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Supernatural: The Born-Again Identity

"Is it me or is this just like the Cage?"

A little riding around in an old car, a little smiting here and there, and it all comes back to you.

I've thought all along that Sam really was seeing Lucifer, who was somehow able to torment him long distance from the Cage. We still don't know, but Lucifer's reality wasn't relevant this time. It was that Sam, exhausted physically and emotionally and at the point of dying, used the last of his energy to free a young woman from the ghost that was trying to kill her. It was that Castiel, as soon as he remembered who he was and what he had done, sacrificed his sanity and freedom for Sam. It was sort of heart-warming. As heart-warming as Supernatural gets, anyway.

I enjoyed this episode for other reasons, too: the callbacks to "Faith" and "Sam, Interrupted"; the return of Meg, who (hilariously) stayed behind as "Nurse Masters" to watch over Castiel. And of course, I'm so pleased that Castiel is back. I avoid spoilers for the most part, and the previews hinted that Misha Collins was going to be playing someone else (I was thinking maybe Jimmy with no memory, or still possessed by Leviathans). But thankfully, that was misdirection and it was obvious to me immediately that it was Castiel with amnesia. And a wife. A wife? I sort of can't blame Daphne for latching on to Castiel. What hetero woman wouldn't be tempted by a sweet, gorgeous naked guy with no memory? Okay, okay, God sent her to protect Castiel, but still.

Castiel had better not stay in the hospital forever because I really do want him back on a more permanent basis. I've assumed that they wrote Castiel out because having an angel around who can fix nearly everything is too much of a plot killer, but couldn't they find a way around that? Especially if there's going to be a season eight?

The ghost was back, and we still don't know who or what it is. Although now that Castiel has just been eliminated as a candidate and the business card was for Bobby's friend, it seems like it just has to be Bobby. We just got another reminder of what happens to ghosts who stick around, though, and I really don't want to see Bobby as an angry ghost. Even if it would bring Jim Beaver back.

Dean said he used to be able to fight evil and just shake it off. That hasn't been true for a looooooong time. But it was sweet that he kept Castiel's raincoat for him. Although I really think he should have gotten it dry cleaned first.

Bits and pieces:

— There was a lot of broken glass in this episode. I think that was a callback to Castiel's introduction in "Lazarus Rising."

— Loved Mark Pellegrino. He did a great job with the flirtatious torture, this time with props. And it was great to see demon Meg again, but Rachel Miner looked different. I hope she isn't ill.

— I thought the creepy bald doctor was a Leviathan. And that hospital was pretty shabby, with peeling paint on the beds and walls. You'd think a modern mental hospital would look better than that.

— The bargain with Crowley has run out. Please tell me that means Mark Sheppard is returning.

— This week: Northern Indiana State Hospital, and "Emmanuel" and Daphne Allen were living in Colorado. Sam was committed under the name "Sam Smith."

— Congratulations to Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese, who welcomed a baby boy on March 19: Thomas Colton Padalecki. Great timing, too, because aren't they nearly ready to go on hiatus for the summer? Hopefully Jared will get some paternity leave.

— Couldn't Sam have tried earplugs? (Yeah, yeah, I know, it was in his head.)


Dean: "Quit being Dalai freaking Yoda about this, okay? Get pissed!"

Dean: "So who named you 'Emmanuel'?"
Castiel: "Bouncingbabynames dot com."
Could that possibly be a little reference to Jared and Genevieve? They're certainly in for some sleepless nights, too.

Meg: "You got the juice. You can smite every demon in that lot."
Castiel: "But I don't remember how."
Dean: "It's in there. I'm sure it's just like riding a bike."
Castiel: "I don't know how to do that, either."
I soooo missed my deadpan Castiel. *smooch*

Dean: "This ain't going to go well."
Meg: "I don't know. I believe in the little tree-topper."

Three out of four tree-toppers,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I don’t know this one just felt off. Too fast and didn’t clear up an emotional baggage. And how is leaving Cas alone in a mental hospital better? Won’t they notice he doesn’t eat and doesn’t understand any of their pop culture references? Though don’t me wrong I’m so glad Misha is back in any capacity. It sounds weird to say this but I love Lucifer. "Narcissistic Personality Disorder, ok, this one I could have."

  2. Good:
    * Dean and "Emmanuel" in the car. I completely understand Dean's impulse to keep quiet about what he knew. If "Emmanuel" could heal Sam without his memory why mess with it right now?

    * Sam and Luci show in the nut house. I could really feel Sam suffering from the unrelenting torturer's presence. At the same time Lucifer is so funny and endearing, no wonder he worms his way into so many minds!

    * Crazy girl and dead brother. Not bad but why? The time taken here could have been used to improve the Not Good points below.

    * Dean and Meg. Meg just wasn't quite on her game this time around, but I hope she's back when we next see Cas. Something fun and interesting may be afoot there. BTW, I read that Rachel Miner is on medication that changed the shape of her face.

    Not Good:
    * I didn't like the way Sam walked out of the hospital without any mention or sign of what he just went through. Please tell me they won't just drop the "Crazy Sam" arc all together! I hope they just got rid of Satan but some other problems will still be present.

    * "Part of me always believed you'd come back." Why cut that!? Dean and Cas didn't really resolve anything but I hold out hope that will happen in episodes to come.

    Overall I give it 8.5. Much more good than not good.


  3. One other thing I forgot to mention - Dean still has a flip phone! So nice to know I'm not the only one left ;)


  4. I too still have a flip phone and on occasion flip it open and say “beam me up Scotty”

  5. I think this one deserved a 3.5 out of 4. it was fast and exciting, and though they played a little loose with the mental hospital angle, the dialogue was freakin sharp as a tack.

  6. I genuinely liked this one. It reminded me a lot of the feel of the episodes back when I truly loved the show. I guess the Angels and Demons and Sam and Dean caught in the middle is the essence of the Supernatural I loved. Leviathans and basic monster hunting don't hit the sweet spot for me.

    I'm wondering if God is the one helping Dean and Sam. The notion popped into my head when Cas said that Daphne believed God sent her to find him. Maybe he also sent Dean to find him in his hour of need. As hands off as he generally is, God does seem to have a soft spot for the Winchester boys. (Yes, I really, really don't want Bobby back as a ghost.)

    I thought Rachel Miner looked very different, too. Like maybe she'd put on weight. Or had plastic surgery. Her energy level seemed off to me, too.

    "Creepy bald doctor" was Bill Dow. Always a pleasure to see Dr. Lee from Stargate. He was just on Once Upon a Time, too. He looks so different without the glasses!

  7. I liked this one alot. Very well acted and well written and now I guess Emmanuel/Cas has found a way to redeem himself. And I also noted that Rachel Miner is different.

  8. I really loved this one.

    So great to have Misha back, even if it's just for a litte while. Did anyone else notice how Cas' voice changed the moment he remembered who he was?

    Mark Pellegrino was also amazing. Obnoxious and charming at the same time and just hilarious throughout. I'm actually hoping that we haven't seen the last of Sam's mental issues, just so we get to see Luci again.

    The subplot with Sam and Marin really worked for me. As distressed and sleep deprived as Sam was (and Jared really nailed those scenes), he still took the time to help her, which is just such a Sam thing to do.

  9. Ah, Cas. How I have missed you. Welcome back and I certainly hope you stick around for a while.

  10. I feel if the guy who played Lucifer did a commentary on the DVD set of ever season but being Lucifer not the guy who plays him

    I think that would be the coolest this ever


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