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Supernatural: Repo Man

"This is what you do? Find postal workers, make them go postal?"

I knew it would get serious again pretty quickly. Just not this serious. Come on! Did they really just kill a puppy?

Sam has been so sane and together, ignoring his Lucifer hallucinations and running the team while Dean has been falling apart in slow motion. And now, he's let Lucifer back in. Is this even fixable? We still don't know if it's post traumatic stress disorder or if Lucifer himself is somehow visiting long distance from the cage. I think it's really Lucifer. Okay, I have no idea, because they've been very careful that everything Lucifer said could have come from Sam's subconscious. But this plotline is apparently heating up again, pun intended. Poor Sam.

I liked that they addressed the fallout of possession, because the Winchesters so rarely return to the scene of the crime. I remember that Jesse the Antichrist's mother Julia was still freaked out ten years later, and her demon really did want back in. Jeffrey's didn't. He, or It, seemed to be on a Hellfire Recruiting Drive. Here, Jeffrey, I'll show you how to satisfy your deepest homicidal longings, and then, babe, you're on your own.

It's a shame, too. I initially felt so bad for the guy. Although I did realize that present-day not-possessed Jeffrey had to be the one doing the killings a bit before Dean did. Why did he tell Dean and Sam to go ahead and torture the demon out of him four years ago? Because he'd been caught and wanted to live, and there was nothing else he could do, I suppose.

Does Lucifer want to ride Sam again? I'm sure he does, since he had a special relationship with Sam. Why else would he continue to flirt with him and torment him? If he is indeed tormenting him. I'd really like an answer to this one.

This episode made me realize how much I've missed the heaven and hell, angels and demons, apocalypse Supernatural. The flashback to four years ago just felt so familiar, like the good old days. It's not that I think they should return to the sort of stuff they were doing a couple of years ago – it's done – but maybe Leviathans and Purgatory just aren't close enough to their roots. Roots are important.

Was anyone else expecting Crowley to show up? Hey, we got Mark Pellegrino. We should have gotten Mark Sheppard, too.

Bits and pieces:

— Miss Havelock had a lot of knowledge and was also this week's Bobby substitute. And of course, we got Frank on the phone. Wiccansweb.com goes nowhere. I bet they bought the domain name.

— What good is a devil's trap at the door if you can walk around it while it's drying?

— The Impala was back briefly, during the flashback. I missed that stupid car.

— Jeffrey was killing big women, a la Silence of the Lambs. Although not for the same reason. At least the librarian with the active sex life made it. I love it when they don't do librarian stereotypes.

— Four years ago, the demon gave up Merrick in New Orleans. Did we ever see that? I sure don't remember that.

— Forked tongue. Ick.

— Apparently, you can't get Cinemax in a halfway house.

— Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: present day and four years ago. The motel room (113, which does not correspond to the episode number) had sickly green walls and fluorescent green bedspreads. A cop remembered that Dean and Sam were "drummer boys" Bonham and Watts.

— There's a wait until the next episode, which airs March 9.


Lucifer: "It's nice. Kind of like a men's room with beds. (tastes the wall) Avocado grime. Takes years to build up a patina like this."

Dean's phone: "Leave your name, number and nightmare at the tone."

Lucifer: "Big brother's probably dead."
Sam: "Shut up."
Lucifer: (delighted) "He said 'shut up' to me."
It was fear of losing Dean that made Sam lose control. Not a surprise.

Sam: "Do you want the ear or the kid?"
Lucifer: "You're giving me the chills."

Sam: "You going to sleep?"
Dean: "Damn straight. Screw consciousness, that's what I say."

Three out of four much missed devil's traps,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. You know, that episode photo of Lucifer and Sam is begging for a caption. I'm just not as good as that as Josie and Mark are. Suggestions welcome. :)

  2. "What do you mean you don't like Adele? Do you have no soul? Again."

  3. Didn't the dog killing bother you, Billie? It just about killed me. I was horrified Edlund went there and really wished he hadn't. For me, it was the worst moment ever on SUPERNATURAL. Knowing how much Jensen and Jared love dogs, I bet it bothered them, too, fictional or not. It was one of those eps that, like "The Benders", showed why Dean gets demons, it's people that make him crazy (or whatever the quote was). Please check out my reviews of "Repo Man" at Winchester Family Business or www.Moogi.com

    Love, Robin Vogel

  4. Robin, it was in my first paragraph. At least they didn't show it.

  5. Lol. The first scene was a guy getting tortured, but we all feel worse about the dog. Seen as how my dog died recently, I very much agree :(.
    I agree Bille. I miss old Supernatural. The Angels/Demons Lucifer thing was what made seasons 4 and 5 such great TV.
    It's like the writers want to distance themselves from their roots. I really don't know why, because up until this episode season 7 for me had been suffering.
    Just one thing: has Lucifer been trying to bug Sam all this time, but we've just not been seeing it? Wow. Poor Sam!!

  6. Hey, Ben: Yes, it's like dogs and cats are noncombatants, like babies. :) I remember when Medium was running that they showed an animal torture scene and that was the last episode of the show that I saw.

    Yes, it was established that Sam has been tormented by Lucifer constantly since he got out of the cage.

  7. I liked this a lot, although it felt like something was missing, not sure what. The tongue and the dog murder was creepy.

  8. I don't know if I can give this a fair review because the preview clip gave away the twist about Jeffrey and that made the Dean/Jeffrey scenes kind of draggy for me. I can never know how it would have played had I not known.

    The Sam/Luci stuff was ace though! Like you, Billie, I'm listening to every word trying to determine if it's really Luci or just HalLuci. It would be cooler if it was really him but I'm leaning toward it being all Sam.

    Overall I'm giving it a 7.8. That's about a B- right? It's full of some really good stuff but not going on my favorites list.

    I hadn't thought of the silly devil's trap thing. That's pretty funny. I guess it would work if the demon was sneaking around in the dark.


  9. Great review, Billie.

    I completely agree about them returning to their roots. Its something that I think's gotten slightly lost underneath all this lone wolf(ves) and Leviathon stuff this season (not that I'm not enjoying it). The Heaven and Hell thing was a little more exciting, I think. But it shouldn't be the same. Like you said, its done with now.

    I always finding out AFTER you've watched something that a hiatus is coming. The CW's airing schedule is a little messier this year, isn't it?

  10. Catching up on TV, and I finally got a chance to read your review, Billie. Here are my suggestions:

    "Toilet seat! Lid down! How hard can it be?"

    "Hokey frakkin' pokey, Sam! When will you cut your hair?"

    "I shouldn't have tried to unload those IKEA bookshelves by myself."

    Or, from Sam's perspective:

    "And it had to be the phallocentric Judeo-Christian belief system, eh? God forbid I get Anna Kournikova hallucinations."

  11. I was interested to read your paragraph, Billie, about the show returning to its roots. When the demon black smoke came pouring out of the kid's mouth, I smiled. It's been a while since we've had an episode that felt like the old days.

    Josie, your captions made me laugh. Isn't anyone else bothered by the length of Sam's sideburns? For some reason, when I watch him, it's all I can focus on. Buy a razor, my boy.

  12. That drying devil's trap was there to suggest that she's lying to avoid stepping into it and really is possesed by the demon.

  13. Lucifer reminded me of Harvey, which was unfortunate because there's nothing wrong with the writing or Jared Padalecki's performance, but it reminded just how amazing the Farscape team and Ben Browder were with a similar plot. Not Spn's fault, just unfortunate.

    I also shouldn't have been reminded of the necklace Dean used to wear because it reminded me how annoyed I still am that the boys' relationship was broken and never really healed. I desperately want the necklace to come back and Dean to wear it again.

    And I really miss the Impala. However sensible it is not to drive it, we need the Impala back.

    (Though I do like how reminiscent a lot of this season has been of season one, which is my favourite, lack of Castiel notwithstanding.)

    (Man I want Castiel back).

    (Wow this is a really long comment on an old show that no one but Billie is likely to see ;) )

    1. Oh crap you're right. The necklace!! Dean never set that right either

  14. I'm seeing your comments, Juliette. It's always fun to read other's reactions to shows they are discovering for the first time.

    You are not commenting into the void!


  15. :) Good to know! It's weirdly compelling to comment, even though it's all such old news to everyone else (and I've really enjoyed reading all yours in addition to those who watched it through first time round!)

  16. I thought that the librarian scene would have been the perfect opportunity to subvert the shushing librarian stereotype by having the guy shush her for moaning. ;)

  17. You forgot the pie? How could you forget the pie? It's freaking pie, man!

  18. Sam: "You going to sleep?"
    Dean: "Damn straight. Screw consciousness, that's what I say."
    LOL... excellent. His exhausted joy at finally getting to sleep was palpable (I don't even know why, I don't physically exert myself nor do I have sleeping problems)
    Hal-Lucifer isn't working for me and even though I wasn't thinking of Harvey from Farscape, whoever mentioned him in the comments is dead-on. There was some really amazing creativity shown with that stuff and to see the Lucifer appearances here amount to... basically rape-taunts, it's really disappointing to see. Pellegrino's a gifted actor but he's not bringing the charm you'd expect from the devil. He's more like the asshole ex-husband character he played from Dexter... like just a real, unpleasant and leery person. And now I just made myself feel hatred for Michael, doing a good God impression being a total non-presence in all this. I wonder what HE did to Sam in the cage.
    This episode was a little inappropriate for me tbh. A bonafide human serial killer plot, and they had to throw in dog murder on top of it. And though it was a good twist I hate that it retroactively ruins Jeffrey's charmingly forlorn/dazed little wave and "thank you" around the beginning when Dean dropped him off.


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