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Teen Wolf: Ice Pick

“There’s always crossfire.”

When a show undertakes an expansion of its primary cast, there’s a cautionary tale to go along with it. Too much energy focused on any new arrivals could mean that the pre-existing, already well established characters will be sidelined, leading to hostile fan reaction, and a resulting drop in quality. In 'Ice Pick', two new secondary characters were brought into the fold, but the success of their introduction lies in this show’s ability to always keep its core cast front and center.

Take Erica’s introduction. This episode gave us just enough information to get the full picture of her transformation, but always kept the spotlight fixed on Scott, and how her admission into Derek’s pack affects him. That’s all we really care about; at least for now. To give new characters a chance to become part of the family, their entrance should be almost staggered, affording viewers the opportunity to get to know them, before they start to steal the spotlight. That’s not to say Erica, Isaac or any of this show’s minor cast will ever be more important than moving parts, but their level of importance was pitch perfect, here, with enough interest generated to keep me invested in their involvement.

Lydia’s mysterious affliction continues to keep a hold on her, with some strange visions of deceased, or maybe not so deceased, Alpha Peter. Though Lydia’s still retained that snarky edge, she’s continuing to flourish under the writers’ renewed attention to her development. Jackson appears to be taking a turn for the worse, though, with his desperation to become a Beta not only causing Lydia more heartbreak, but also putting him in harm’s way. I doubt that he’ll escape any of this unscathed, but judging by how this episode ended, it appears as though he’ll be getting his wish.

The tension I mentioned in last week’s review continues to build here, and Derek’s growing pack makes clear to Scott and Allison that they’re about to be caught right in the middle of a war between wolf and hunters alike. It’s a strong direction to take this show in, as the constant rivalry between the two sides is what this show was based on, but I’m glad that other external forces are being toyed with as well, like that slimy creature from 'Shape Shifted'. It helps to keep things interesting.

4 out of 5 newly transformed hot werewolf chicks


How did Scott sense Erica’s epileptic attack? Is that part of his abilities? I wasn’t too sure about that part...

Being a werewolf doesn’t help with ice skating, apparently.

What’s up with Lydia, though? Did that bite give her some weird connection to Peter? Is he part of her, now?

Scott’s boss finally made a re-appearance since his last run in with Scott and Peter. Looks like we’ll finally get some answers as to who the hell he is.

He Said, She Said

Derek: “What if I told you that all of this could go away? The side effects, the symptoms...all of it. And what if all of those things not only went away, but everything else got even better...”

Allison: “You can’t get caught in the middle of this. Don’t you feel what’s happening? My grandfather coming here, Derek turning Erica and Isaac; it’s like battle lines are being drawn.”
Scott: “I know.”
Allison: “There’s always crossfire.”
Scott: “What am I supposed to do? I can’t just stand by. I can’t pretend to be normal.”
Allison: “I don’t want you to be normal; I want you to be alive.”

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  1. Regarding Scott sensing Ericas attack. Certain dogs can sense when a epileptic attack is ont eh way and warn their master. That is waht I love about this show, the writers use real information and use it in the show. Nice updates on werewolves.

    I thought I was going to hate the new characters in season two but they grow on you.

  2. Panda, do you mean Peter Hale instead of Paul?

    I am completely in love with Isaac and Erica and Boyd, the little puppy pack.

  3. Shoot, I corrected that mistake and didn't save it. Thanks Morgan, nice save =)

    And that's really interesting, Johan. I never got that. It should have been explained a little better for us less intuitive folks ;)

  4. I love what they've done with Lydia this season! Although she's mostly more on the sidelines than in season 1, she's a lot more interesting!

    Can you imagine haaving those freaky visions of the man who attacked you?! YIKES!

  5. The intro to Erica was interesting. We need more female characters on this show. And maybe they're aware of that, since there seems to be some matriarchy going on in the Argent clan.

    Gerard is scary. (The name "Gerard" is so much scarier than "Grandpa", isn't it? Suits him. Calling him "Grandpa" would definitely make him seem more of a lightweight.)


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