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Threshold: Alienville

“I want my baby! Where’s my baby?! I want my baby!”

Well, here we are: the series finale of a cancelled show. Never a happy thing, especially when, as with Threshold, the showrunners weren’t given enough time to wrap up any of the important things. Like, for instance, the alien invasion. As a season finale, “Alienville” is promising. As a series finale, it’s unsatisfying.

It does start with a bang, though. Not Caffrey’s speech, but the first view of Allenville and the woman sticking the dead body in the wood chipper. (Who doesn’t like a good Fargo reference?) Allenville has been overtaken by aliens, so Molly and Cavennaugh have to fight their way out of the universe’s creepiest, most protein-rich small town.

I don’t really understand what was going on in Allenville. Everyone was infected, and they could sense that Molly and Cavennaugh were, too, because of their elevated theta waves. So why not be more open about it? Just because it would ruin the pod-people creep factor? Regardless, the showdown with the townfolk was fun: I expected them to have pitchforks, although I guess that would have been too on-the-nose. Molly and Cavennaugh have, for now, prevented the aliens from taking over the world…this week, at least. The infected tomatoes are clearly leading to a large-scale infection, which would have made for an exciting second season.

While I may not love the main plot, the secondary plot back at the lab shows just how great this show might have been: pure B-movie, delightful schlock. Libby running through the halls with the gigantic titanium cuffs, screaming about her baby as red emergency lights flash? Perfect in every way. Ramsey and Lucas playing daddies? Even better. As a bonus, Ramsey got a moment of redemption, faking out both us and Libby to keep the little baby safe.

Satisfying? It depends. No one reading these reviews expects a second season, which means you do expect an unfinished product. Threshold was never high art, or even A+ TV. But it’s fun, wacky, off-kilter popcorn viewing. And that’s good enough for me.


• Fenway: “Take him to the S&M lab.” They should have thought of a better name.

• Ramsey’s twin sister had three kids before age 19. And Lucas was adopted. But that’s an Oprah for another day.

• That was a lot of steak.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)

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