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Haven: Lockdown

Merrill: “Your kind won’t win.”

Well, now we know that at least one group in Haven thinks it is at war. I’m not sure that those who are troubled have gotten the memo yet. Unfortunately, they do seem to keep killing people. Maybe they don’t mean to, but still -- if they happened to kill one of my children, I’m not sure how much their intention would matter to me.

It seems to me that the good people of Haven have a lot to be afraid of--in many cases, including themselves. Audrey points out that your trouble could appear at any time, so how do you know which side you are on? Still, declaring war on people who don’t mean any harm, often don’t understand what they are doing and have little control over their actions seems the wrong approach. We all know what happens when a particular group gets scapegoated and hunted down. It would be interesting to see what would happen if everyone’s energy was put into finding and helping the troubled.

Weekly Weirdness

Case in point, Nicky Coleman, an abused woman who is channeling the abuse she has suffered onto those around her. If people had been ready to help her and support her in facing her abuser her trouble would not have appeared. I loved the poison metaphor and how literally, abuse poisons our communities, not just the families who suffer through it. I’m glad the writers were willing to address this issue although I would hope that we as a society could come up with a better solution to the problem than offing abusive men, which seems to happen far too frequently on both the small and the big screen. Meeting violence with violence rarely solves any problem.

Overarching Mystery

Nathan, Duke, Audrey and the Reverend seem to be central to the troubles and it looks like they or their parents were central to the troubles when they occurred before. There is a group of people who are trying to wipe out the troubled and anyone who might help them. Duke is important to this anti-trouble cause but we don’t know why. Evi got in too deep with them and felt she had to help them get rid of Nathan as the chief. Let’s not forget that there are others who are on the side of the troubled, specifically Audrey’s “boss” Agent Howard. The battle lines are being drawn and the conspiracies are unfolding.


Evi is gone. That relationship appeared, faltered and ended very quickly. She obviously cared for Duke and he for her. I’m not sure how her death will affect him. I expected him to kick the Reverend’s ass. Is Duke considering going undercover or has he turned? Chris is gone (thank goodness). His trouble got the best of him and he turned into a self-serving and overbearing narcissist. At least he apologized the next day, and Audrey realized that she couldn’t be charged with helping someone she loved. It’s a little like being a therapist for your own family - not so good. So we have our triangle back, but it is a little messed up.

Bits and Pieces

Sometimes the inconsistencies in this show drive me crazy. How do you assume that the contagion is airborne and biological that fast? If you were a sniper/gunman with a group that was supposed to kill everyone in the sheriff’s office would you let a guy in a truck parked outside just drive away? Why would you charge a police station where it is your job to kill everyone, fire a bunch of shots at the back door and then leave? Why bring in a chief of police and kill him off in the same episode? If you were the state police/CDC and someone called and said if anyone calls from Haven it’s a prank wouldn’t you be just a teensy bit suspicious?

It was very smart of Audrey to put that gun in evidence but not so smart to do in front of her boyfriend.

Dwight attracts bullets. Not the greatest trouble to have but the kind of guy you would like to have around. Glad he had the vest on.

The song at the end was “Melting” by Lindsay Price. I like that they only have a song at the end.


Audrey: “I don’t think Haven is in the known medical records.”

Merrill: “I’m the guy bringing this place under control.” Famous last words.

Chris: “Be a doll and clear this up. Do that voodoo that you do.”

Audrey: “You’re a scientist. Tell me what works faster: a bullet or your trouble.”

Audrey: “I think that all of those years that you spent absorbing that abuse, swallowing that poison, I think today when he showed up, it finally leaked out. It's been infecting all these people.”

Audrey: “She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Dwight: “Bullets, they tend to find me.”

Chris: “I screwed up, hugely. And giving your gun to a psychopath, that may have been the least of my mistakes.”

Audrey: “You once told me I want you because you’re you. Wanting me and needing me are two different things. I can’t be the person who keeps you, you. You’ve got to do that on your own.”


  1. Hugh Underwood was actually played by Dylan Neal I recognised him from Dawsons Creek!!

  2. OOPs my bad. I was so excited to see someone I thought was Paul Gross that I didn't check. Thanks for the catch.

  3. Finally catching up with Haven. So glad Audrey broke up with Chris. I never liked Chris and I especially didn't like the way he said he wished Audrey were susceptible to his affliction. He took it back, but I bet he meant it. It felt too much like "I wish that woman would just do what I tell her to do." And I won't miss Evi. I don't think she worked as a character, and her motivation for working against Duke was never explained.

    There were a lot of flaws in this one, as you pointed out, Doc. But it was still a decent episode.


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