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Warehouse 13: The 40th Floor

... in which the Warehouse crew attempts to thwart Agent Stukowski’s plans to destroy the Regents.

Holy frak! A hell of a lot happened this week. Regents were tortured and killed. Agent Sally was tortured and killed. Myka and Artie were almost killed. Jinks pulled his gun on Mrs. Frederic and got fired. Claudia was a total techie badass. And, oh yeah, Pete’s mom is a Regent. A pretty powerful one at that. Whoa! Needless to say, mind is fairly blown.

The final reveal left my jaw on the floor. I kept expecting Kate Mulgrew to turn out to be the head of Agent Sally’s evil organization, especially after the shackle and its protective power was transferred to her. Once she and Myka became stranded on the 17th floor, I kept expecting to learn this was all part of Jane’s nefarious plans, and for Myka to be left bewildered and betrayed all over again. But that moment never came. Instead, we got that subtle look of dread when Myka said she wanted to introduce her partner, which made my mind suddenly flash to Jane revealing that her husband was a fireman, and I instantly knew she was Pete’s mom. I repeat: whoa!

What does this mean for Pete? Was he brought in as a Warehouse agent because his mom was a Regent? How long has she been one? Based on her comment to Myka about being called when she was least prepared to accept the challenge, I’ve got to think she was brought in soon after Pete’s dad died. I wonder why. Does she have a special talent, too? My mind is reeling from all the possible implications of this reveal. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Jinks’s firing was another shocker. I mean, it isn’t so shocking that he’d object to torturing suspects --- he is a Buddhist, after all --- or that Mrs. Frederic would fire him for pulling a gun on her and allowing Sally to escape, but this is not where I thought they were heading with his character. I’ve wondered if Jinks would only be with us for one season, but thought that if he left, he’d be killed, not fired. I certainly didn’t expect his partnership with Claudia to get broken up so soon! I hope he’s at least part of the show for the rest of the season. Surely, Team Evil will try to woo him to their side now. They’ve got a position to fill, after all. Of course, knowing that the other side employs the same methods to which he objects, I suspect that Jinks wouldn’t be all that easy to turn to the dark side, disillusioned or not.

In other developments, I’m much relieved to be done with Agent Sally. She was an effective nemesis, but she was annoying as hell. The phony accent certainly didn’t help. (Thank goodness Mrs. Frederic quickly nipped that in the bud!) I wonder if there’s any truth to Sally’s claims that the Warehouse team isn’t on the side of the angels. What proof did she have? The fact that Mrs. Frederic would be willing to cross the line to get information and protect her people? I’m not convinced. I hope we aren’t suddenly going to learn that the Regents are the real Team Evil (especially since Pete’s mom is one of them!), and that our band of heroes have been working for the wrong side all this time. Upending our characters and the entire series that way just wouldn’t sit right. Of course, we did just learn that Genghis Khan and the Mongols --- not exactly known for being models of virtue and light --- controlled Warehouse 7, back in the day. Part of the unbroken line of Warehouse protectors over the last 2,000 years. Huh.

Other Thoughts

Kate Mulgrew as Pete’s mom is actually pretty good casting. She kind of looks like she could be his mother.

Pete saw Marcus when they took down Agent Sally. Did he just get a vibe and notice a creepy guy watching them, or did he recognize him?

Loved Claudia doing the casual swing through the revolving door to throw the Tesla grenade!

There were lots of nifty artifacts this week, including cool gadgets, weapons of mass destruction, and creepy torture devices. The anarchist’s spray paint was a very cool idea, and its effects were incredibly horrifying. (I physically cringed when Sally’s co-conspirator sprayed it in his mouth!) I even kind of dug the peace symbol being the antidote to the anarchist’s destructive power. I know it was a little cheesy, but I still thought the idea was clever.

Pete noted that the safest place to be was the Warehouse, because its contingencies have contingencies. Famous last words, right? I’m guessing that little bug bomb from the Van Gogh painting is busy neutralizing contingencies.

A lot of the dialogue this week felt very awkward or too on-the nose. I can’t quite describe why it bugged me. I guess it felt like people were constantly stating the obvious in overly dramatic tones. I kept getting a “show speak” vibe.

So Pete’s mom is now the Warehouse Guardian, which means she gets to wear a shackle that can’t be destroyed by conventional means and serves as the last line of defense for the Warehouse in an emergency. Is this a different job than the one Mrs. Frederic performs? Because I thought she was the Warehouse caretaker, and that Claudia was slated to become the caretaker one day. Maybe Mrs. Frederic’s role is a more hands on, operations and management position.

Watching her friend Phillip burn to death must have been fairly traumatic for Jane, after losing her husband to a fire. I suspect that loss also influenced Pete’s highly emotional response to almost losing Myka in similar type of situation (hence, the extended hug at the ambulance).

So when are we going to learn the identity of the head of Team Evil? The guy in the wheelchair better not be Pete’s dad, or something crazy like that.

Jinks: “I was … insubordinate today.”
Claudia: “Oh, please. Welcome to my world.”

I was so crushed for Claudia when she learned that Jinks is out. I have such a soft spot for her. When she starts welling up and looking devastated, I get really upset.

Final Analysis: A jam-packed episode that kicked the season arc into high gear and left my mind spinning with a stunning reveal.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. I have a theory that Mrs. Frederic fired Jinks so that he would be recruited by team evil. His punishment is to be her double agent and find out what Sam Adama and Mysterious Wheelchair Guy are really up to.

  2. I was just commenting on a review elsewhere and was suddenly struck by that very same idea! In fact, I was just coming back here to update my review with the theory, but you beat me to it, Mark. So, needless to say, I totally agree!

    I think, perhaps, that's why Jinks was at a bit of a loss when pondering "what she wants ..."

    The best thing about this theory is that it leaves a clear way for Jinks to come back into the fold at the end of the season. I hate to think Claudia has lost her partner for good!

  3. Yall rock.. I was going to say the same double agent thing... especially because before killing the annoying accent girl she made a point of saying Jinks could be recruited.. etc.. but it sucks for claudia that she has to say goodbye to him for now.

    one question?: WHAT IS UP WITH MYKA's HAIR??? it keeps distracting me, it totally looks like a not great wig... let the girl go back to curly PLEASE!

    also: loved that Pete's mom and Myka were bonding that was cool

    Best scene was Claudia and the revolving door and grenade thing.. she was just totally bad-a..

    very fun episode all in all..

  4. inspirejenny, I'm so delighted to know that I'm not the only one bothered by Myka's hair. Every time I think I'm getting used to it, it starts looking flatter and faker. Last week's flashback episode just made me yearn for the curly hair even more.

  5. Wow, this was Warehouse 13 channeling 24! I did like the Pete's mom reveal, and how cool that this episode guest starred not one but two Star Fleet captains? I don't want Jinx to go because I think the varied pairings of field agents works really well. I especially like Claudia as a field agent. In fact, this episode made me realize that Claudia is my favorite character, and I don't really care much for Pete. I do like Myka, but I hate her new hair. :)

  6. I hope we haven't seen the last of Jinks..If Myka can leave and come back so can he. So cool with Janeway being Pete's mom.

  7. I think jinksy will go all darkside, but Claud's gonna be the one to bring him back. Either that, or Mrs. Fredrick will be killed and someone will reinstate Jinks.


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