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World's Sexiest Supernaturals: The Top 25

The E! channel here in the UK is famous for doing these kinds of countdowns, most of which I avoid like the plague. But, how does one resist watching when they are counting down some of my favourite types of characters? I set the DVR and sat down to see what the general consensus was. So, without further ado:

25: Matt Smith as Dr. Who (Dr. Who)
I am not a fan of Dr Who, but I am of Matt Smith. He manages to make being smart and nerdy sexy.

24: Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby (True Blood)
She may play an obnoxious character, but it would be difficult to ignore that she’s gorgeous. Love the red hair – somehow it works for a vampire.

23: Jared and Genevieve Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Ruby (Supernatural)
They wanted to include Jared in this list and, as he plays a demon hunter (one of the two best on television) and not a demon, they had to include him with his wife. Ruby is not my favourite demon on the show, but if it gets Jared onto this list, I guess I can let it slide.

22: Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore (X-Men: First Class)
I haven’t seen her in this role, but I liked her in Californication. The girl does come from an amazing gene pool, so it’s not hard to see why she’s hot.

21: Tom Welling as Clark Kent (Smallville)
I am one of those nerds who stuck with this show long after it had jumped the shark and then, arguably, jumped it again. I loved Tom Welling in the role. He (and Erica Durance) were the reasons I just kept coming back for more. And as for sexy, hell yes.

20: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)
She does nothing for me in this role, but she was magnificent as Rosalind in As You Like It. She made Shakespeare hot.

19: Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen (The Twilight Saga)
Going in, I knew that Twilight would be well represented. This addition surprised me. He doesn’t have a lot of screen time at all, but he does have some good moments. Is he sexy? Yes, but with reservations.

18: Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)
Only 18th? I love Katherine and you’ve got to respect any woman that can make both Salvatore brothers fall in love with you so much they become vampires. It takes a certain something to look hot in a hoop skirt. Vivien Leigh did it first; Nina Dobrev does it best.

17: Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore and Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
Tied? What a cop-out. I was actually interested to see whom they would choose as further up the list. Two things to say about this. First, both should be much higher up the list than 17th. Second, I am Team Damon all the way. I have a thing for the bad boys.

16: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham (Fringe)
I was really pleased to see Anna on the list. As the show is not all that popular, I thought she might easily be overlooked. Normally, we see her in her FBI suit or the jumpsuit, but when she puts on the glam – definitely belongs on the hot list.

15: Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern (The Green Lantern)
This film was so universally panned by the critics that I gave it a miss. Ryan Reynolds is cute enough, but a bit high on this list for my taste. Obviously, a lot of the world disagrees with me because he was the Sexiest Man Alive in 2010.

14: Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen (The Twilight Saga)
The BFF has to be on here somewhere. She does nothing for me, but I have a male friend who thinks she is the hottest thing going.

13: Summer Glau as River Tam (Firefly) and Cameron Phillips (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Yes! No other woman has ever made kicking ass look so sexy.

12: Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton (True Blood)
I’m a fan, although I prefer his natural English accent to his Southern accent. I wouldn’t really call him sexy, more handsome in a laid back kind of way.

11: January Jones as Emma Frost (X-Men: First Class)
I haven’t see the film, so can’t judge her on this role. Loved her in Mad Men where I thought she underplayed beautifully how sexy she is.

10: Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)
First name on the list where I have absolutely no idea who he is. I even checked IMDB and didn’t recognise anything. He looks hot enough on the blurb for this show, so I might have to check out something he’s done. Recommendations?

9: Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux (True Blood)
Oz is too cute; Jacob is too young. Alcide is the first werewolf that ever made me swoon. Very, very sexy. However, in the interest of fairness, we must give an honourable mention to Taylor Kinney as Mason Lockwood (Vampire Diaries).

8: Jason Momoa as Conan (Conan the Barbarian)
In addition to again being completely slated by the critics, I am not a huge fan of 3D, so I gave this one a miss. However, let’s talk Game of Thrones. Dear, dear me. Yes, Khal Drogo belongs on this list.

7: Zoe Saldana as Neytiri (Avatar)
I hated Avatar with a passion usually reserved for brussel sprouts and corned beef. It is impossible for me to see anyone connected with this film as sexy. Call me crazy, but wild eyes and blue skin do nothing for me.

6: Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black (The Twilight Saga)
I expected this entry to be number two. Interesting. I actually liked the character of Jacob best in the first film – the goofy, dorky best friend. I’ve become less impressed with him in the sequels. Is he sexy? Well, when I went to see Eclipse, there is the scene where is leaning up against the car without his shirt. The audience started to laugh. Not a good sign, I would wager.

5: Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman (True Blood)
Remember what I said about the bad boys? How could I possibly resist a bad boy who is 1,000 years old yet still looks like this. Sigh…

4: Kate Beckinsale as Selene (Underworld)
For a film that was so bad, it’s hard to believe they made more. However, Kate is always beautiful so I can imagine that she looked quite hot in black leather.

3: Chris Helmsworth as Thor (Thor)
I went to see this because I will watch anything Natalie Portman is in (it took a while, but I have forgiven her for Black Swan). Plus, the rest of the cast was an amazing amalgamation of great actors – Anthony Hopkins in an action flick? Had to be checked out. Was it worth the money? God yes, but only because I could stare at The Thunder from Down Under. Chris is a god (see what I did there?).

2: Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
She has every supernatural being in Bon Temps banging down her door. Need I say more? The girl is hot.

1: Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen (The Twilight Saga)
What a shock. Didn’t see that one coming at all. I enjoyed the books, but the feminist in me had a difficult time with the character of Edward. So, I was rather inclined to not like anyone who played the role. I’m afraid that Robert Pattinson does absolutely nothing for me – even in the other films of his that I have seen.

There you have it.

Would this be my list? Not by a long shot. Way too much Twilight, but I’m glad True Blood was so well represented.

As for the ones who made the list, Tom Welling and Ian Somerhalder would be much higher up the list than they are. And Robert Pattinson would either be much lower or not on it at all.

Now, for the ones who didn’t make the list at all. Let’s start with Supernatural. How they can include Jared and not Jensen Ackles is beyond me. Granted, the former was shoehorned in with his wife, but still. Team Dean! And, if we want sexy demons, how about Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, Mark Sheppard as Crowley or (be still my heart) Sebastian Roche as Zachariah.

Let’s move on to Buffy and Angel where we would have been spoiled for choice. There were so many brilliant characters over the twelve series that we could almost create a top 25 just for that universe. My choice for number one on that list? Too easy - Spike. We're back to the bad boys.

Finally, I know that he wasn’t supernatural in Firefly, but he certainly was in Buffy. Nathan Fillion – the sexiest man alive.

What do you think? Did they (or I) get it right or did they (or I) get it wrong? Who is in the wrong place on the list? Who should be on the list that isn't? Sound off below.


  1. Hey, Chris. Interesting list. I see you had the same reaction to me on first hearing Chris Evans' name. I also wondered what that ginger guy was doing acting.

    I'd also add Claire Holt (Rebekah, Vampire Diaries), Julie Benz (Darla, Buffy), and David Boreanaz (Angel) to the list.

    You obviously weren't in the same theatre as me watching Eclipse. Mine was full of screaming adolescents. Ten minutes in I wondered what I was even doing there. Then I remembered someone had made me go. I now don't speak to that person. They're dead to me ;o)

  2. My list would definitely include someone from Battlestar Galactica (Number 6, Boomer, Starbuck - take your pick). Also, and I can't stress this enough: Claudia from Warehouse 13. (I know that she's technically not supernatural, but neither is the Green Lantern. He's just using an artifact that makes him supernatural. Claudia's used a lot of those.) And last but not least: River Song from Dr. Who. I know a lot of people don't like the character, but for me Alex Kingston is hotness personified.

  3. I've gotta wonder if there were timeframe restrictions on this list. You can certainly go back into the history, even just a little bit, and find a plethora of sexy supernatural/alien creatures. Six and Boomer from Battlestar Galactica (if Cameron the robot counts, they can count), Sil from Species, Jean Grey, Mystique, and Wolverine from the original X-Men movies, and countless examples from Buffy and Angel, as you note Chris. And many, many more.

    Even their picks from the recent stuff are questionable. I can't even fathom how they could choose Zoe Kravitz and January Jones over the incredibly sexy Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (or Michael Fassbender as Magneto). She's simply stunning, and has a much, much more interesting character in that movie. And I don't even watch Vampire Diaries, but I know that Nina Dobrev should be much, much higher than #18. At least they managed to put Selene in the Top Ten.

    Ah well, if nothing else, the list gives us an excuse to discuss our own sexy favorites, eh? Love your reasoning for including Claudia, Michal!

  4. Edward Cullen? Ugh. I prefer Nathan Filion any day. Also Fassbender as Magneto gets my vote. James Marsters as Spike, Number Six from Battlestar and Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/iron man..he's a super hero so he counts..powers or not. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow too. Mark Sheppard as anything anywhere..I could go on.Nina Dobrev is way too low as Katherine..Bleh,

  5. The Addams Family are supernaturals right? Morticia then. Both Carolyn Jones and Anjelica Huston are smoking hot.

  6. I absolutely agree more with you than with the official list!

    Great article, Chris.

  7. Oh, and if you want to go with current supernatural creatures, what about Bo and Dyson from Lost Girl? He's a fine looking wolf, and she's hot as hell (which helps when you are a succubus). They had an episode recently that I really didn't like for the most part, but it had this fantastic shot of Bo from the backside (fully clothed). The hubby and I were still commenting on her very shapely posterior several days later. That one shot really made the episode for us. (Yes, we can be horribly superficial at times.)

  8. Oh I nominate Hale and Kenzi from Lost Girl also..Hale has a torso that's not to be believed..Kenzi's human but she still counts right?

  9. SFX did a very fun 200 Sexist Characters In Sci-Fi & Fantasy poll a few months back. It's worth checking out just for the amusing way the men and women in the list are paired up (Sydney Bristow and Tyrion Lannister? Yep, I ship it).


  10. Mark -- how much fun is that?? I laughed out loud a couple of times. The Buffy/Spike pairing had to be a fix.

    But any poll that lists Damon Salvatore as number one is all right by me.

  11. Definitely a fun list, Mark. I loved the diversity. It was great to see some older shows/characters getting their due. And even different versions of the same characters got recognized!

    That said, Selene was way too low, and how can you possibly list any woman on Firefly as sexier than Zoe? She's freaking Gina Torres, y'all! :)

    The #3 pairing cracked me up! The notion of those two as a couple is hilarious.

  12. There is a lot of people they left off that list, and I'm sick of Twilight. I've always had a passion for Kristin Bauer's Pam. Deborah Ann Woll's Jessica gets all the attention from the males, but I've always been a Pam shipper. Another honerable mention is Alexandra Breckenridge from AHS.

  13. Oh my...No way is Robert Pattinson hotter than Alexander Skarsgard. I would replace some of the guys on this list for example with Julian McMahon, Victor Webster or Drew Fuller from Charmed (if older series are allowed).

  14. I can't help but notice that no characters from a British tv show or movie were included

  15. You should check out the link that Mark Greig posted. That one is better, though I feel it reeked of too much TVD, especially Nina being listed twice. Even the commenters of that site agree. At least they give Pam some respect, and paired her with Jon Snow, the ladies man of GoT. I ship it.

  16. Does anyone else think Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy should be in there? Personally I would put her in Number 1, Nina Dobrev second and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique Number 3! And Number 4 Ian as Damon, cuz even if I'm a guy I can tell he's very good-looking. What do you think?

  17. Well, you're right that Nina Dobrev should've been top 3 John!

    Joe Manganiello would've been 2, and the Salvatore brothers should've won. I actually vastly prefer Stefan, but I know Damon tends to get the bosoms heaving for most people. Eric from True Blood also should've been higher!

    I guess that was a list of shows that are on air currently, and that's why Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse and BSG didn't get on it? Boo.

    My top five supernatural pin-ups would be
    1. Stefan Salvatore, Vampire Diaries
    2. Angel (remember back when he had abs?)
    3. Matt, Vampire Diaries
    4. Alcide Herveaux, True Blood
    5. Eric Northman, True Blood

    Honorable mention for Jacob, Twilight (people tell me I look like him!)

  18. Harry, is that because you take your shirt off a lot? :D

  19. Hehe I am sure that's a part of it Matthew :) one day I'll have his abs too, when I change my diet to replace chocolate with dust!

  20. Would supernaturals include wizards? Because you have got to have Emma Watson up there.

  21. I ADORE Joe Manganiello. Oh so hot. And Chris Hemsworth. And Chris Evans. Clearly, I have a thing for guys with ridiculously wide shoulders and giant arms. Speaking of, where is David Boreanaz on this list? Geez. Granted, he's not aging particularly well, but circa Season Four of Angel? Holy crap.

    On the girlie front: January Jones? She looks like an angry porcelain doll. Totally agree about Deborah Ann Woll. She's pretty in a real person sort of way. Nina Dobrev is ridiculously gorgeous.

    Also, they really should had more clearly defined "Supernaturals." Their definition seems to be more than a little broad.

    PS. ChrisB - R Patz does nothing for me either. I sort of get the appeal but he is not my type at all. Also, how can you not like Black Swan?!

  22. sunbunny -- I know it makes me odd, but I loathed Black Swan. I didn't connect with the characters at all and was bored by it. I admit it again, odd.


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