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Threshold: Progeny

“To think in the 50s we were afraid of little green men.”

Three seemingly-unrelated women, all infected—and one of them has billions of dollars at her disposal. On the one hand, we should be happy that infectees only pop once a week. On the other hand, aliens with funding for R&D can’t be a great idea. Especially not when infectee-pregnancy is on the line.

In keeping with the theme that infectees stick with what they know, the sperm-bank delivery system was a fun idea, although I still want to see more infected food. (Yes, it grosses me out. But it’s such an effective way of transmitting the virus!)

Nonetheless, alien babies are a great SF staple. I think it comes from a general male lack of comfort with the idea of a tiny human growing inside of a larger human. My little brother once described it as, “a parasite, basically, if you really think about it.” A hidden, energy-sucking parasite that’s going to pop out screaming and begging for a binky is—for some people—horrifying enough. Most of the time, we get over the horror because we’re so enamored of their big spacey eyes and tiny, tiny toes. But an alien baby might not have those charms.

Threshold went to an exciting place with Libby’s alien baby, and keeping her in the lab means she, and the baby, will probably become an important plot point in the near future. Threshold sidestepped some of the ethical ramifications of abortion, though: Fenway raised the issue, but it wasn’t even shot down. It was just deferred and ignored. What’s the ethical protocol for something like that? They are holding Libby against her will, and the baby could be evil. But it might not be—for that reason, I’m with Molly: wait for the amnio.

I’m still not a big Cavennaugh fan, and Elizabeth Berkeley’s acting skills have really gone downhill since Saved by the Bell, so the attempt to create sexual tension between Cavennaugh and Elizabeth Berkeley was less interesting to me. Carla Gugino did look super-hot in her red dress, though. Does it matter that it was the same color as Elizabeth Berkeley’s red dress from Cavennaugh’s dream? Probably not.


• Elizabeth Berkeley in the sexy red dress was like a half-price Six from BSG.

• Fenway did a great job pretending to be Dr. Wrigley, FBI. And an even better job with the weird lie about a kosher ambulance. “I miss NASA,” he said. Indeed.

• Sanford was recruited from Georgetown. He had a high sperm count. Does Georgetown keep those sorts of records on its students?

• New possible cast member: Lucas’s lab assistant.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)

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