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Lost Girl: Truth and Consequences

Kenzi: "Maybe someday things will be different. I'll be able to have a normal life. But right now, this is the life that I choose."

Wow, that was an intense episode. It might have been the best episode of the series, but because the tone was so different I don't know if I should give it that honor. Lost Girl didn't do that well wrapping up their arc last season. The stuff with Bo's mom felt a little silly, which was a shame considering how well they built it up. This season's Garuda plot seems to be shaping up to be far better. With only a few episodes left in the season, I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Poor Lauren. She's been struggling with Nadia coming back for a while now. It was clear she loved her, but was torn about it because of her feelings for Bo. That inner struggle came to a head in the most devastating way possible here, and I was blown away by how it culminated in that horrible moment where both Nadia and Lauren asked Bo to kill Nadia. I guess they really can do tragedy on this show properly. I shouldn't be surprised considering it makes me laugh on a regular basis, and comedy is hard.

If the Lauren plot was the only thing in this episode it would've been good, but all the plots were equally awesome. Bo's mission to kill or capture a powerful Light Fae politician was fascinating. She was initially captivated by the Glaive's position on the power of Fae women. The Glaive complimented Bo, and made her feel important. It wasn't until Bo was reassured by Trick that the Glaive was not what she seemed, that she finally took action.

That entire plot was a set up for the final confrontation with Nadia. Bo refused to kill the Glaive, and that same morality made her actions that much more powerful. Killing Nadia must've been incredibly difficult, but all the complicated fallout from that action will likely be worse for Bo. Can Lauren forgive her? Were Bo's actions entirely noble? Or was there a part of her that wanted to get Nadia out of the way? How wonderfully layered.

Then we have Kenzi, and her heart wrenching decision to break up with Nate. I never once thought she would go off in the sunset with him, but watching her go through that realization was still tough. Kenzi and Bo's love for each other really is at the level of family. They are sisters in nearly every sense of the word, except of course for blood. Having both Trick and Bo reinforce that by trying to push her to safety made Kenzi's decision even more powerful. She chose to live by Bo's side, even if it wasn't the human thing to do.


When Nadia was using that big knife to cut up the cantaloupe I kept thinking she was going to turn and stab Lauren. It was interesting foreshadowing.

Nadia attacking Lauren in the shower was almost a shot for shot remake of the same scene in the movie Psycho. Although it ends somewhat differently.

I did like the Hale subplot quite a bit, but it wasn't as significant to the episode. It's about time that the Ash and Trick were on the same page.

I like the fact that Fae women have always been considered equals in Fae society.

The picture note to Kenzi from Nate was really sweet, and slightly creepy.

They reinforced the fact that Bo and Kenzi (and Hale) know that Trick is the Blood King. Did the former Ash know? I can't remember if they mentioned that. It does drive home the idea that it is very privileged information.

I loved the Pixie Impaler.

Wood Nymphs have two hearts. Was that a fact we learned in a previous episode?

I loved Bo using her Succubus power on that Glaive guard like a Vulcan neck pinch.


Bo: "You remember your old drinking pal Tori?"
Kenzi: "The high maintenance, low tolerance for alcohol, projectile vomiting telepath Tori?"

Bo: "The Glaive is a telepath. Trick gave me this pill, it's some kind of Fae beta-blocker for brain waves."
Kenzi: "Like Magneto's helmet, that's so cool!"

Kenzi: "I've been thinking about it, and I've come up with a fool proof plan. Okay, I'm gonna do surveillance on the Glaive for a few days. Check out her habits, her route to work, and then for a measly hundred bucks, my cousin Dema and his Cappos are gonna..."
Bo: "Dema has Cappos?"
Kenzi: "He believes Don Corleone is his real father."
Bo: "He does know that Don Corleone is a fictional character right?"
Kenzi: "I've never had the heart to tell him."

Hale: "No one tells me anything."

Kenzi: "Just cause we don't have solid walls, don't mean we don't have style."

Bo: "Kenzi, I love you. But you have to go away from here, away from me."

What a great and tragic end to Nadia. I haven't been too thrilled with the Nadia triangle plot, but the way it ended was fantastic. I loved this episode, because it was so different from the norm, and it has set up what I hope will be a great final arc for the season.

4 out of 4 Things that Kenzi shouldn't touch in Trick's office.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. I never, ever would have guessed that Lost Girl would make me cry. This episode did.

    Terrific review, J.D.

  2. I agree that the material with Kenzi, and particularly some of the closing moments between Bo and Kenzi were fantastically moving. (I teared up, too.) The core relationship between those two is the heart of the show, and is a huge part of what keeps me coming back for more.

    But I disagree about the overall plot progression this season. It has really felt all over the place, and instead of building towards something, it just feels like they randomly throw things at the wall each week, then see what sticks. This Garuda business doesn't seem coherent or consistent, and I feel like I'm having to do all the heavy-lifting to make sense of it. Lately, I spend the bulk of each episode with my brow furrowed, thinking "Where the heck is this going?" but never really getting any answers.

    As a result, I wasn't particularly moved by the resolution with Nadia at all. I feel a little bad for Lauren, but the final end for Nadia felt rushed and confusing. I just kept wondering, "So is that it? That can't be it. We've got three or four more episodes. So what the hell just happened?" I honestly don't feel like the writers really know. They just wanted Nadia out of the way, and now she is.

    Aaah, well. I enjoy many aspects of Lost Girl, but I don't think it bears up well under critical analysis. It works better for me if I just try to enjoy the character dynamics and don't think about the plot too hard. :)


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