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Supernatural: Out With the Old

"I'm pas de done."

Was this a Supernatural all you can eat buffet? Not that it wasn't good, because I definitely enjoyed the entire episode. But it was several pieces instead of a cohesive whole.

Actually, the buffet analogy works, since we got an amusing return of the Leviathans in the form of the late Ms. Joyce Bicklebee and her backstabbing assistant, George. The Leviathans are "gobbling up" real estate and starting all sorts of projects, and they're planning to... cure cancer. And why? Because they don't want it in their food, perhaps? The cursed objects callback to one of my favorite episodes ("Bad Day at Black Rock") was also a lot of fun. And gross, because we need more ghastly, gruesome deaths on this show. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Exploding feet? Boiling water? Gag. Pun intended.

The handling of the cursed objects wasn't quite the same as the rabbit's foot. The spell seemed to pass after they boxed them up. And if Scott sold his mother's cursed objects, he must have touched them. Why didn't the objects affect him? But I did love the killer toe shoes. I especially loved Sam carrying them at arm's length without touching them. When Dean was eyeing them, I was sort of hoping we'd get Jensen Ackles in a tight, revealing leotard. Was that wrong of me?

Sam was Nightmare-on-Elm-Street-ing himself into staying permanently awake because... actually, what could Lucifer do to him in his sleep that would be worse than fifty renditions of "Stairway to Heaven"? The near car accident felt weird. We don't usually get "normal" accidents on this show. At least Sam told Dean the truth about his situation, which was nice for a change.

Last but not least, although I thought he'd be with us longer, I knew it was likely that Frank would eventually meet a horrible end. If he did. No body. See rule ten. Maybe he left a mess to make it look like he was dead and he's now on his way to Tromso, Norway. Here's hoping. I liked Frank.

Bits and pieces:

— It's a good thing that security guard didn't catch the boys wrestling those toe shoes off his little girl's feet in the ladies' room. For that matter, if he told the boys where she was, why didn't he follow them?

— Also enjoyed the yellow gloves, much like the purple gloves on Warehouse 13.

— Are they changing cars with each episode now? What on earth are they going to do with that U-Haul full of cursed objects? Do they still have John's storage locker in New York state?

— This week: Portland, Oregon. Sam called himself Bruce Hornsby when he called in the anonymous tip.


Dean: "Dancers. They are toe shoes full of crazy."
Sam: "And you would know this how?"
Dean: "I saw Black Swan. Twice. (Sam looks blank) Hot tutu on tutu action? Come on, Sam. What's wrong with you?"

Sam: "Do they look like they're your size?"
Dean: "Shut up."
Sam: "Are you..."
Dean: "Getting a strong urge to Prince Siegfried myself into oblivion? Yes."

Sam: "A vintage gentleman's magazine sold to Peter Yankett, 27 Johnson Lane."

Dean: "I wonder how old porn kills you."
Sam: "I'm pretty sure you don't want to know."

Dean: "Hey, I don't mean to double dip in your crazy sauce... no offense..."
Frank: "None taken, fudge pop."
Ah, Frank. I'll miss your inappropriate endearments.

Three out of four grande nonfat no whip white mocha one pump sugar free double shot espressos,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Yeah I liked it too. It was funny, surprising, suspenseful and moved the arc forward. I agree that it seemed a little bit series of vignettes more that cohesive episode. Definitely better as a piece of the whole story than as a stand alone. But I'm kind of over that with Supernatural. I long ago decided they are writing the show for DVD at this point. We'll have to wait and see how the whole thing hangs together. I for one have enjoyed the completed story or each season so far.

    As for what the Leviathan are up to - I can't help thinking of the old Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man." My friend mentioned "V."

    Maybe the curse transfers to the most recent toucher so Scott wasn't effected because the item and curse went from his hand to the ultimate victim's hand too fast.

    Anyway 8 of 10. Keeper.


  2. I was definitely getting the Warehouse 13 vibes off this one. Especially because of the gloves!

    Not a Wow! episode, but also not one pushing me back to the edge of being done with the show. It certainly had it's amusing moments, and some good brother interactions. At this point, I guess I'm in for the rest of the season, because I'm finding it difficult to walk away, even though the show has lost a lot of its magic for me. "I wish I knew how to quit you" keeps popping into my head when Friday rolls around and I have to decide whether or not to set the DVR. Sigh. At least it's still much better than the later seasons of The X-Files! :)

  3. Jess, I've lost count how many times I wrote here "I couldn't have said better than Jess" or variants. Got out of my mind! :)

    That means I have to finally watch the X-Flies. I must love it too.

    I lovelovelovelovelove Black Swan. I cried at the movies. Twice. It immediately popped into my mind when the episode begin.

    As an aside, Dean is apparently right. A friend of mine dated a ballerina and quit because he thought she was too crazy. He's the craziest person I know.

  4. I give this ep 8 out of 10, Billie. It seemed as though they had two half episodes that they pushed together, and not seamlessly, into one. I just loved the boss-employee relationship between Joyce and George. How many of us have wanted to kill our bosses? Or wanted, inappropriately, to "taste" them? Mary Page Keller was a total hoot.

    I'm worried sick about Sam, who is surely headed for insanity. At least it won't come as a shock to Dean, since Sam has spoken freely about Luci's frequent visits. While I enjoyed Frank, he was no Bobby, and if he's permanently gone, I won't miss him much.

  5. Great review. loved this episode and perfect analogy Supernatural Buffet. Inso many episodes, including this one I’m grinning like the Cheshire Cat, ROFLMAS, as just as quickly sniffling, something getting in my eyes and they start to moisten up, then tears flowing freely, sobbing my heart out and dealing with a flood in the room, hollering NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Did I mention grinning like the Cheshire Cat, ROFLMAS, as just as quickly sniffling, something getting in my eyes and they start to moisten up, then tears flowing freely, sobbing my heart out and dealing with a flood in the room, hollering NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Did you say something about loving angst - we are sick puppies to keep doing this to ourselves.

    Dean coveting ballet slippers oh damn the image of Dean dancing in those. You said. I was sort of hoping we'd get Jen.sen Ackles in a tight, revealing leotard. Was that wrong of me? ABSOLUTELY NOT. NO WAY, I TOO SO WANTED TO SEE THAT
    Imagining Dean dancing is like Sam's Luci singing Stairway to Heaven over and over Ouch! Poor Sam my heart is breaking and it's just starting. Frank - better not be DEAD! Laugh at all the various endearments he comes up with for Dean. Not dead not dead. Another really gross episodes with delicious gore esp dancer dancing her feet off literally.

    Cure cancer. Say What!!! Leviathans helping humans? Year right I got some nice land for sale in Florida if you buy that crap :D Wonderful brother moments. Had to laugh at opening scene with Dean and Sam at the river and see all the snow. I;m in Toronto we have had no snow & we are warmer than Vancouver. Hey show come to Toronto we have no rain here either and great film industry :lol: Episode A+ can't wait till next week

  6. Ok y'all. Boys in tights are astronomically better than boys in leos. Dancers legs are like looking at a doggone anatomy chart. :)

    The ballet part was a strong reference to The Red Shoes, which is an amazing movie about a ballet production. The ballet itself is called The Red Shoes, about a pair of haunted ballet slippers.

    The little girl was nowhere near pointe shoe age, that's why she was drooling over the shoes. Girls are not allowed till around age 12 because the bones of the foot aren't fully formed till then. Even then, their first pointe shoes have a box but no shank, so...that was the draw.

    Loved the tie back to the Leviathans...and I am dying to know if George is in that trailer or what.

    And yes, I take ballet. And no, I'm not crazy. :) I don't think.

  7. More about The Red Shoes - the haunted ballet shoes make it so the dancer can never stop dancing. It's a totally awesome movie, and the ballet parts are this weird art nouveau gorgeousness, and most of them are on YouTube. It's randomly on Netflix. You should watch it. :) -Jen

  8. Jen, I'm sorry if my comment offended you.

    There's something about dedicating almost all of one's life, as a professional athlete, musician, dancer and alike, that puts so much pressure that many break down and lose some cards in the deck.

    I see that my comment implied this was true for every dancer. This was rude and untrue. I apologize.

    1. Hey Gus! I was totally kidding. Not offended at all!

  9. Cracking review. I'm glad to see the series still has a few curses left up its sleeve. I actually stopped watching this series a few episodes into the season 7, it stopped being must-watch TV for me, and it will probably be something that I catch up with on DVD.

  10. It was good but I was hoping for better, not sure why. But they didn´t need to show us the opening scene with the blood and the feet.

  11. This is a super small thing to notice, but hasn't Supernatural used "Bad Moon Rising" in another episode? Not that it isn't always terribly, terribly appropriate to the show.

  12. Rachel, I think they used the song in the closing moments of the first season finale.

    A good, but not great episode, and certainly quite gory. I actually had to look away during the kettle incident and that doesn't happen often.

    I will miss Frank. They certainly are doing a good job at completely decimating the boy's support network this season.

  13. Maybe it's part of Dick Roman's presidential ambitions, alluded to earlier this season? If the man cured cancer, that would go a long way towards voter confidence. Not to mention he'd get endorsements from Fred Savage and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Bad Moon Rising is such a perfect Supernatural song. I can't believe they haven't used it before, actually.


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