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True Blood: Let's Get Out of Here

Sookie: "I'm proposing that the two of you be mine."

There wasn't much in the way of a beginning, middle and end, and not a lot was resolved. But this episode was damned entertaining.

The Festival of Tolerance

My favorite part (you had to ask?) was Sookie's long fantasy dream. It was funny, sexy, silly and beautifully done, with some lovely feminist overtones. That incredible red thing Sookie was wearing, the fuzzy lens, the old va-va-voom music, the resounding thunk as both vampires retracted their fangs simultaneously, Bill and Eric ready to do Sookie's bidding instead of commanding that she be theirs... and how interesting that it was the real Eric she was fantasizing about, not memory-free Eric.

I am loving Anna Paquin's Sookie this season. I can't quite put my finger on what they did to subtly change her character, but she's a lot more fun and definitely more lovable. Maybe it was finally pairing her with Eric. It was so funny that when Sookie woke with Bill and Alcide hovering over her, the first words out of her mouth were, "Where's Eric?" Alcide was definitely not amused. Bill, either.

The Festival of Tolerance was just hilarious, and that was even before the screaming began and the bodies started flying through the air. (I didn't even notice until the second time through that the corporate sponsors were the Red Cross, Mystic Tan, and 1-800-Dentist.) I got such a kick out of Nan this time, squabbling with Bill about civil rights, her "I'll never be a maker" reaction to Jessica, and arguing loudly while chained down with silver in Bill's mansion.

Too much to expect for Jason to remain noble forever. It was sweet how he magic-markered "For You, Monster" off the box. Not so sweet that he just tossed away his best friend for Jessica. Poor Hoyt.

The Moon Goddess Emporium

Sookie teamed up with, of all people, Debbie Pelt to infiltrate the Moon Goddess Emporium. Debbie is now off the wagon and consumed with jealousy (which we know because she was helpfully watching "Cheaters" on television), and her plan to hand Sookie to Antonia in order to get rid of her didn't quite work out. Coming to Sookie's door with flowers hidden behind her back like she was concealing a weapon was the perfect visual for Debbie's intentions. She even aimed the flowers at Sookie.

I liked that Tara and Holly led the resistance against Antonia, although all it did was make them into hostages. Tara just learned that witches can be as bad as vampires. Her only option when all this is over may be to move to an uninhabited patch of Siberia.

The resolution to the ghost baby story was really sweet, although by the end I was starting to look around for Jennifer Love Hewitt. But Jesus and Lafayette made a great team, and it was by far the best plot line involving Terry and Arlene. I still think that Lafayette is going to be the key to neutralizing Witchy-Poo. I don't mention it often enough, but I love Lafayette, and his newly discovered talent as a medium is a good fit for the character. Plus it's giving the talented Nelsan Ellis some fun acting challenges.

The Motorcycle Shop

Tommy showed that he was really sorry for what he did... by doing it again, but in a nice way. Since he was the one that slept with Luna, he went to Marcus and took a beating for it. I actually thought Marcus was going to kill Tommy, and maybe he would have if Alcide hadn't been there. Alcide is turning into a serial rescuer, isn't he? That's twice in one episode he carried an injured cast member to safety.

Sam surreptitiously turned into a fluffy bunny to make Luna's daughter Emma happy. That was just incredibly sweet. And he got a sexy karmic reward for it, too. Maybe the writers heard us complaining about Sam's earlier character assassination and are making up for it. At this point, I'm starting to believe that kinder, gentler Sam will indeed forgive Tommy. Although how could he ever trust him again?

Bits and pieces:

-- Bill's bodyguards. Again, sucks to be them.

-- The Sookie, Bill and Eric triangle keeps reminding me of Buffy, Angel and Spike. Even their coloring is the same.

-- Sam is a multiple tent owner.

-- Eric began and ended the episode under Antonia's spell. This did not make me happy.

-- The "For You, Monster" box was an Amazon box. Was that perhaps a statement about Amazon? Amazon recently dropped me as an advertising affiliate because I live in California. Because they refuse to pay California taxes, California schools will suffer. http://www.thinkbeforeyouclickca.org/

-- Somehow I'm starting to doubt that Alcide will move up in the Shreveport Pack.

-- Alcide naked again. Spectacular. And I'm sure the producers are aware of this. Thank you, producers. And thank you, Joe Manganiello.

-- I am so hating Andy this season. What an annoying plotline to force on the talented Chris Bauer.

-- Jessica and Jason made love in his truck, and there was a chain saw lying next to them. Most Obvious Symbolism, anyone?

-- In True Blood world, it's October 29. It's way too funny that they scheduled a vampire tolerance festival two days before Halloween.


Nan: "Bolster security if you feel it necessary, but tomorrow's Festival of Tolerance is going forward. And the cameras had better find you in a festive and tolerant fucking mood."

Marcus: "Since you're about six six and wider than a door, he might be more inclined to listen with you standing behind me."
Alcide: (toasting with his beer) "To communicating shit."
Marcus: "To communicating shit."

Mavis: "Merci, Lafayette. Thank you for everything."
Lafayette: "You got it, bitch."

Joyce Watney: "... and the doorbell rings and it's Julie, wanting to know if she could watch us eat."

Bill: "How can we have an event in honor of the living dead without any living dead? It's like having a civil rights protest without any black people."
Nan: "They're called 'African Americans'. And maybe those protests wouldn't have turned into the bloodbaths they became if they hadn't been there. Ever consider that?"
It's Bill's expression that made this so funny.

Jessica: "That how he said it?"
Jason: "I might be parrot-phrasing a little."
This is my favorite Jason malapropism ever. From now on, for me, paraphrasing is "parrot-phrasing."

A bit too weird and all over the place for a four, but such a good time. I'd say three out of four parrot-phrases,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Parrot-phrasing is now my second favorite malapropism ever, and I will certainly use it in everyday conversation.

    Unrelated to the show, but my favorite malapropism ever (which I use all the time) is:

    Joey: [about Rachel's assistant, Tag] If he doesn't like you, then this is all just a moo point.

    Rachel: Huh. A moo point?

    Joey: Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion, you know, it just doesn't matter. It's "moo".

    Rachel: Have I been living with him for too long, or did that all just make sense?

  2. "A moo point." I remember that. Cows and parrots. :)

  3. I loved the whole Debbie/Sookie set of scenes. I was half expecting Debbie to pick up various weapons and try to clonk Sookie on the head with them, but end up getting foiled each time.

    Sweet TRUE BLOOD farce. I hope we get more!

    Sookie and Debbie could be Bon Temps' Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

  4. Joe Manganiello was on Radio 5 Live a few weeks ago talking about his virtually zero carb diet. I always get a kick out of seeing him drink beer... knowing there's likely no beer in there. He looks all rough and ready, yet he's probably sipping Perrier... with his little finger pointing out, like so.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Eric is faking the spell. I don't know how... mind you. When Pam tried to get him to act like the old Eric, he replied that he didn't want to remember... that he didn't want to be that Eric anymore. Yet, in the cemetary, he killed a witch quickly and gleefully. It was so easy for him. You'll notice that Bill merely pushed a witch away when it wasn't Antonia. And now his mission is to kill Bill. I think that maybe we'll discover that it's a fake out and he'll try to turn on Antonia instead. I believe you're right, that Lafayette is the key, so it won't work. And Sookie will realize that he's been faking. She'll hate being duped but she'll also put two and two together and realize that Eric was willing to sacrifice the witch in the cemetary, Bill's guards at the festival, etc.

  6. I would like to officially thank the powers to be at True Blood for the butt shot of Joe Manganiello and for giving us a glimpse of Old Eric in Old Eric's clothes (right now I am honestly unsure of whether I didn't like dumb-down Eric or just the clothes he was wearing).

    The dream sequence was great to peek into what Sookie feels right now. I liked Sookie's idea that both Bill and Eric be hers. And I wonder the implications of Sookie loving both of "her" vamps and being unwilling to let either go. I agree with Billie that Sookie is more likeable this season, but I think it is just because she has finally come to terms with what she is and has realized she does not need to passively wait for stuff to happen to her. I think the characters of both Bill and Sookie have developed a lot this season. Bill has proven to be a good king and I think he is finally showing who he really is (ambitious, idealistic, and cunning). I would really like to see more Bill-OldEric interactions; the two characters are great.

    I am glad the possessed baby story ended, but I don't see yet how this will all add to wrapping up the season. The Bon Temps residents do not seem to be surprised by anything now; everybody seemed pretty cool with digging up two dead bodies and seeing a spirit come out of Lafayette.

    Jason and Jessica are doomed to drama. Hoyt will never forgive them! (parrot-phrasing him, he'll die without her)

  7. I don't think Eric is faking it at all. Antonia clearly had control of Bill's 3 Area Sheriffs so why not Eric? Also, Eric's been physically close to Antonia for most of the episode so he could have snapped her neck at any time if he wasn't bewitched, his actions would make no sense if he was in his right mind.

    I sort of enjoyed the Sookie dream but it was a little too spelled out for me. When Sookie was talking about how if a man has two women, it's accepted and it should be the same for a woman with two men, it felt like it was directed at the audience rather than something Sookie would really say.

    Fair point to make, but if the TB writers really want to go down that road, why not have Sookie actually get together with both vamps then have Tara or some other judgemental person question her, so that Sookie has a legitimate reason to defend her views on polygamy?

  8. I loved seeing Real Eric in Sookie's dream, but otherwise... I've kind of had enough dreams, if I'm honest. Eric cannot get his memory back soon enough.

    I am loving King Bill though - he's so much more interesting than regular Bill (and more attractive - clearly I have some kind of power thing going...)

    Also, so relieved that Tara saw sense. And Lala and Jesus must be the answer to all the magical hijinks, since their other storyline has now finished!

  9. Oh I forgot to say - I now love Arlene because she did the one thing no one on TV ever does - she did the sensible thing a real person would do in the situation! Lafayette was acting crazy, so she called his boyfriend who just happens to be a nurse working in mental health (and, luckily, a witch as well). If only all TV characters acted that sensibly, I would have to throw things at the screen a lot less!

  10. Off topic:

    I felt the earthquake here in Philly. My building shook.

    I was sitting at my boss' desk – leaning over it actually; we were reviewing a patient's chart – and she asked me to stop shaking her desk. I said, "I'm sorry, I'm a little gassy today." Then we saw everyone running by the office and realized it wasn't my gurgling tummy.

    How do you handle it out there in CA, Billie? It was chaos in Center City.

    I'm a big wimp! It was only a 5.9 in VA, so we didn't feel much here – but it shook (pun intended) me up!

  11. First of all, I would like to thank Joe Manganiello'a parents and forefathers for the excellent gene combination he has got. If he hasn't got the most beautiful body I don't know who has. Billie, you made an excellent point when you mentioned Sookie was dreaming of bad ol' Eric, not the memory-free one, which makes me think that once Eric gets his memory back, that fantastic dream scene may actually take place - not exactly on those terms, but hey, it definetly does not suck to be Sookie this season, uh? How many episodes to the end of this season? damn...

  12. Great comments, everyone. There are only three more episodes this season, Samantha. :( Fortunately, we're getting a fifth season.

    HBR, I'm from the Jersey shore and have family in Philly! We've gotten some shaking out here in LA, but not recently. Knock wood and cross fingers.

    Harry, I think it's polygamy when it's one man and multiple women, and polyandry if it's one woman and multiple men. The only reason I know that is probably because of Robert A. Heinlein. In The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, there is a shortage of women and that meant women had all of the control and there were lots of group and polyandrous marriages. "Polyandrous." That's an adjective I've never used before. Live and learn.

  13. I LOVE how Terry instantly forgave Lafayette when he got the baby back, even without knowing that Lafayette was possessed.

  14. Ahhh very enlightening Billie :) But now I'm wondering - what do you call it when one has many lovers/spouses of the same sex as yourself?! I Know, we're still working on getting the right to one same-sex spouse but I'm a forward thinking guy!

    Victor, I love that about Terry too. This is the man who sits on his porch and sheds tears of joy about how happy and normal his life is. What a sweetheart! :)

  15. I'm really unsophisticated, Harry. I have no idea what a same sex group would be called. Anyone know? (If it's obscene, though, don't post it. :)

  16. Just because I am a nerd and a have a minor in sociocultural anthropology (saying that makes me sound even more nerdish), I can answer Harry's question. PolyANDRY refers to many males, whereas polyGYNY refers to many women. PolyGAMOUS means having many partners (so it would encompass both polygyny and polyandry). If a male and female have a pair bond (share a home territory and/or raise young together) and both have many interactions with other males and other females (within a closed circle) it is called polygynandry (if the circle is open to random males and/or females, it is called promiscuity).

    There you go, I am a bona fide nerd now.

  17. But now I'm wondering - what do you call it when one has many lovers/spouses of the same sex as yourself?!


  18. I don't think your own sex matters; what matters is the sex of the partners you accrue. A man could be polyandrous and a female could be polygynous. What I do not know is what a human with multiple vampires or weres would be called. Or what would one call a shifter/shifter pairing since they can technically be anything.

  19. antonia needed the group to get stronger. so now that the group is not on her side chanting how come she has more power than ever?

  20. Well, they're all from the Greek (poly = many, andros = man, gynaikos = woman, gamos is from the word for marriage) so multiple werewolves would be polylupy or polylupinism or something - I'm not sure whether ancient Greeks knew about vampires, I'll get back to you...

    OK I'll shut up now!

  21. Thanks for a great review, Billie. My husband and I were very disappointed w this week's episode but I knew ur review would have some great points. Seemed like a filler episode sorta. don't get why Tommy would go as Sam to Marcus and admit to "his brother" having sex w Luna. What was the point of that? Where is crazy Crystal? She's def gonna be back this season hopefully not with "expectant" news. Debbie was sincere w trying to help Sookie but then she tried to give her up to Antonia? No point in her getting back on the V. Please let this be the end of the baby story. RIP Rene.

  22. Wow thanks for the very helpful comments Cecelia and Juliette! I am guessing what Sookie is embarking on would be polyvampy then?

    My fella and I were watching the end of Season 3 this week (I'm indoctrinating him) and episode 12 actually had quite a lot of Rene foreshadowing, with Arlene dreaming about him being in bed with her, and Lafayette seeing a vision of him menacing Arlene. Shame he turned out to be a red herring, and why would Lafayette be seeing visions of him if his ghost isn't around. Can you imagine how amusing a Rene-possessed Lala would be? :-(

  23. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found the 'Ghost Whisperer' vibe of the Lafayette part a little much. It was still lovely all the same.

  24. I love 'polyvampy' - I'm so gonna find a way to use that in conversation at some point...! (Haven't consulted with my vampire expert friend re Greek vampires yet!)

  25. There are Greek myths about vampires..They're called Lamias. One other vamp was called Empusa and feed on the blod of young men. The Lamia ate children.


  26. Lamias weren't vampires, they were sort of witch-hag-things - they weren't dead bodies that kept going by living on blood, they were female monsters that at children. They were definitely similar to vampires, but since they couldn't be male, wouldn't fit these vampires!

  27. Fair point. Hmm..polyvampy is a great word.

  28. I liked this one better than the previous one, mostly because it focused a lot on Antonia storyline. The whole baby plot was a good resolution and I liked Jessica and Jason and Nan and Jessica and Bill.

  29. I liked this episode so much more than the previous mainly it focused a lot on Antonia, Bill, Nan, Jason and Jessica. The whole baby resolution was good either.

  30. Re-watching this one atm, and just noticed as Hoyt throws Jessica's things into a box, that she reads Twilight. That might be the funniest in-joke True Blood has done!


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