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Nikita: Homecoming

"You're gonna call off the boys, or I take off your boys."

Utterly spectacular. This must be the year of brilliant finales because much like The Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy, Nikita went out on top this year with one heck of an exhilarating (and might I add, game-changing) hour.

There was just so much to love about this finale (which book-ended a marvelous season) that I just don't know where to begin. I think I'll start with the episode's big game-changing twist: Team Nikita is now in charge of Division. The beauty of this outstanding twist is that it makes perfect sense given the context of the season. No other option makes better sense; Nikita is the only one who can use the corporation for good and they're going to need all the resources at Division's disposal to maintain world order. Although I was surprised that Ryan would be the one running the agency, it will undoubtedly be Nikita's expertise at the helm. I am just so proud that the show went there and completely flipped the premise of the show. It reminded me of Alias' "Phase-One" episode where SD-6 was shockingly taken down halfway through the second season. It's hours like these that completely usurp your expectations and cement a show as something truly special and extraordinary.

The finale also saw the demise of one of the show's core characters: Percy. I honestly thought this was a fantastic decision from a storytelling perspective. They'd done all that they could with the character and Amanda just serves the show better as the ultimate big bad. She's infinitely more terrifying and much more layered than Percy. His final beat-down of Nikki was horrifying, culminating in his awesome death drop.

This episode also saw the death of Roan, who seriously terrifies me to no end. He got a creepy send-off himself after a brutal fight scene where he practically decimated Sean and broke Alex's arm. I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout expecting any one of the three to bite the dust, so of course I was pleasantly surprised when our favorite terminator got fried to death.

Finally, I must discuss the ending which rightfully returned focus to Nikita and Alex's relationship which is at the heart of the show. I adored Nikki referencing the pilot and then telling Alex "here we go... again." Had the show been cancelled this year, I actually wouldn't have minded this ending because it leaves the show on a kickass final beat. Of course, I'm glad that did not happen because I have high hopes for season three and I have a feeling Nikita will not disappoint.

Bits & Bullets:

- Loved the opening flashback of Nikita's original Division escape.

- Alex impaling the Division agent with a freakin' rake? Badass.

- Well, Percy sure duped us all with that satellite threat. Well done.

- I quite liked the moment when the Division agents helped Nikita get to Percy.

- Brilliant speech by Percy over the Division intercom.

- Loved Percy shooting the agent and telling Nikki he's "in a hurry."

- Nikita always said "the last word they'll breathe before the end will be my name." And that's exactly what Percy did. Can I love this show's attention to detail any more?

- I'm still loving Sean & Alex. Their playfulness really lit up the hour.

- I literally cheered when Amanda came up on my screen (and put a bullet in the hacker's skull).

- For any Dark Angel fans out there, Nikki's speech to the Division agents was especially similar to that show's season two finale. Thankfully, Nikita won't be suffering a similar fate and ending this season.

- Epic flashes of moments throughout the series that come to Nikita and convince her that taking over Division is the right thing to do. Perfectly selected.

- The final Nikita scene with the sunlight was beautifully filmed and wonderfully acted. Maggie Q broke my heart and completely convinced me as she spoke of never having a home.

- Birkoff kissing Sonya: HA!

- "Here we go... again." Goosebumps.

Nikki Notables:

Percy: There's nothing common about me.

The President: What if I say no?
Percy: Don't say no.

Nikita: I finally realize what I hate about this place. It's the hum.

Nikita: Alex & Sean are on it.
Percy: The Princess and the seal? There's a circus act if there ever was one.

Hacker: What kind of secrets are these?
Amanda: The kind that kill.

All in all, an outstanding finale that laid some spectacular groundwork for season three. Nikita has proven itself as one of the strongest shows on the air and this finale was no exception. Masterful television.

4 out of 4 fake satellites.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Great season finale, which would have also worked as a series finale.

    I loved the couple moments in this episode: Nikita with Percy, Michael and Alex, Birkhoff and Sonya, Alex and Sean etc.

    Percy and Roan had run their course, so I´m good with the decision to kill them off. And that Percy fell into his old cage was a "nice" death for him. Percy in this episode was genius...I liked all his twists and turns and he really knew how to play people and give speeches. He was always so surprising - satellite anyone? (much more than Amanda). I hope they will have an equal badass villain next season (next to Amanda - glad she showed up). Roan was a machine...fitting that he didn´t die by a human hand. But I liked this shady, loyal and total creepy, badass assassin.

    I like the idea of Nikita and Ryan running Devision, but I hope they won´t make Ryan corrupt. Hopefully Owen comes back in season 3, too.

    What I didn´t get was the daylight Mikita scene. When did that happen, because afterwards she was back in her mission outfit. Was it a flashback or a continuity/editing error?

  2. I thought I was the only one who noticed the continuity with the clothes. I guess they figured that the audience wouldn't notice that Nikki was still wearing the same clothes with Alex at the end? Weird...
    Or it could be that chronologically the Mikita scene was the last thing that happened, but they just felt ending it with Alex would have more impact (which it did).

    And you're right, Percy falling into the cage was genius. I especially loved the camera angle from below as we saw his face on the cracking glass. Beautiful.

  3. Your review rocks and it illustrates my feelings too. I loved, love the last Mikita moment. Like you said, beautifully shot and acted. I also loved the little flashbacks to help Nikita decide and this would have served as a great series finale.
    Glad that we´re gonna have more because I get a feeling this is gonna get better.

  4. Thank you for the kind words :) Glad you agree.

  5. There is something I wanna add and it may not be something but I don´t know why, for me it´s interesting: both seasons kind of ended with Mikita and the sunset.

    btw, I am totally gonna rewatch all of Nikita this summer.

  6. That's a very interesting observation actually. And they were both quite different sunsets; season 1 being the storm ahead and in this finale, a more hopeful sunset. Pretty cool.

    I'm going to re-watch as well so I can review everything :)

  7. Nikita´s in charge now! I still dislike Ryan with passion but I think his new position will at least make him a little more likable and less one-dimensional.

    I think one of the best things is the parallel Nikita&Michael at 2x01: On the run and all by themselves and Nikita&Michael at the end of the season much more stable and with a growing family, it´ll be interesting seeing the changing dynamic next season.

    When I read one major character was going to die, I thought it was going to be Percy or Birkoff.
    But then I realize that if they were going to kill Birkoff there was no real purpose keeping Sonia around.

    But even when I understand why they killed Percy I was still really upset, he was one my favorite character (he was just below Amanda).
    I saw Melinda Clarke´s interviews on Comic Con and she insisted a lot about the fact she really wanted the writers to address Amanda´s feelings toward this and how much his death damages her, I hope they do too. (Especially since I never understood their relationship, for me it was like the writers hinted something and changed their mind and then at the end they made it all one directional from Amanda´s side)

    My favorite episodes this season were Sanctuary, Clean Sweep and Power so I´m looking forward reading your reviews.

    (Since I speak spanish I thereby apologize for my redaction at times)

  8. Thank you Rebecca for your insightful comments. You can find my reviews for those episodes on my site (www.nadsreviews.com) for the time being although I will reach them on Billie Doux within the next week or so.

    I too hope they will explore Amanda's reaction to Percy's death. They had such a complex and layered relationship that I would have liked to see more of!

  9. Stunning finale. Sweeping, epic and I loved every minute of it.

    As always, however, my favorite parts were the characters. Percy's speech to his team = chilling. Sean and Alex's interactions = they can be funny while they're kicking ass. Birkhoff finally getting to kiss Sonya while Ryan just has to look away, again = probably my favorite moment ever.

    But, of course, this is Nikita's show and it was fantastic to watch her take it all down. The part at the end with the flashbacks was simply, yet beautifully done.

    Another great season of reviews, Nadim. And, yet another show you have hooked me on. Thanks.

  10. Brilliant. Absolutely feckin' brilliant. That's all there is to say, really.

    Well, not quite all - I'm NOT looking forward to Amanda as the new Big Bad. As I mentioned before, she never quite did it for me. But maybe Ari will get the chance to live up to his initial potential? He's had little enough screentime that it wouldn't come off as a retcon. Or maybe this new shady international group. I just hope it doesn't go the same way as Chuck; the Ring never managed to scare me the way FULCRUM did.

    Either way, I guess I'll be finding out soon. :)

  11. What a great finale and that last scene with Michael and Nikita in the sunset is beautiful.


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