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Teen Wolf: Omega

“Yeah, right, ‘cause when it comes to werewolves you’re a real model of self-control.”

There are shows out there that come straight out of the bat, all guns-a-blazing. There are others that emerge with a subtle confidence, never trying harder than they need to in order to draw in an audience. Then there are ones that start out weak, with awkward writing, hard to like characters and only a small flicker of appeal. It’s only in the rarest of cases that these shows develop into something more. The Vampire Diaries did it, and I guess it’s time to add Teen Wolf to that list. There was a certain self-assuredness that developed during the second half of Teen Wolf’s debut season, eventually taking hold during its strangely impressive season finale. Omega solidified that confidence, almost taking it to the next level. Teen Wolf is on, people.

From the first minute you could see that this show had really stepped things up. The excitement and fast pace were almost instant, and like The Vampire Diaries sophomore opener, this premiere had a hell of a lot going on, but managed to balance it so easily, eventually merging all of the plot threads it had introduced by the final few seconds. As a season premiere, it was insanely strong. It took all of our cliff-hangers and gave us the answers we needed almost right away. Though some answers were a link to more questions, it’s hard to deny how excited I am to see where these stories will go next.

One of those cliff-hangers was popular, but secretly and weirdly intelligent, girl Lydia’s fate. Last season she was left with her life hanging in the balance, as a bite from former Alpha Wolf Paul hinted that she might be following in Scott’s footsteps. When the show first started, I wasn’t really sure there was enough of a scope for the show to draw on to keep viewers hooked, like other teen sci-fi’s do, but plots like this one put a lot more credence in Teen Wolf’s mythology, for me.

The Wolf Hunters were always played up as a side-villain, since the Alpha was last season’s real big bad, but the arrival of Gerard Argent (played by Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan), Allison’s grandfather, bringing with him all of daughter Kate’s psycho tendencies, make them the biggest foe these guys have faced so far. It’s hard to like Derek, but when his motives were revealed as a plain case of keeping him and Scott alive we can at least accept him as some kind of an un-willing ally.

I’m still not sold on a few small things, like Dylan O’Brien’s faux awkwardness, and Tyler Hoechlin's one-note performances, but even they weren't too big of an issue (acting classes over the hiatus?). This entire premiere felt very grown up, and oddly dark, and based on the positive fan reaction, it looks like it maintains this vibe for a while. If you're just starting to watch Teen Wolf yourself, and really doubting that it's is for you, hang in there; it's worth it.

4.5 out of 5 chopped up Omegas.


Since Lydia’s still in hospital, I’m guessing only a few days have passed in between the season finale and this premiere, yet Scott appears to have put on 30 pounds of muscle and gotten a haircut. He looks very grown-up.

There’s a cool new set of opening credits to go along with this new season. I miss a good set of opening credits; they’ve gone out of style lately.

An Omega is a wolf without a pack; nether an Alpha or a Beta. The Wolf Hunters favoured killing method for this type of wolf is cutting them in half, same as Derek’s sister.

He Said, She Said

Sheriff Stilinski: “All right, let’s get an APB out on a 16 year-old read-head; any other descriptors?”
Stiles: “5 foot 3, green eyes, fair-skinned, and her hair is actually strawberry blonde.”

Jackson: “If Lydia’s turning, she’s not the one that’s gonna need help."
Scott: “What do you mean?”
Jackson: “God, you’ve got it all backwards, McCall. When I was with Lydia you should have seen the scratch marks she left on me. What do you think she’s gonna do with a set of real claws?”

Scott: “What are they doing?”
Derek: “Declaring war.”

Mr. Argent: “We have a code.”
Gerard: “Not when they murder my daughter. No code; not anymore. From now on these things are just bodies waiting to be cut in half. Are you listening? Because I don’t care if they’re wounded and weak; or seemingly harmless, begging for their life with the promise that they will never, ever hurt anyone; or some desperate, lost soul with no idea what they’re getting into. We find them, we kill them; we kill them all.”

Previously posted at PandaTV.


  1. Oooh! Nice review!

    Good call on Gerard, he definitely freaked me out this season!

    You'll find a couple of bits don't feel right, but otherwise this season is fantastic! They definitely upped the ante! :o)

    I started watching because a) just sounded like a cool idea, and b) MARTOUF!!! :p
    Stuck around because it was a cool idea and they got better and better at it! :o) (and yes, Martouf's blue eyes did help... even though he's on the "bad" side and older and married... *sigh*)

  2. I am a big Teen Wolf fan (thanks largely in part to Tumblr) so I am so so happy that it is finally being reviewed here at BD.

    It is definitely a show that gets better once you push past the first episode of season one. I'm not for the whole Sterek fandom, but Tyler Hoechlin is gorgeous to look at and I simply adore Jackson and Lydia.

    Gerard Argent makes me want to throw things, however.

  3. I tried the pilot and stopped, but now that Panda is reviewing it, I'm giving Teen Wolf another shot. We have another show! Yay!

  4. Nice review, Panda.

    It's great that you guys has finally included Teen Wolf in your roster of reviews.

    Allo, Billie.
    With each episode, you'll grow to love this series.

  5. Wow. we have Teen Wolf at Billies. Who am I to send my firstborn to?

    I began watching Teen Wolf because I have a thing for werewolves and Colton Haynes, also I remember Hoechlin from 7th Heaven but I stayed because of the writing. The writers sure know the orignal tales about werewolves instead of the new ones we got the latest decade. Also love that the werewolves weakness is the Silver's (Argents), not silver.

    To next time Panda.
    Love you.

  6. Nice to see such a positive reaction to the show on here! Can't wait to read your thoughts on the rest of the season, guys. =)

  7. I just watched season one, and I swear I could see it improve, episode by episode. And now, as you said, Panda, it's grown up. As a season opener, this was a wow. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  8. I watched the first half of season one and wasn't all that impressed. But, the show certainly picked up its game in the second half and, by the finale, I was hooked.

    I, too, laughed at Scott's transformation. He certainly aged a great deal in the few days since we saw him last.

    But, that aside, impressive start to the season and I am looking forward to seeing where the writers are going with this.


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