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Supernatural: Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

Dean: "Shouldn't she have asked for my permission or something?"
Sam: "You mean you want her to ask for my hand?"

Obsessed fans pay big bucks to go to conventions, where they are herded about like goats and wait in lines for many, many hours just to talk to their favorite actors for ten seconds. It isn't much of a surprise that Becky would go a lot further, since she's the one and only rabid Supernatural fan who knows the boys are real.

I loved Chuck and Becky from the meta episodes, although I'll be the first to admit that Becky isn't quite as much fun without Chuck, so I enjoyed seeing Becky again. Emily Perkins got to do more than "crazed fan" this time, and even though she went way too far, her heart was sorta kinda in the right place. She knew all about crossroads deals, so I never once thought she'd go through with it, even though she was clearly tempted. (Imagine poor Sam chained to Becky for the next twenty-five years. Horrors.)

And at least she didn't have sex with him. Good for Sam. Maybe a little sad for Becky. How realistic was that, though? What couple madly in love (even with artificial assistance) wouldn't hit the sheets on their wedding night? I like to think that it was Becky subconsciously realizing how unfair that would be to Sam, even though Guy told her that Sam really did love her, deep down.

Becky not only knew all the hunter lore right down to the episode titles, she trapped Guy the crossroads demon and killed Guy's evil intern. And Garth, the wonderful "temp" hunter that Bobby sent to help Dean, may have been needy and weird, but he was also a competent hunter. Can't you see Becky and Garth as hunting partners? They're like the comic relief version of Sam and Dean, not anywhere as silly as the Ghostfacers.

At this point, Dean and Sam arguing about Amy feels a bit like a joke that has gone on too long. Get some couples therapy, you two, and move on to the next case that might very well kill you. That said, I liked the way they reconnected at the end of the episode. Dean has always taken care of Sam, since John put that baby in his arms. Sam doesn't realize that Dean still feels compelled to take care of him. That was sort of sweet.

All in all, fun was had. I especially loved Crowley showing up in the nick of time, and it was a cool reveal that he's been helping the Winchesters just by keeping demons off their backs. Couldn't he have left them with a Leviathan-battling weapon or something? Why aren't the boys laying siege to Leviathan Central armed with fire hoses full of borax-y water, already?

Bits and pieces:

— The "previously on" heavily featured Becky, which pretty much spoiled who was under the wedding veil. But I loved the special credits with the exploding cake and the tiny plastic couple on the top plummeting to the ground.

— "Wear fed suit". :)

— Dean again had a girl lined up and lost his opportunity because of Sam. She told Dean she was in grad school. In fact, I worked with exotic dancers once (no, I wasn't one myself) and a couple of them were indeed doing it to pay for school.

— I really liked Guy the crossroads demon (Leslie Odom Jr.). Fun and charming. Poor guy.

— Loved Dean bringing Sam and Becky a waffle iron, the most useless of wedding gifts.

— Tying Sam to the bed was an obvious homage to Misery.

— Death by batting machine. Ew. The second time through an episode, I often fast forward through the gore scenes. Does this surprise you?

— Becky's Twitter account exists, of course, and all of the tweets from the episode are there. Just like what Misha Collins did during "The French Mistake." http://twitter.com/superbeckyrosen

— Several mentions of Chuck. I'm a bit disappointed that we still don't have an official version of what happened to him.

— This week: the sacred "annual pilgrimage to Vegas," and Pike Creek, Delaware. We've never been to Vegas before, have we? The pastel stained glass and checkered floor of the Little White Chapel looked familiar, though. Where have I seen it before?

— Becky's apartment (number seven, for season seven) was orange and green, with Supernatural posters on the walls. Loved the neat little girl handwriting on her hunter wall of weird.


Becky: "Guy is a really good friend. We met in the erotic horror section of the Novel Hovel."

Becky: "His and hers fake IDs?"

Garth: "He said you'd be all surly and premenstrual working with me."

Sam: (re: Garth) "What's with scrawny guy?"
Dean: "Temp."

Garth: "You'll be living with a tri-racial paraplegic sniper 'til this all blows over, okay?"
I'm sort of sorry we didn't meet Garth's cousin. Maybe after they spin off the Garth and Becky show, huh?

Guy: "You're so pathetic it actually loops back around again to cute."

Garth: "Blueberry vodka. The answer to all life's problems."
Loved the alcoholic Devil's trap activated by a lighter.

Crowley: "This isn't Wall Street. This is Hell. We have a little something called integrity."
And Supernatural can be politically timely.

Three out of four bottles of blueberry vodka,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I've always loved that Supernatural plays with television show cliches, as in "Jump the Shark." That they can do it without actually being cheesy and trite proves that it is still possible to create intelligent, original television.

    I was never into Becky, but I wanted her to end up with Garth. Why shoot that down, Dean? Sure, Becky's psycho, but not in a homicidal way. Besides, Garth's a hunter; I think he can handle Becky. Come on, they'd be great together! I've always loved DJ Qualls; when I saw his name in the opening credits, I squealed with glee. And Mark Sheppard? Love, love. love. Even with the beard.

    For a show that has already run beyond its intended expiration date, Supernatural hasn't lost a thing.


  2. I don't know yet if this episode will go into the "decent but not great" category with the likes of Jump the Shark and Sin City, or the "have to watch with part of my brain directed elsewhere" bucket with Magnificent 7 and Swap Meat. Definitely not in "so awful it makes me mad" with And Then There Were None and not in "won't admit how many times I've watched it I love it so much" with… well… with most of the series (hadn't really thought about it like this before but I guess that's what makes SPN my favorite show!)

    In short: This was a middling episode for me. I liked what they wanted to do but don't like the way they did it so much. If you can tolerate a sports analogy I think they were going for a double but accomplished a successful bunt.

    (One other category I forgot to mention: the "so blah I forget to mention them" episodes like Long Distance Caller and Red Sky…)


  3. "Loved Dean bringing Sam and Becky a waffle iron, the most useless of wedding gifts."

    Funny, I saw this episode and was overcome with a desire for a waffle maker of my own. I nearly put it on my Christmas list, but the egg poacher won out.

    This was fun, but seeing Becky made me miss Chuck.

  4. I agree with Rose again. This one was just middling for me. It was amusing at times, and it was nice to see Dean having a non-jerk week, but I don't much care for Becky.

    I'm still somewhat convinced that Sam only forgave Dean as part of an effort to try to take care of him for a change. Sam seems to have come to a realization that no matter how nutso he may be, he's got things relatively under control and in perspective; whereas he's got serious concerns about Dean (with good reason). Still looking for those shades of grey, I suppose. I just can't help myself. :)

  5. Am I the only who didn´t like this episode? It had some funny moments but I found it unfunny and forced and Becky a bit annoying and unlikeable. I love Supernatural but this was not a good episode.

  6. I really enjoyed this, Billie. (See my review at www.Moogi.com)

    I felt very sorry for Becky, who was dissed by Sam, Dean, Guy, Crowley--all the males except Garth, and the women, too. The poor gal looked luminous and beautiful when she married Sam, and she SHOULD have consummated when he was in her thrall, but had too much integrity, apparently. I sure would have, LOL! She saved Sam's life and he wasn't as appreciative as he could have been. I know, love potion, blahblah, but this is Sensitive Sammy!

    Just the thought of Sam pants less under that cover made the ep worth the price of admission for me, but seriously, I expect better from our Winchester brothers toward someone hurting as much as Becky. I'm glad she survived and hope she finds the true love she's seeking.

  7. When I saw the preview last week, I thought for sure that the wife would have been Jess raised from the dead or something weird like that. I never thought that it would be Becky. When I saw her in the "Then", I literally groaned outloud. For some reason, I just really don't like her character.

    So maybe the fact that what we got was so out of sync with what I expected made the episode feel so off to me. Yes, there were some really good and rather funny parts. (Waffle iron, Dean in a sweater vest, Garth and Becky at the end, Sam trying to talk around the gag... Crowley's beard) But I don't know. If I'm using RoseCompose's catagories (love them by the way) this would probably go into the "have to watch with part of my brain directed elsewhere." But it was still a decent episode if you compare it to some of the other stuff that I'm watching. (Looking at you, Bones and Secert Circle)

    One last thing. Becky had Sam all lovely dovey for at least three days. And they didn't comsumate ANYTHING?

  8. RE: "Loved Dean bringing Sam and Becky a waffle iron, the most useless of wedding gifts."

    I also loved that she used it for its only practical purpose, which was knocking someone out.

    Okay, so the episode didn't rise to the great heights we know Supernatural is capable of -- I still enjoyed it.

    And at the risk of TMI, if I had Sam (or Dean, or John, or Castiel, or Crowley, or even Bobby) in thrall, I'd be consummating the hell out of our relationship, but I think Billie's right: deep down, Becky must have know it would have been wrong.


  9. And at the risk of TMI, if I had Sam (or Dean, or John, or Castiel, or Crowley, or even Bobby) in thrall, I'd be consummating the hell out of our relationship. I won't deny that the combination of Dean, myself, and Love Potion Number Nine didn't occur to me, KAM. :)

  10. After re-watching I have a slightly better opinion of this one. I knew it was somewhere between a 4 and 7 out of 10. First watch it was 4-5. But my final score is 6. Like I said last week, removing expectations always improves the viewing experience. Still middling though.

    I also want to say I'm sorry to see that some (not on this site) think Becky is supposed to represent what the folks at SPN think of us fans. I don't think that was the intent, but I can't help but remember one of Grandma's favorite sayings: "A hit dog will holler." Some people may have seen more of themselves in Becky than they are comfortable with.

    I think Becky is still a virgin. She may love/lust after the likes of Chuck or Sam from afar, but once she gets them up close I don't believe she has any idea what to do with them. That would explain why Chuck's Madonna/Whore thing kicked in.


  11. Becky tried to rape Sam. Comments that Sam wasn't APPRECIATIVE enough of her? That is absolutely disgusting. People are not obliged to like their attempted rapists. The save that there was no actual sex does not prevent the situation from being squicky and nonconsensual as all hell.

    Try reversing the genders. If you had an episode about a man who deliberately drugged a woman, altering her mental state, had her legally bind herself to him in that altered state, went on drugging her, kidnapped her, knocked her out and tied her up when she emerged from the drug because he had run out of his drugs, would you find it funny or sympathetic? Would you think it was sad that his victim didn't appreciate him enough at the end, or root for him to end up happy ever after immediately with another woman?

    Attempted rape doesn't become amusing and sympathetic because the attempted rapist is female and her victim male. Everyone involved in writing, greenlighting and producing this episode and playing that situation for laughs, and several people who have commented here, should be ashamed of themselves.

  12. Get a grip, Anonymous. It's a television show. Becky isn't evil. None of us condone rape, and we have no reason to be ashamed of ourselves for finding the situation funny.

  13. If you want to see pretty much the same situation with a different gender look at Swap Meat. Almost all the same things happened to Sam and just like here it was played for laughs and the culprit walked away. Nothing to be ashamed of then (except maybe for producing an overall mediocre episode) and nothing to be ashamed of now.

  14. Great Review Billie! I didn't read ALL the comments, so if this has been pointed out already, oops. The wedding hallway was the same set as the convent as Lucifer Rising, right? It looked similar.

  15. 5 mins in and I had already paused it twice I was laughing so hard.

    Jensen's expressions and the way he stuttered when Sam told him was absolutely hilarious!

    Very funny epiosde, tho I agree about the "Then" completely spoiling it. You have to give credit to Mark Shephard who always insists not spoilers crop up when Crowley appears at the end of an episode. (On a side note, I bloody love Crowley, he is fab!!)

    Supernatural continues to deliver this season nd I am o glad it isback to where it used to be!

  16. The chapel scene reminded me of the Angel episode "the trial" where Angel has to run through a hallway filled with crosses. It's been a long time since I've seen that episode though, so I could be wrong

  17. One of the strengths of this show is its ability to have serious moments in comedic shows and comedic moments in serious shows. This one was certainly the former and I laughed out loud several times.

    But, the final shot of Dean really moved me. Who is he if he's not looking after Sam?

  18. I was a little confused about the logistics of this episode. Isn't there a huge distance between Vegas and Delaware? Also, I'd expect Dean to be enjoying himself on The Strip. Why would he go to Vegas, annually even, just to sleep in a motel at the edge of the city and drink beers at a small-time strip joint?


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