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Renewal/Cancellation Newsflash

What a week, eh?

Seems like not a day has gone by this week without one show or another getting cancelled, renewed or both. That's probably because not a single day has gone by this week without one show or another getting cancelled, renewed or both.

We'll kick off with the good news before we get to the "Death to SyFy Network Executives" news.


True Blood

Renewed for a 5th season. You'd have to be a hermit living on Pluto not to have seen this coming. I'm actually surprised it took them this long, considering that this is HBO's biggest show right now.

Warehouse 13

Renewed for a 4th season of 13 episodes due in 2012. This was another no brainer. Warehouse 13 is still SyFy's highest rated show. With any luck, the announcement about the HG/Ianto spin-off will not be long of now.



This has certainly been a frustrating for Eureka fans. First there was talk that SyFy was planning to renew the series for final season of six episodes. But then in a u-turn David Cameron would be proud of, SyFy suddenly scrapped those plans and announced that the 13-episode 5th season, currently in production, would be the series' last. Then, in a no doubt futile gesture to calm enraged fans, an additional episode was ordered to serve as the series finale.

Another case of SyFy showing that it is incapable of renewing any show for more than five seasons.


After running out of regular characters to kill off, the spy thriller's upcoming tenth season will be its last. The decision to end the series after 10 years was made by production company, Kudos, and not the BBC, despite what The Sun might want people to think.

Renewed and Cancelled

In Plain Sight

USA have renewed the series about U.S. Marshals that isn't Justified for a fifth and final season due next year. Season five will consist of 8 episodes instead of the usual 13.


  1. News just in; TNT have renewed Leverage for a 5th season of 15 episodes due summer 2012.

  2. The suits at the top of SyFy continue their reign of terror. How so many idiots still have a job there after so many cancellations of wonderful series with decent to good ratings just eludes me.

  3. Here's a fun casting spoiler. Well, fun for some:


    Sebastian Roche was Balthazar on Supernatural and Gordon Ramsey's Little Brother on Fringe.

    Roche has devoted the past few years of his life to stealing Mark Sheppard's Most Used Genre Actor crown. "That cockney wanker better watch his back," Roche declared at a recent fan convention, "I'm the Joffrey to his Ned, the Bachman to his Palin."

    Okay, I made that last part up. I don't have much of a life.

  4. Now all we need is a third season of Luther and for them to bring back Zen. And, yes, I am living in cloud cuckoo land. So what?

  5. More True Blood, yay! As if anyone could doubt that. HG/Ianto spinoff sounds awesome..get on it SyFy..

  6. Update: AMC has renewed Breaking Bad for a final season of 16 episodes.


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