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April and May: Save the Date(s)

Leap Day William has brought his goodies, and we have lots of fun shows (and some not-so-fun) to look forward to this spring. Click on for a list of premieres, returns, and finales for the next two months.

May 6: Sherlock returns to America thanks to PBS. And, of course, viewers like you.

May 7: Castle finale.

May 10: Finales of The Secret Circle, The Vampire Dairies, and Parks and Rec.

May 11: Fringe finale.

May 13: Once Upon a Time finale.

May 14: Hawaii Five-0 finale.

May 17: 30 Rock, Person of Interest, and Community finales. (Community's finale has been moved from May 24th. May 17th is during "May Sweeps," but May 24th is not.)

May 18: Grimm, Nikita and Supernatural finales.

May 22: Glee finale.

May 24: Awake finale, moved from the 17th (see above). This is a good sign that Awake will be canceled, as May 24th is not during May Sweeps, which means NBC doesn't care about setting an ad rate for the show (which is the purpose of sweeps). Alas.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them. And if you, like me, use these occasional posts to keep track of your TV to-do list, check the right sidebar for the permanent easy access.


  1. Got a couple, Josie. The final season of Eureka and season two of Lost Girl both start April 16 on Syfy. Over on this side of the Atlantic, the first full season of Dirk Gently starts Monday on BBC4.

  2. March 15, as I said earlier, THE miracle news. (and, at least for me, the BEST news, so far, for 2012) (now, yes, we CAN have the end of the world in December)

    March 23rd : big smile on my face

    April 16th for Eureka, another smile.

    Josie !

    Glee in back on April the 10th !

  3. I've seen the "Touch" pilot and it was really good, though it would work as a feature film. I have no idea where they're going for the 2nd episode, but since it's a Tim Kring shoiw, probably nowhere.

  4. Hey Billie,

    Would one of you be reviewing the Awake pilot? Just saw it and I thought it was one of the best new network pilots since Lost.

  5. I'm adding a show not mentioned in these pages but that is nonetheless one of my faves and it is also sadly its last season : In plain Sight on March the 16th.

    (and Syfy is not giveng us any date for Warehouse-13)

  6. Celtic Marc, Warehouse 13 will likely be back in July, per usual. Probably paired with Alphas and something new. Or maybe the back half of Eureka S5 (I don't know how many episodes the season is, and if they'll all be done before summer).

  7. Jess, the final season of Eureka will only consist of 14 episodes so I think it is likely that SyFy won't be splitting it in two.

  8. Only 14? Man. I'm sad to know that's all we've got left in that wacky town. Thanks for the info, Mark! I agree that they won't be splitting it for that few episodes. Especially since it is paired with S2 of Lost Girl, which is about 18 episodes, I think.

  9. But the bright side, s4 of Warehouse 13 will be 20 episodes (although it is unlikely that we'll see all of them this year). S2 of Lost Girl is actually 22 episodes. I imagine that SyFy will show it in two blocks of maybe 11 episodes each. I'm actually surprised that the network decided to pair it up with Eureka. They don't exactly scream compatible to me.

  10. Thanks Jess !!!

    Thanks Josie !!!

    Loving this blog more and more ! (You are now in my top five list FYI)

  11. Any news on Haven, or is it too soon?

  12. Still too soon, Sooze. All we know for certain is that S3 will be 13 episodes and will air some time this year, likely the summer along with Warehouse 13 and Alphas.

  13. Thanks, Mark. After I hit "publish" the comment, I realized the title of the post is "March and April save the dates". Oops.

  14. ONE hour Of Community to end the season ?!

    BLISS !!!!


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