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Haven: Friend or Faux

Duke: “Sometimes it’s tricky knowing who the good guy is.”

This episode was about Duke, our ambivalent Scooby who is supposed to be a bad boy and often ends up the good guy. It was great that the above quote came from him. It is really difficult to tell who the good guys are in this town. The troubled often end up hurting and killing people, but not (usually) intentionally. The Rev and his crew are intentionally bigoted and mean, but they represent the “good” church-going stalwarts of Haven. I wonder, if the troubles came to my town, how I would feel about people who could poison food, create hurricanes, or show me my worst fears? I really enjoyed this episode (although as usual there were some large plot holes). Sorry to Jason Priestly, but this show works so much better without Chris.

Weekly Weirdness

Speaking of favourite movies, one of mine is Multiplicity. Clones would make my life so much easier. I guess that was what Cornell thought as his copies started appearing. I wonder how he felt the first time he killed one and they just came back. I love that the writers messed with the Jekyll and Hyde bit. At the beginning of the episode, I thought that the copies were the worst part of Cornell--but he’s the one who keeps killing people, including his copies. It is the evil alter ego of Cornell that ends up being the most decent of the two.

Overarching Mystery

For the most part we took a rest from the mystery this week. Two important things happened. First, Duke told Nathan and Audrey that the tattoos were the mark of a secret society of troubled people. Second, he found out that Evi is working with the Rev. It will be interesting to see how Duke plays this one out.

Character Development

I usually call this relationships but we are taking a rest from them as well. This week we got to learn about Duke. He left home when he was quite young and it is the best thing he ever did, according to him. This has left him with a soft spot for runaways. However, he also knows that being on the run is not all it is cracked up to be. We are continuing to see the softer side of Duke. He still doesn’t play by the rules. He may yet join the Rev if it suits his purposes, but each week this seems less likely. Nathan was great this week. I loved his tone when he talked about Chris, and his dancing at the end was hilarious!

Bits and Pieces

I loved Duke going to toe to toe with Cornell in the bar. This is why people like bad boys.

The selectmen must be the town council. They seem to walk around with impunity. Who else could just walk into the office of the chief of police and steal files. I know it is a small town but still.

I was a little perturbed by the discovery of the dead body. Not because it was a dead body but because it seemed a sloppy bit of writing. If you are going to take the trouble to brick someone into a wall you would at least clean up the blood and if you were taking your copies up there on a regular basis you might notice the smell. Of course if no one goes up there, then who cares?

When Audrey shot the first copy they saw why did she go for the heart? Wouldn’t she have been trained to disable a suspect first? Also, if you are running out of ammunition shouldn’t you use it wisely?

As you can tell I hate plot inconsistencies.


Duke: “I am secretly afraid of bananas.”

Nathan: “Just because your boyfriend sent it to you from London isn’t a reason for you to eat Vegemite.”
Audrey: “Well, millions of Australians would disagree with you.”

Nathan: “No back up. Too many witnesses.”
Duke: “Like nobody knows what happens in Haven?”

Nathan: “There’s only one way in here, you should be able to keep safe.”
Seriously, saying someone is safe is a sure indicator of trouble. I also loved when Duke noted that nobody believes the police when they say there is back-up just outside and/or that they will be allowed to leave.

Copy Cornell: “I just do me and take out the cool parts.”

Duke: “This better be important, like ending apartheid, cure for cancer important.”

Audrey: “Copy that.”
Nathan: “Don’t say copy.”

Henry: “I can’t believe you called my dad.”
Duke: “Kinda blows my mind too.”

Duke: “I guess that answers that. Nathan definitely has a copy.”
Audrey: “And this one still can’t dance.”

Audrey: “Every night I have to make myself forget everything that I’m not, and every day I’ve got to figure out what I am."


  1. My favorite parts were Audrey finally talking about what it feels like having someone else's memories and not knowing who she is...but that she also knows that what she is experiencing now in Haven is the making of her own memories and is who she is now.

    And yes, Selectmen are like a town council. Selectmen and Town Meeting is a typical form of government in Massachusetts towns (but not cities). They are called Selectmen, because they are, well, selected!

  2. The stumbling block for me was Cornell's accent. It just set my teeth on edge because it was so out of place.

    And, it seemed extremely, uncharacteristically, dumb of Nathan to keep his doctored files where anyone could just walk in and take them!

    But that's just nit-picking.

    Overall, I'm surprised to find myself enjoying this show more and more. Plus, now I want to visit Maine!

  3. Just to let you know that the show is actually filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. Maine is pretty too but being Canadian myself and loving Nova Scotia I would recommend visiting it first.


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