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Community: Debate 109

“This is wrinkling my brain.”

Is man good? Is he inherently evil? Is Abed a prescient witchy wizard or a Middle Eastern magic eight ball? Is that even how a debate works? Community just won’t stop with the big questions, many of which have likely already been answered by Abed in an alternate version of the future.

Abed’s soothsaying abilities are 100% awesome. Remember how he was little more than a twitchy bundle of Aspergerisms back in the pilot? Now he’s become a far more fascinating character—one who is such a student of human nature that he can anticipate entire plots weeks before they even happen.

He foresees Jeff and Annie “locking lips,” and that’s not as shocking as Shirley thinks. Jeff didn’t care about debate until Jeremy “Soul Patch” Simmons insulted Annie. It’s great to see Jeff moving away from Britta. He still wants to sleep with her, but is more attracted (beyond the “base animal desire”) to Annie, despite their age difference. And that age difference always reminds me of Giles’s speech to Wesley: “She’s over eighteen, man, and you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone.”

If Community has a Giles, it’s not Pierce or Dean Pelton. It’s Professor Whitman, whose appearances tend to get Jeff some delightful smoochies, first with Britta in “Introduction to Film” and now with Annie, who used Jeff’s inherent horniness to prove that man is evil and win the debate. Is man evil? Probably not. But man—and woman—sure does love a good complicated love triangle.

Abed probably knew all that was going to happen in exactly the way it did, of course. So now we’re stuck waiting for the inevitable werewolf episode.

Mark Says...

Awww, Jeff and Annie.

That is all.

Okay, I should probably write more. It is safe to say I am a little obsessive when it comes to m'lord and m'lady. Not as obsessive as I am about Myka and H.G. on Warehouse 13, but it is pretty close. It's entirely their own fault. How was I not supposed to ship them? Look how cute they are together.

I know it is something that bothers other people, but I don't really have a problem with the age difference. Buffy, Bella Swan and Elena Gilbert were all younger than Annie when they started dating men so old they would have considered their grandmothers to be jail bait. If a centuries-old vampire dating/stalking a teenage girl can be considered a great love story in this day and age, then I don't see why Annie and Jeff can't get together.

Cool Cool Cool:

• Jeff: “I’m saying this as your friend: you really need to start smoking again.”

• Pierce: “By the way, Jeff, I think your shirt’s trying to come out of your pants.”

• Prof. Whitman: “By Zeus, what sort of jackassery is this?”

• Chevy Chase has more or less made a career of falling down, hasn’t he?

Three out of four tiny, tiny trophies. (Did you see it?)

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. I LOVE this episode. Mostly because, well, Jeff and Annie. 'Just pat me.'

    I also love Abed's divinatory powers, so much that I choose to ignore the niggling thought that surely, if he has a disorder that makes it hard for him to understand other people's emotions, he wouldn't be able to predict actions based on character that accurately? But I know nothing about that sort of disorder and also, it's Community. And it's an awesome plotline. (I choose to assume Shirley was chased by a zombie werewolf at some point during 'Epidemiology').

  2. Chevy Chase has more or less made a career of falling down, hasn’t he?

    Yes. He's been doing pratfalls since his days as one of the first cast members of SNL. In fact, when he fell into the instruments, I was instantly transported back to the Saturday nights of my youth.

    Is it possible to not like this episode? Abed as soothsayer is fantastic. Loved the "doubles" he found to act in his film. Even better is Annie and Jeff as a couple -- way too cute!


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