rev is front and centre again. He is tied up in the troubles somehow but seems to be on the opposite side of the war. Nathan put him in his place this week. I hope it doesn’t backfire.


Evi and Duke obviously care about each other even as they lie and con each other. It is difficult to tell what the real story is, but it has knocked Duke out of the love triangle. Plus, we have a new entry in the love triangle department. Chris Brody seems to have gotten “under Audrey’s skin” and some connection is going on there. It seemed weird to me that Nathan smiled about that. I expected him to be jealous. Maybe it is Chris’ “popularity” at work. I really enjoyed Jason Priestly as this character, although the little speech about his dad and fishing felt stilted. Maybe he was making it up.

Bits and Pieces

When a boy grows up in Haven he plays baseball for the Seadogs or the Cutters. Football and baseball - good old small town America pastimes.

Dwight the Cleaner is played by Adam Copeland, a Canadian who usually appears as “Edge” in the WWF.

Why no CPR for the mayor? An electrical charge like that might have just stopped his heart. They were pretty quick to declare him dead.

Loved Nathan interacting with Chris. It really brought out his sweet, small town boy, especially the bit where he was hiding his face at the church to avoid being affected by Chris’ trouble.

Duke not only dances, he sings while he works. He also speaks Latin.

The Froggy Grog is Haven’s only wine shop. They do love their weird names for places that sell alcohol.


The Rev: “Hi-Ho Seadogs.”

Chris Brody: “Kids aren’t people.”

Dwight: “You might have to get creative."

Dave: “What’s the story, morning glory?”

Chris Brody: “You think I electrocuted my own father to get these barnacle yahoos to love me. Funny, I never pegged you for stupid, although I’m the idiot studying marine biology in a town where the laws of science are meaningless.”

Duke: “They’re intense about the whole guardian of our secrets thing.”

Audrey: "You’re in a lot of trouble and I don’t like you."
Chris: "You have no idea how great that makes you."

Chris Brody: "Why don’t we take a walk down by the beach? I’ll show you the phytoplankton."


  1. Awesome episode name, as i is obviously a play on "Parks and Recreation" XD

  2. Also, I feel I should point out a few things, as the wrestling fan that I am. 1. It's WWE now, not WWF. And 2. Edge actually retired from wrestling earlier this year. :)

  3. Great review as always... one thing: I dont' think already had the file, because we saw Audrey II showing it to Duke so he must have seen what's inside.
    Don't quite like Evi yet, she just doesn't click, I almost expected her to have a tatoo when at the end of the episode :)

  4. @ Olga: Yes a tattoo on Evi would be very interesting.
    @ Greg: I was surprised about the WWE connection and am glad a real fan is here to clear things up.


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