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Doux News: March 25, 2012

This week: Jenna who? -- Renewal and cancellation rumors -- Josie made me post this -- Baby news -- The Sherlock rip-off -- New at Doux

Jenna who?

It absolutely blows that the poll I put up last Sunday was officially defunct by Wednesday, which was when I took it down. The question was, "The Doctor's next companion: Sophia Myles?" And she was even winning, hands down. Rats.

Thumbs up: 72%
Thumbs down: 3%
No opinion, 23%

I might be more excited about the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman if I actually knew who she was. Not that I'm all that emotionally invested in Doctor Who (don't tell Paul or Mark) but I thought it was pretty underhanded of Steven Moffat to deliberately mislead Doctor Who fans that way.

Truth be told, even though Matt Smith is very Doctor-like and the writing has been significantly better since Moffat took over, I still miss David Tennant. Dan thinks that it's time to move on to the next Doctor, and it should be a woman this time. Hey. What about Sophia Myles?

Renewals and cancellations. Okay, renewal and cancellation rumors

Apparently, Community has gone from probable cancellation, to "on the bubble", to "we might just get another season after all." (http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/03/20/nbc-community-likely-to-be-renewed/125138/).

Which makes it time for the Tweet of the Week. Nathan Fillion tweeted: "Sure, I'm watching @nbcCommunity tonight at 8. The question is, what is #Community doing for me? Aside from the entertainment. And joy."

On Friday, Supernatural and Fringe hit record lows in the ratings, although it might have been the fault of both basketball and the premiere of The Hunger Games. As I've probably mentioned before, I'm sort of braced for losing Fringe. Blastr says that even if it's canceled, we'll get a fifth season... yes, in comic book form. I wish I liked those. I don't. Writing forty (forty!) reviews of the massively disappointing Buffy season eight pretty much scarred me for life.

All of the positive posts have had me thinking that an eighth season for Supernatural is in the bag, but maybe it's not. Do we really have to wait for mid-May to find out?

Josie made me post this

This week's Game of Thrones plug: it's a 22-minute recap on Youtube that also introduces the major characters and includes some Season Two stuff.

Baby news

Congratulations to Sam and Ruby! Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese welcomed a baby boy on March 19. Thomas Colton Padalecki, 8 lbs. 6 oz. "Padalecki" is a mouthful. It was smart of them to go with a simple name like Tom.

The Sherlock rip-off

When Paul Kelly told me awhile back that CBS was planning an outright rip-off of the BBC series Sherlock (which he reviews for us), I just couldn't believe it. But they are. And apparently, they're even ripping off the BBC version's choices in wardrobe. Check out the scarves. (Credit to the obnoxious Blastr for this one.)

Moffat is not amused. (By the rip-off. I don't think he cares about scarves.) Of course, I am not amused at what he just did to us with Sophia Myles. Take that, Moffat!

New at Doux

We have a new writer and a new show. Welcome, Nadim! He'll be reviewing Revenge for us. I haven't seen Revenge yet, but it's at the top of my summer show catch-up list. Are you watching Revenge? What do you think?

Here's another reminder that June is going to be Prisoner month. We're planning to post reviews of all seventeen episodes of the classic sixties series during the month of June. If you love the series or if you've always meant to watch it, I hope you'll join us.

That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. Hey, Billie, what do you think of Game of Thrones? It's always under "Josie made me post this", and I never know if that means "Josie really likes it and wants to make sure you know she is the one responsible for those news" or "I really don't like it and wouldn't post this if Josie hadn't made me do it" (or both/neither).

  2. Hi all!

    The "Game Of Thrones" recap link, needs some fixing.

    I don't like the idea of calling something a rip-off without having seen it.
    I am also not convinced that a rip-off hurts the original, or its brand.
    Has that ever happened?

  3. Thanks, danielcw. For some reason, Blogger inserted garbage in two of the links. All fixed now.

    TomL, I honestly didn't think about how "Josie made me post this" sounds. Josie and I are best buds and I was teasing her and thought the teasing part would be obvious. But the truth is, I tried the first book of the series twice and couldn't get into it either time. And I tried the pilot episode of Game of Thrones, got half an hour in, and knew it wasn't for me.

    Let me add that I have absolutely no doubt that the books and the series are brilliant. I'm probably just too much of a "hard sci-fi" woman for Game of Thrones. (This is probably sacrilege, but I don't like Lord of the Rings, either.)

  4. SOB !!

    Tired of those "could return" news. Yes, I'm talking about Fringe. They keep telling (more or less) that it's dead and then suddenly a miracle, and then back to square one the week after, Arrggh ! Make it simple people : No guess. No uncertainties. YES or NO. Simple. That's it. Period.

    Also tired of the americanized versions of british shows. Although I haven't seen Sherlock, I JUST know that the Brits do great TV ! (eyes rolling towards the Sky right now LOL)

    And finally, as far as Community is concerned, NBC better NOT tell us that they'll change their minds again about it. You have a winner people. (and this week's show was better than last week's.....)

  5. Billie :

    quoting you :

    "but I don't like Lord of the Rings"

    reaction #1 : OMG !!!!!

    reaction #2 : hey, live and let live, your choice LOL

  6. Time for a new Doctor? Inconceivable! (you can tell I’ve watching The Princess Bride today). Personally, I hope that Matt never leaves. I want him to be the Doctor forever. But that’s not likely to happen so I’d settle for him sticking around for at least the whole of season 8.

    You’re lucky there’s an ocean and a continent between us, Billie. Otherwise I’d be sitting you down and forcing you to watch the entire first season of GOT. It’s a method that I’ve found to be very effective on friends and family. Which is probably why I now see so little of both.

    I'm overjoyed that Community's future is looking a lot brighter (it was apparently NBC's most watched show on Thursday), but I've accepted that Fringe is a goner and have already started planning the wake.

  7. Is the CBS show really going to be Sherlock - or is it some American sleuth "like Sherlock"? I was able to watch Series 1 of Sherlock on my cable's "On Demand", and I just can't imagine an American version. It'll have to be outstanding, I think, for me to even give it a try.

    celticmarc - my reaction to Billie's comment was the same...but I am definitely more of a fantasy fan than sci-fi...so I am sure there are sci-fi books and shows that I wouldn't care for, and Billie would probably think I am nuts...I love anything with dragons.

  8. Once upon a time is getting a second season. I'm thrilled.
    New Doctor? No please keep Smith around, I adore him. River Song I can stand to lose.

  9. Sooze, it really is a Sherlock Holmes story. The main character's name is Sherlock Holmes, and the show is called Elementary. It's going to air on CBS, too, which likely means a lot of stand-alones.

    Tom L, Billie is definitely joking. It would be cruel of me to pull her cats' tails every week until she relented and posted a 22-minute Game of Thrones video. Cruel, but what can I say? War is coming.

  10. Josie - Thanks for the clarification. I guess CBS knows that the bulk of US viewers won't have seen the BBC show, otherwise they wouldn't (or shouldn't) even be trying.
    The 22-min GOT teaser has me salivating for the show. I cannot wait!!! Everyone in my household better steer clear of the upstairs (i.e. GOOD) tv that night!
    Mark - I too am preparing myself for the end of Fringe. *sigh*

  11. Sooze,

    I love spaceships, time travel and parallel Universes. And dragon are super cool,

  12. It took me two years to read Lord of the Rings and I've been struggling to read A Dance with Dragons since I bought it in Hawaii in November. But I am working on my thesis so maybe that's why ADWD is gathering dust right now.

    I think that seeing as Tennant had three seasons, Smith should at least have the same amount. I'm very much a Smith and Darvill fangirl (not so much a Gillan fan - Mark, don't shoot me or I will send you pictures of Sebastian Smythe), but I'm looking forward to seeing what Jenna can do.

    I preferred the American version of Queer as Folk to the British one. Maybe I just don't like RTD.

    Now I'm going back to slog through Anne of a Thousand Days, The Other Boleyn Girl and two seasons of The Tudors for my thesis.

    I feel the need to hide all the cats from Josie.

  13. Morgan, are you writing your thesis on the Tudors, or on The Tudors and other TV/film adaptations? The first one sounds great (hooray, history!) but the second one sounds awesome!

  14. Josie, it's on how Anne Boleyn is represented and portrayed in three varying (film, book adaptation and TV) formats in the last fifty years, which basically allows me to watch The Tudors and call it "studying". But I'm pretty obsessive about Anne Boleyn so being able to write about her in any form makes me happy.

  15. Another great column, Billie. I am in your camp. I have tried ' Lord of the Rings' five separate times in my life and have never read beyond page 50. To each his own...

    Josie - the channel that will be showing 'Game of Thrones' over here (UK) showed a longish preview of season two the other night. I must admit that it looks amazing, even if we have to wait until Monday night for our installment.

    I am astonished at the response to 'Elementary'. The web is filled with comments, some so nasty as to be beyond the pale, both supporting and against Moffat's stand. I'm a big Jonny Lee Miller fan, less so of Lucy Liu. I think a female Watson could be interesting, but please let's not go down a romantic route -- I'm begging you.

    Morgan -- what a fantastic idea for a thesis! I did something similar back in the day, but mine was about the strong female characters that many of us discovered in childhood -- Jo March, Elizabeth Bennett, etc.

  16. Billie and Josie, there's nothing wrong with "Josie made me post this", I was just curious.


    I just read the "please prove you're not a robot" and I'm laughing out loud here. =)

  17. No worries, TomL. It was a valid question, and I didn't mind answering it. It certainly sparked an interesting discussion.

  18. Morgan, your cats are perfectly safe with me. Come here, kitty kitty kitty.

    And your thesis sounds awesome!

    I watched the 22-minute Game of Thrones thing (it's available On Demand if you're a US subscriber to HBO with a DVR), and it's pretty good. Iceland look really, really cold.

  19. I guess the 4 or 5 times I have read LOTR makes up for those of you that it isn't your cup of tea. I find something new every time. And every time I am so sad at the end that I have to say goodbye to the characters. AND...I am such a geek I read every appendix because a little part of my brain is so convinced that it is a true story. Or maybe it is just wishful thinking that once upon a time there were hobbits and elves and such. I even watched every single minute of the extras in the LOTR "extended version" DVDs...HOURS of it!! No, I am not obsessed. I only watched all the extras once. Although I admit to watching the Viggo interviews a few times.
    My husband thinks I am nuts but thankfully I have a daughter with my same tastes in fiction. We watch the movies together and cry in all the same spots.


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