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Doux News: June 10, 2012

This week, not a whole lot going on, but here you go: Falling Skies gets a talk show -- Lost Girl gets a third season -- Television Critics Association award nominees -- A science fiction icon rips on three other science fiction icons -- Presented without (much) comment

I don't love summer. I grew up on an island that was a tourist attraction and for me growing up, summer was when the nuts came and my mom had to work five times harder. But summer means other things to me now.

Writing break! And my thanks to Jess Lynde and Josie Kafka for doing such a great job covering Doux News for the past three weeks. Okay, so I'm still working on Breaking Bad because the fifth season is coming, so not a complete writing break. But there was more than a week there where I didn't write anything!

Summer shows! The bloody, sexy and often outrageous True Blood returns tonight, and of course, I'm reviewing it. Alphas, Warehouse 13 and Breaking Bad return in July, and we're posting a ton of retro reviews to keep them company.


Falling Skies gets a talk show

The second season of Falling Skies starts next week, Sunday, July 17, and we'll be covering it. The reception to Falling Skies by the geek community has been varied, with a lot of sci-fi fans loving it and an almost equal number hating it.

Interestingly, the success of The Talking Dead, a wonderful little talk show that AMC aired after The Walking Dead, has inspired the powers that be to create a similar talk show for Falling Skies. Wil Wheaton will be hosting. I absolutely love The Talking Dead, hosted by ubergeek Chris Hardwick; it's not only hilarious, but they also talk intelligently about some of the serious themes of the show. Wheaton has a lot to live up to, and I wish him the best.

Lost Girl gets a third season

I was happy to hear that Lost Girl, our favorite succubus, is getting a third season of 13 episodes that will air on Syfy in January, 2013. Although isn't the situation not exactly that? I think it's an announcement that Lost Girl, a Canadian series that is getting a third season, anyway, will also be airing on Syfy?

At any rate, we're getting more Lost Girl here in the states, and that's a good thing.

Television Critics Association award nominees

The Television Critics Association award nominations have been announced, and a lots of our favorites are there. In fact, just one -- "Individual Achievement in Drama" -- pits the stars of four of our favorite shows against each other: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and Jessica Lange (American Horror Story). Other categories of note:

-- "Outstanding New Program" includes Revenge;

-- "Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials" includes Sherlock;

-- "Outstanding Achievement in Drama" includes Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Justified and Mad Men;

-- "Outstanding Achievement in Comedy" includes our favorite twisted sitcom, Community;

-- "Program of the Year" includes Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Mad Men;

and... get this...

-- The "Heritage Award" includes Lost, Star Trek and Twin Peaks!

What's a "Heritage Award"? I can guess that it's probably a show that gets credit for being an enduring classic? Anybody know?

Full list of nominees here.

The Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see if the list is at all similar.

A science fiction icon trashes three other science fiction icons

This week, Blastr posted a piece on sci-fi icon Malcolm McDowell. I've always been fond of McDowell, mostly for his starring role in the classic film, A Clockwork Orange and because he tends to show up in guest spots in shows that I enjoy. (He just showed up in a show I've only recently started getting into, The Mentalist.)

Apparently (I haven't watched the entire interview, but Dan did) McDowell talked some trash about The Avengers and Star Trek. Hey, I can completely get behind his pride in being the one to take out Captain Kirk, but I'm a bit less understanding when it comes to Joss Whedon and Patrick Stewart. Buffy is my favorite show of all time, and I had a monster crush on Patrick Stewart for years. Hey, if he had to trash something he's worked on, what about Heroes?

Presented without (much) comment

Since there wasn't all that much news to relate, I thought I'd re-post three photos I saw and loved this week:

1. A summit of captains.

2. The star of one of my current favorite shows, holding something the same way he holds a football.

3. The star of one of my current favorite shows, talking about one of his passions, environmental issues, with someone important.

That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. Wil Wheaten! [girlish squeal] I still have a little crush on him from The Next Generation. Have you all seen the episodes of The Big Bang Theory where he plays himself? Quite funny.

    The pictures have prompted me to comment on something I've thought for a couple of years now, so I just have to put it out there: Does anyone else think Barack Obama is our first president who also seems like he could have been an Enterprise captain in another universe? Just saying.


  2. KAM - Your Obama comment made my day, especially on such a bad news day.

  3. Oooooohh my God, Jared and his baby are soooooo adoooorable!!!!

    (This comment brought to you by the letter O)

  4. Malcolm McDowell lost the right to criticise others when he agreed to star in Rob Zombie's Halloween films. I've never liked him - he's almost as irritating as Eric Roberts.

    More Dexter casting news - Katia Winter and Matt Gerald will have recurring roles. Callista Flockhart and Jason Gedrick will also appear.

  5. Billie, I love the site and have been reading your reviews since Buffy was still on the air. Any plans to review Teen Wolf? I know the MTV thing is scary, but it's actually quite good with a well developed mythology.


  6. Hi, Adam: The only episode of Teen Wolf I've seen was the pilot. If it got good, certainly, it's a possibility. It's not really on my radar, though.


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