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Supernatural: Hello, Cruel World

"You can kiss my ass, Doctor Monster Face."

Have I mentioned lately that I'm not a horror fan? I actually don't like it when Supernatural scares me.

So people are getting eaten, swim teams are getting possessed but without the chocolately cookie goodness, their only standing set just burned down, Bobby is missing, Sam is suicidal as well as unconscious and seizing, Dean has a broken leg, and they're on their way to Leviathan General. Could things actually get any worse? I'd say the boys were at their lowest point – except they've both done a stretch in Hell.

At least I hope they're not in Hell. I was encouraged that the stitches Dean put in Sam's hand (ouch) were more real to Sam than a century in the box with Lucifer. Interesting, what Dean said about pain in Hell not being like pain in reality. I wondered about that. Maybe that's why Dean has been able to cope with what happened to him. Maybe Sam will be okay after the passage of time. I was disturbed by the sexual overtones that we're getting from "Lucifer." This time he said Sam was his little bitch in every sense of the term.

That drenched trench at the water's edge made me go awww. Is Castiel really, truly, no-take-backsies gone? It's hard to feel a sense of loss about a character that has been brought back twice after being exploded by archangels. If we see Misha Collins again, I'd certainly prefer that he was either Cass or Jimmy, and not going all Willow with the black lines creeping up his face.

It was so nice to see Jody Mills again. I'm glad that she was smart enough to call Bobby when she was in supernatural trouble. Maybe that's where Bobby is – checking on Jody Mills. Maybe the two of them will mount an assault on Leviathan Central. After they find out how to beat them, that is. These black goo organ-eating critters from Purgatory appear to be tougher than demons, and they retain their vessel's knowledge and skills when they change bodies, too. "Dr. Gaines" remembered Bobby from possessing Castiel. Remember when a devil's trap had some kick?

What the Winchesters need is a serious vacation, like a month on a cruise ship, but without food poisoning. Maybe they should go guest star on Hawaii Five-O and get in some beach time. Everyone else has. Of course, they have to escape from the hospital first, and Sam certainly could use some professional help. Although if he talked about what really happened to him, they'd lock him up and throw away the key.

Bits and pieces:

— Great casting of "Doctor Sexy." He has a terrifying grin.

— Speaking of terrifying doctors, Dean's bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. Those were immense stitches on Sam's hand. And they couldn't pick up some actual antiseptic when they got the bandages?

— Lucifer was reading Weekly World News.

— We still haven't met the boss of the Leviathans.

— If you count the original family home in Lawrence, the Road House, and now Bobby's house, this was the third home that the Winchesters lost to a supernatural fire.

— This week: Sioux Falls. Dean was "special agent Anderson." The Matrix?

— Loved the television sequence. KQUA News reported, "Scientists have no explanation for what astronomers can only describe as a 'surprise eclipse'." Caused by Death in last week's, of course. There was an ad for Biggerson's Restaurant. And we got an ad for Doctor Sexy, M.D.

— Gold acting stars for both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Sam's going off the rail scenes were all good and they couldn't have been easy. And when Lucifer came in as Dean, I knew it was Lucifer right away.


Biggerson's commercial: "It's like a salad bar, but with pie."

Dean: "What if this is the kind of crazy we can't fix?"

Dean: "I keep my marbles in a frigging box. I'm fine. Really."
Bobby: "Of course. You just lost one of the best friends you ever had, your brother's in the bell jar, and Purgatory's most wanted are surfing the sewer lines. But yeah, I get it, you're fine."

Mrs. Hackett: "Did you know a study showed three quarters of doctors cheat on their exams? He might not know your appendix from your vagina."

Lucifer: "It's not like we have HBO in the pit."

Bobby: "Well, either Sheriff Mills is having an Obamacare-insured opium dream, or something's eating folks down at Sioux Falls General Hospital."

"Dean": "Don't let Satan change my presets."

Bobby: "This is Bobby Singer's direct hotline. You should not have this number." (beep)
Dean: "You cannot be in that crater back there. If you're gone, I swear I'm going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I'm gonna drive us off the pier."

Good episode, although medical horror makes me gag. Three out of four really big stitches,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Waaaaaaa where's Cas?! He better not have popped and turned into goo. I hope that the Leviathan boss is still inhabiting his body, I think that's the only possible way we might see Misha again in the show in real-time rather than flashbacks.

    Castiel was such a fun character to watch, but seeing wacky 'The Joker' Misha would have been fun too. If we don't get any Misha this Season it will be a poorer one. Thankfully we got a couple of brotherly bonding scenes which reminds me why I got hooked on Supernatural to begin with.

  2. This is the first time I have re-watched an SPN episode immediately after it ended. So much good stuff I wanted to see again - Sam and Luci, Sam and Dean, Dean and Bobby, Bobby and Sheriff Jodi... I absolutely loved all of that! Notice no mention of Cas or the Leviathans in that list. That I had to process.

    it's not that Cas' departure was bad, it just wasn't what I expected after the way episode one ended. I didn't really mind Cas disappearing into the water because I'm pretty sure he will be back (in some form) and I did feel a pang from Dean's reaction when he found the empty trench coat. And I loved the fitting Supernatural eulogy: "Well he was friend's with us, wasn't he? Can't get much dumber than that."

    What I really had to process was the Leviathans. I guess they are going for mystery with them but the lack of information on what they are all about kind of annoyed me. So far we know they are "hungry" and have T2-like regenerating powers. I'm not too interested in them so far. On second watch I decided to think of them as aliens (after all they are not of this world) instead of monsters and somehow that makes it a little easier for me to accept how little I know about them so far.

    In total, I really enjoyed this episode. This season is starting off so strong - I'm more excited about this show than anyone should be about any TV series!


  3. Yes -- worried about Cas -- but I'm sure there will be some twist to all this to explain his not being deadness in the end (or next week please?)
    Great review!

  4. I am thinking maybe God is gonna send Cas back. :) Jen

  5. I'm hoping Misha will turn out to be the Leviathan's boss, too. I'll miss the John Constantine look.

    Billie, Dean said "Special Agent Anderson, Ian". Ian Anderson is the leader and vocalist of Jethro Tull. I'm a fan, but it doesn't exactly sound like something Dean would like.

    How could the paramedics rescue them and not notice there was a body under the car?

    Speaking of the body, Aceveda!!!! Benito Martinez is a great actor, and I was hoping we'd see him in more than one ep. It's nice to see the cast from The Shield popping up in a lot of shows lately.

    Dean was Dr Sexy in the ep Changing Channels, wasn't he? I feel I heard this before.

    Leviathans seem to have some connection to water. Their history is mingled to the sea.

    Great review as always, Billie. I wouldn't be able to follow a thought, only mumble these disconnected half-thoughts like the above.

  6. The episode was amazing with great performances by Jared and Jensen. I am sorry Cas is gone and I wanna know what happened to Bobby. And this episode scared me too.

  7. Great follow up to last weeks premiere. I know it's only two episodes in but if they keep this pace Season 7 will most likely be my favorite.

    Gus, the body under the car was shown reviving so we will probably be seeing Benito again. He seemed like the boss' right hand man so he may even be a regular.

    The Leviathans once again made me think of naughty children, and not only because one was inhabiting the little girl. They don't seem to know much about our world.

    I'm pretty sure Cas is the big boss' vessel. He's probably recouping from having all the other Leviathans inside of him. Anyone still on the fence about Cas I point you to Rule# 10 better known as Josie's Law.

  8. Billie, unlike you, I love it when Supernatural scares me, and this is the second week in the row it happened. Last week, with the super creepy disturbed Leviathan grin, and this week when we found that Bobby's house was burned to the ground.

    I'm really hoping that I don't end up jinxing anything, but so far this is my favorite season yet. It's dark, scary, creepy, and Sam and Dean finally really feel like brothers again. My favorite scene had to be the one when Dean was talking Sam down in the warehouse. I know a lot of fans don't like how "St. Dean" is always the one saving Sammy from some disaster, but it reminded me why I fell in love with the show.

    I have a feeling Castiel isn't really dead. No body, and his exit was just too anticlimactic. I kept waiting for a wet, trenchcoatless angel to show up.

  9. I'm hoping Cas's trenchcoat becomes a way for Sam & Dean to summon him back from oblivion. Or maybe rebuild him outback of all the droplets of goo (sort of like building a Dune sandworm from all the little sandflukes, or whatever they were called.)

    I'm wondering how far they'll take the Cthulu angle with the Leviathans. (Wasn't it the professor with the dragon-slaying sword who said Lovecraft summoned her?)


  10. Well, maybe it's just me, but this ep really made me yawn. Which is an accomplishment by itself, since I'm a big Supernatural fan.

    My biggest complain is about Luci. He used to be scary, but this time he looked nothing but stupid. And his last remark was kinda stupidiest ever. "I'm not going anywhere! — Suit yourself, I don't care"

    Everything in this episode was intended to scare me. And everything failed to. It was too predictible, and I think I'm vaccinated against disturbing medical visuals by nobody else but Gregory House himself.

    And no, Gus, Dean wasn't Dr Sexy, it was Gabriel/Trickster.

  11. The episode kept going where the premiere left off. I see that Supernatural started to be more serialized with cliffhangers every episode.

    I didn't recognize sheriff Mills in the hospital even though the previouslies reminded us hat she will be in the episode. Bobby didn't recognize her voice so I guess i'm not alone.

  12. This one scared me as well. I already hate hospitals and, when scary things happen in them, it just makes it all that much worse.

    Although I am concerned for both of the boys, I am very worried about Dean. He is barely holding himself together, yet will do anything to take care of Sam (who really needs it right now). A broken leg is not going to help the situation.

  13. This show has succeeded in upping the villain ante when I didn't think it was possible! Seeing Benito Martinez is always fun; I hope he sticks around. One thing I didn't understand was if it was a hallucination, how did Sam get to the warehouse? Dean had the Impala and Sam wasn't even driving.


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