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Roswell: Blind Date

“Why would you invest in something that you know isn’t going to work out?”

Light on plot, heavy on filler, 'Blind Date' succumbs a little too much to its teen genre roots, favouring disposable filler over substantial serial developments. As an episode that stands against the previous few weeks, which have been consistently decent, it fails to keep the ball rolling, but a sharp script helps to keep things afloat.

Season one is famed for its down to earth storytelling, opting out of a sci-fi heavy narrative, instead focusing on its characters, and the relationships they share. Most of the time, this works, but a backdrop of some mystery and greater purpose helps hold it together. 'Blind Date' tries too hard to straddle on one side of the fence, and it suffers for it. It’s the bantery fun between our established characters that feels like it’s grown and matured since the awkwardness of the pilot that saves it from becoming a bland mess.

Pretty much everything 'Blind Date' related sucked big time. I couldn’t care less about this mysterious stranger, and that really creepy radio DJ. Max and Kyle were fun to watch drinking themselves into a stupor, but never enough to salvage the weakness of the episode’s central plot. Michael and Isabel’s search for Nasedo is interesting, and though it’s the final scene that seems the most important part of their public vandalism side-plot, it’s the subtle moments they share that make it the episode’s strongest part.

Majandra Delfino’s lovely voice aside, too much of 'Blind Date' becomes a little hard to digest, and crosses a line into monotony that slides it in with all of the other faceless teen dramas that float in and out of network TV over the years.


That was quite a media circus for such a small scale local radio event. I guess they didn’t have cable.

He Said, She Said

Radio DJ: “We’re gonna find you that dream man you’ve been searching for. What’s running through your mind right now, Liz?”
Liz: “Yeah, nothing I can say on live radio.”

Alex: “What’s wrong with “The Whits”?”
Maria: “Just an ‘s’ away from what you really are...”

Max: “It’s all just magic when I think about you.”

Michael: “Nasedo is the only one we have.”
Isabel: “You have us, isn’t that enough?”

2 out of 4 Whits

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  1. That was quite a media circus for such a small scale local radio event. I guess they didn’t have cable. Hilarious! This made me laugh out loud.

    I found my feminist side reacting to this episode. I'm getting a bit weary of Liz constantly setting herself up to be hurt by Max and Max refusing to man up -- one way or the other. A much weaker episode than I have come to expect from this series.


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