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Threshold is CBS's 2005 attempt to capitalize on the Lost craze, with mixed results. While ratings were low and only nine of the thirteen produced episodes ever aired, Threshold is a solid if unexceptional genre show with a first-rate cast that includes Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner, Rob Benedict, Peter Dinklage, and Charles S. Dutton. And who doesn't love an alien invasion... without any aliens?


1.1 Trees Made of Glass, Part 1
1.2 Trees Made of Glass, Part 2
1.3 Blood of the Children
1.4 The Burning
1.5 Shock
1.6 Pulse
1.7 The Order
1.8 Revelations
1.9 Progeny
1.10 The Crossing
1.11 Outbreak
1.12 Vigilante
1.13 Alienville


Billie's review of the pilot


Carla Gugino (Molly Caffrey)
Brian Van Holt (Sean Cavennaugh)
Brent Spiner (Nigel Fenway)
Rob Benedict (Lucas Pegg)
Peter Dinklage (Arthur Ramsey)
Charles S. Dutton (J.T. Baylock)