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Haven: Sins of the Fathers

Duke: “Reunions are overrated.”

I had some trouble writing this review. I hate cliffhangers and I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. It is cruel and unusual punishment to make us wait until next summer. Audrey’s kidnapped and Duke and Nathan are ready to kill each other. Who got shot on the boat? It better be nobody. Nathan has one of those crazy tattoos and it looks fresh. The thing that has kept me involved in this show is the characters, but they all seem to be going off the deep end. I am really missing our Scooby gang.

Weekly Weirdness

Kyle can raise the dead but only if he buried them in the first place. And, as you might suspect, Haven’s dead are not a happy bunch. At least a few of them are out for revenge. Of course the Reverend had to come back and continue his vendetta against the troubled. And Simon, Duke’s father, believes he has returned to convince Duke to “save” Haven’s troubled by killing them. Again, the twisted logic of the bigot comes into play. They always have a grain of truth in what they say: a twisted grain, but just enough to make them almost sound reasonable. Newsflash, people: if the troubled would let their children and grandchildren know what they might have to deal with and train them, then maybe people wouldn’t die. For example, instead of throwing yourself on Duke’s knife and leaving your son fatherless, you might just caution him to stay away from digging graves!

Overarching Mystery

I did appreciate that we got some answers in this episode. Dave and Vince confirmed that Audrey disappears while the trouble are quiet and comes back every time they come back, with a different set of memories. She was Sarah before she was Lucy before she was Audrey. Nobody knows who she was before then although I imagine there might be something in the town records. Dave and Vince have been involved with Sarah/Lucy/Audrey in some way and they are at odds with how to deal with her now. Vince makes it clear that things have changed this time, particularly Audrey. Does this mean there is a chance to do things differently?

We also found out what Duke’s trouble is - erasing curses by killing those who have them. What a nasty place to be in and of course this would pit him and Audrey against each other if he decided to start killing the troubled. Is he supposed to kill Audrey before she kills him, or is she the ultimate trouble? Will killing her end the troubles? Audrey/Lucy/Sarah told Lucy that she knew what was causing the troubles, but I don’t believe she would have run away if it was her.


Audrey and Nathan were adorable. Nathan’s awkwardness is endearing, and Audrey also seems to be tentative in expressing her affection. She sounded very happy to hear Nathan at her door. Too bad it wasn’t him. Duke has also made it clear that he has affection for Audrey although it seems to be more as a friend than a lover. If they end up on opposite sides I am going to be pissed. I also didn’t like Nathan and Duke being pitted against each other. Their fathers should have stayed out of things. Where are the moms in all this? Did they have cooler heads?

Bits and Pieces

Dave and Vince don’t know who Agent Howard is either. I wonder if we will see him again. It seems that there are larger groups involved in this mess.

Simon was played by Tahmoh Penikett, Helo in Battlestar Galactica. I’m always glad to see him but how was he old enough to be Duke’s father? He’s been dead for 27 years so was Duke a baby when he left or is he over 40?

Lucas Bryant did an amazing job of portraying Nathan in love. “You talking dinner or breakkk...fast?”

Another point for the "be careful which side you are on because you never know if you are troubled." Especially if you are part of a group that is willing to burn the troubled alive.

Nathan’s trouble came back because of Duke. No wonder they have a love/hate relationship.


Vince: “She knows, what’s the point now?”

Dave: “You told her too much.”
Vince: “She needs my help and you’re not getting in my way this time.”

Duke: “You see I’m pretty sure that you’re the result of the brownies that this girl gave me last night.”

Simon: “You’re not imagining this.”
Duke: “Says the dead guy that I last saw 27 years ago.”

Audrey: “So what do you think? Clones, ghosts. Zombies are trendy.”

Chief: “What a waste of a good cooler.”

Dave: “It’s different this time. She’s different this time."


  1. Thank the TV gods that the show has been renewed. That cliffhanger had me yelling at the TV for...well a minute anyway.
    I am glad this season really sunk its teeth into the overall mystery arc - the reveals have been great, and plenty of questions still unanswered.
    Thanks for the reviews this season, drnanamom, I have really enjoyed them!

  2. The season ended brilliantly! Cant wait for S3


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