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Breaking Bad: Green Light

Saul: "It's a cruel world, Walt. Grow up."

Was this episode about inappropriate behavior?

Walt doesn't usually amuse me, but throwing the potted tree at Ted and attacking Saul made me laugh out loud. He followed it up with making a pass at his boss, the school principal, and winding up (and deservedly so) on a permanent sabbatical. And yet, it wasn't "funny" funny; it was sort of disturbing, that Walt is losing control, or more accurately, letting go, of even his basic social skills. His pass at Carmen actually made me shudder.

In the meantime, Gus Fring functioned much like a fairy godfather, keeping Walt alive and making certain Skyler didn't go to the police. Gus certainly wasn't doing it because he likes Walt. He wants the maestro chef back and working, and he was even checking out Walt's medical records with longevity in mind. Clever of him to have his minion literally throw money at Walt. What can Walt do? Return it? Walt has no idea how close he was to death. Or how close he is, since there's a chalked scythe still on the cement in front of his house.

Jesse, who was apparently so broke that he couldn't buy gas, made a huge mistake trading his own version of the blue stuff. Hank is now hot on Jesse's trail, mostly because he's desperate to get out of being assigned to El Paso, home of exploding turtles. Which is exactly what Gomez said, and Hank treated him like garbage. Gomez is pretty sharp. He knew exactly what was going on with Hank, even though Hank refused to admit it. Gomez was also correct about the new blue being a knock-off, not the real thing.

Skyler's affair with Ted has made everyone at her workplace hate her. I'd say she deserved it, but I'm actually sort of with Skyler on this one. She's stuck with Walt, who is playing super dirty, and she's striking back the only way she knows how. Not that I think Ted is good for her, when he is so obviously a dishonest jerk.

The last scene consisted of Walt sitting in front of a green light, holding a whole lot of money. I don't think the symbolism could be more obvious. I keep expecting Walt to go back to cooking, because let's face it, it's inevitable.


-- Walt put his box of personal items on the roof of Jesse's car, and it fell off when Jesse drove away angry, breaking the framed photo of the White family.

-- Jesse's RV was spotted because of a camera in an ATM. Those ATMs just have it out for Jesse.

And pieces:

-- Jesse was so calm and collected when the state police came up behind him in the Big Chief convenience store. Maybe Jesse just doesn't care any more.

-- Saul has his own supply of neck braces, in assorted sizes. And he's putting together a class action suit for victims of Walt's plane crash.

-- Walt turned off a news report that Jane's father, Donald Margolis, tried to kill himself. Poor guy. (Donald, not Walt. I've completely lost sympathy for Walt.)

-- Gus: "He will live for the foreseeable future, yes?" Mike: "Foreseeable. Couple of years at least, barring acts of God and men with axes."

Three out of four axes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. Hank is really good at his job. I like him. I feel so bad for Junior. And Skyler. Not Walt. Walt is not a good person. He gets a frowny face --> :(


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