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Alphas: Rosetta

Red Flag: “True neurodiversity cannot be limited by their small minds.”

This show does not screw around. We are only at episode four and I am attached to the Alpha team and they have a “terrorist” antagonist headed by an Alpha that can speak any language and run a movement while looking helpless. Anna played into Rosen’s ableist assumptions about people who look different than what we call the “norm”. And unfortunately, the “normal” humans are also playing out our xenophobia and trying any way we can to wipe the Alphas out of existence. Creating a drug to suppress the birth of Alphas is genetic cleansing, and as usual we end up creating what we fear: that is, Alphas who are at war with “normal” humans. It appears that they have little other choice.

This Week’s Superpower

You’ve got to love the breadth of superpowers that the writers keep coming up with. I particularly like how they have managed to scientifically explain these powers as amped-up extensions of things that people are already capable of. The first superpower was Perlich with his wide ranging ability to sense danger. It was cool watching the hair stand up on his arm. Milos Kosar can control static electricity, and anyone who has rubbed their feet on a carpet to shock their sibling knows about this ability. Anna has severe apraxia, which means that she has difficulty with speech and some motor skills, but she can understand any language and has created one of her own. Oh, and she is super brilliant with computers (another language really). I quite liked Anna and her push for independence. That is until she hurt Gary. Gary is my favourite.

The Alpha Team

Our Alpha team is really coming along and learning how to work together. Rachel is still a bit awkward and Nina is not keen on “babysitting” Gary, but they pull together to deal with what they perceive as the threats against them. They are all concerned for Gary when they find out who Anna really is and they are willing to do whatever they need to do to help him. Gary was central in this episode. I loved his relationship with Anna and his push for independence at her urging. I felt for Sandra, Gary’s mom, who has had to care for him and rightfully worries about him "on the job." It was a bit creepy how Rosen used his charm to get Sandra to back down around Gary’s work hours. I was also disturbed by Rosen’s insistence that they not watch the Red Flag video. What is he afraid of? The team also has a new handler - Sullivan. She seems to be a bit smarter than Wilson and is aware that everyone is safest when Rosen calls the shots for his team.

Bits and Pieces

Nina can hear heartbeats if she concentrates. Quite useful for locating people. I wouldn’t have thought of this. It must be very distracting.

This show has some really great music. The song for the chase scene was TV on the Radio, “Wolf Like Me.”


Bill: “Do I look like I don’t know what I’m doing?” Bill still really wants to go back to being an FBI agent. I’m not sure why.

Dr. Rosen: “She’s a virtual Rosetta Stone. She's a living breathing universal language translator.”

Nina: “Hey Gary, you working in there?”
Gary: “No, I’m talking to Anna about myself. She thinks that I’m amazing.”
Nina: “I do too, Gary. Just get back to work.”

Bill: “You know what I would love to see?”
Cameron: “Unicorns sliding down a rainbow?”

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