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Nikita: Crossbow

"This ends today."

This episode was an excellent penultimate hour that did a superb job of setting up the finale.

After all, what could be bigger than Team Nikita infiltrating Division and endings things once and for all? This show consistently reminds me of The Vampire Diaries, particularly with the sheer confidence it has in plowing through developments with stunning gravitas and a magnificent attention to continuity (Robbie's return in this hour is potent proof of that). Moreover, I must say it was a joy to watch our two favorite couples carrying out their epic plan. I can't wait to see more Nikita/Michael & Sean/Alex working side by side next year.

And finally, the last few minutes of the hour were just too darn tense for me to handle. I'm just so invested in our team that I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering how they were going to get out of their predicament. The charges going off as Michael called out for Nikita provided a heart-stopping ending to the hour and left me suitably pumped for the finale. I wholeheartedly hope it's a spectacular hour that does the season justice. And if it somehow disappoints, well we've got a whole other season to look forward to and I couldn't be happier.

Bits & Bullets:

- Nikita's opening dream was quite creepy, yet effectively prophetic.

- Way to go, Michael blowing up that gas talk.

- Sean knocking out Robbie as he threatens Alex; hilariously unexpected.

- Percy has his own personal death-star: definitely not an anticlimactic reveal. I'm pleased.

- Percy blackmailing the President; pretty darn epic.

- I wish we got more of Sean & Alex escaping from the reactor on the motorcycle before it blew up. It felt hastily edited.

- Nikita's "I'm not running anymore" speech to Michael was chilling. The "dying in that hellhole without" part broke my heart. God, I love these two now.

- Birkhoff kissing Nikita and proclaiming "May the force be with you" was just funny and touching on every level.

-Michael's reaction to the above-mentioned kiss: priceless.

- I don't really find myself that invested in Percy's desire to join the unnamed group of super-villains. I'd like to be proven wrong eventually.

- Alex's smirk after she saved Sean; loved it.

- The Division agent breaking her fellow accomplice's neck with her legs to alert Sonya was a shockingly good move.

Nikki Notables:

Michael: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Nikita: Storm's coming.

Percy: (To The President) Right now, I'm your Commander In Chief.

The President: So you're telling me that the combined might of the U.S. military forces are no match for one madman? In New Jersey?

Nikita: Michael, you're too heavy for me to lower. Not that I'm dissing your girlish figure.

Expertly plotted and especially nerve-wracking, "Crossbow" was the perfect set-up for next week's season finale.

3 out of 4 Percy death-stars.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. This is so weird. I just commented on another article, asking for a working link to the review of the Pilot. This one isn't working:


    I won't have thoughtthere's anything in the CW show for LFN fans to appreciate.

  2. spritl, I responded to your comment in the other post. The writer who did the review of the Nikita pilot left us and asked that we take down all of his reviews. Since it was renewed, Nadim is planning to review the entire series and just put up the latest. Interesting coincidence.

  3. And congratulations, Nadim, on taking on another show! I'm planning to give the new Nikita another chance this summer.

  4. You really must Billie and I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Ever since Alias ended I'd been hoping to find a spy-show with the right amount of heart and thrills that could somehow fill the void left by that show. (Alias is along with Buffy one of the first shows I ever loved).
    I'm glad to say that the second half of Nikita's second season has pretty much fulfilled that vacant hole. The entire cast is phenomenal, the splashes of weak writing from the show's first season have been erased, and I really don't see any signs of the show letting up or being bogged down by Rambaldi-like confusion. Here's hoping you join the bandwagon this summer!

  5. Sounds like a show I need to try again...I watched the 1st few episodes of Season 1 and then left...but I am a huge Alias fan, so I think I'll jump back in....checking Netflix now...

  6. Definitely Sooze you must give it another shot and stick with it. The first half of season 1 isn't the greatest showcase for how awesome the show becomes. It's not outright spectacular like Alias was in its first, but oh boy does it get there :)

  7. I´m so happy that Nikita will be reviewed on this site....thanks Nadim :) I was a massive LFN fan and loved Billie´s reviews, so it´s nice that now Nikita gets its well deserves attention on this site :)

    I´m really excited for the finale and it will be interesting to see if it would have worked as a series finale. Glad it´s just a season finale now :)

    Percy´s scheme is a total mistery to me. Why does he want to be part of this shady group? His begging seems a little out of character at the moment. But I had a good laugh when he mentioned his whole name...Percival Rose? Seriously? :D

    I hope the body count in the finale isn´t to high. Don´t want to loose anybody of the tean.

  8. Haha you reminded me about the Rose reveal. That was quite bizarre and yet so strangely fitting and amusing.
    I too am eager to see how they end the season and if they treated it like a series finale or not. Either way, it'll hopefully be an explosive hour.

  9. Great review!

    Like you I was 100% relieved to hear this had been renewed! Yay!!!

    For some reason I thought this was the season finale... and when it ended with that explosion I was like NOOOOOOOOO!!! No news until NEXT YEAR?! Plus the not knowing about the renewal... Imagine my relief when I checked the schedule and realised I still had an episode left! :p

    If it weren't for the Rambaldi mess I'd say Alias is way above Nikita in quality... but Nikita is getting there, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next year! :o)

  10. Percival Rose actually explains a lot. I mean, if you give your child a name like that, you are practically assured that after years of schoolyard bullying, he is going to end up as a super-villain.

    I find the inclusion of Tall, Dark and Debonair and Percy's deferral to him slightly ... jarring. I know Ryan and Percy had this talk earlier in the scene about always a Group behind a Group but I wish there had been better fore-shadowing of this new mysterious Group earlier in the season. As it stands, watching Percy try to impress anyone for something other than money, just seems OOC to me. Anyway, I trust the show-runners. I didn't want Nikita and Michael to get together so quickly but they did, and it worked out far better than I imagined.

    @spritl: I thought the review of the Pilot (which described Nikita as smarmy, unpleasant, skinny and abusive to Alex) was unkind, to put it mildly and I'm glad it has been taken down for whatever reason. This show has been consistently solid since its Pilot and lots of LFN lovers have made room in their heart for it. I always thought it was a shame that this site never gave it a chance.

  11. CrazyCris:
    I'm glad to see someone agrees with the Alias comparison. The good thing about Nikita is that there's no sci-fi a la Alias so hopefully its quality won't dip anytime soon. Nevertheless Alias still holds a special place in my heart as my number one show. I'm just glad another show is even nearing its league with the same brand of kickass spy-fun, heart, and thrills.

    The new convert group is indeed a bit too much all of a sudden, nevertheless I have faith the writers know what they're doing after the spectacular second half of season two. I also agree about Nikita & Michael. I never thought it would work as much as it has. They've truly evolved into a couple that you'd always want to root for. Not to mention Shane West has just grown so much as an actor. I didn't used to be a fan at all during season one, now I think he's just fantastic!

  12. I am so happy Nikita is having reviews! Season 1 was such a pleasant surprise for me and this season 2 is being amazingly good, not just with action but with heart. Team Nikita is a family and I feel and root for them.
    I loved Michael/Nikita´s moments, especially the "I´m not dying in that hellhole bit". I also love Sean/Alex but also Alex/Nikita.
    And that kiss was amazing and so sweet!
    Really good episode and I look forward to reading more from you.

  13. I love Team Nikita as well. There's just such an amazing family vibe between the group. I really hope they don't kill anybody off in the finale and (hopefully) add Owen to the team next season because that would be just perfect!


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