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Alphas: The Devil Will Drag You Under

Dani: “I’m junkie and a liar. This is my chance to do something good.”

Damn. This is not how I wanted it to go down.

I had already guessed that Dani was going to die. I spent the episode expecting it in various ways but hoping that it wasn’t going to happen. It seemed that she was going to get pulled out of the fire. I'm just glad that she got to do something meaningful. She wanted to be redeemed.

And as I said last week, it is now abundantly clear to me that Parrish is evil. Any revolution that involves sacrificing those you love the most is definitely not worth it. I really don’t like zealots. Especially those who are willing to murder millions just because they think they are right. Why would anyone go along with such a plan? (I know, I know there are many examples in history but I’ve never really understood those either.)

This is another blow to the team. It is going to tear Rosen and Cameron apart. Parrish is going to have to be satisfied with that.

This Week’s Superpower

This week’s new superpowers were the ability not only to read someone’s mind but to “tear it open," as well as an ability to read energy patterns. Agnes Walker didn’t seem to enjoy using her power, but she also didn’t hesitate. I’m not sure about the motives of the reader of electricity, but he didn’t seem particularly evil. Perhaps Stanton had told him that the plan was to take down the power.

The Alpha Team

Rosen was already on the edge. I’m thinking that next week we will see him go over it. He managed to survive being incarcerated. He managed to take control of the chess board and go public with Alphas. He even managed to get through being betrayed by his daughter, but not many people survive the loss of a child intact. Cameron has lost the love of his life before he really got a chance to enjoy his happiness. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to alcohol. Gary is already in the shadowy place of taking up Anna’s cause. That leaves Bill, who is addicted to fighting; Nina, who has just gotten back on track; and Rachel, who is possibly booby-trapped by Parrish’s light machine. Our team is in big trouble and they seem to be the only thing between us normals and the Anti-Alphas.

The Anti-Alphas

“Better people, better world?” If Scipio, Dumpy and Kimi are the better people then I’m not sure how Parrish defines a better world. The look on Kimi’s face after she told Hicks to kill himself was awful, she was enjoying it. Agnes seemed to be less happy with the damage she inflicted. She was even willing to let Hicks and Dani go, although I’m not sure why they didn’t just knock her out.

We finally found out Parrish’s plan and his justification for it. I imagine in the 200 years that he has been around he has seen the worst of humanity. He is right in saying that the future looks dire and there are groups of people who believe, and are even hoping for, the collapse of civilization. Parrish’s ideas aren’t as far out as I would like them to be. One would think, though, that a group of super-people would have some capacity to come up with an alternate plan which doesn’t involve murdering a good chunk of the human race. I don’t see any resolution to this battle by the end of the season. Alphas better get renewed!

Bits and Pieces

I enjoyed the bit with Gary and the pudding. He is loosening up. Not only was he eating his pudding at the wrong time, he was willing to give Nina his extra. It was funny when Bill just came in and took it and then ate it without a spoon. Gary wasn’t even upset. He found it amusing.

I couldn’t find voltaic grenades on the internet (except on sci-fi sites). I was happy about that although I’m sure someone is working on them somewhere.

If you had a warehouse of voltaic grenades, wouldn’t you guard them a bit better?

We got our weekly Hicks action sequence and it was awesome as always.

Poor Gary. He finally saves the world and there’s nobody to congratulate him.

Nina trying to push Dani to stay alive was particularly poignant.


Gary: “That’s a theory. It's my theory, which is the best theory, cause it’s the only one.”

Dumpy: “Be careful with those. They’re like the Fourth of July but with dead people.”

Agnes: “I’m the official greeter.”

Parrish: “You’re here because of a slogan?”

Parrish: “The population outstrips the planet’s capacity to provide. Sacrifices must be made. Culling the herd.”
Dani: “Stanton, these sacrifices--you’re talking about killing people. You’re talking about mass murder.”
Parrish: “We do nothing, millions will still die and all that will be left will be ashes. But when we succeed — and we will succeed — an ideal world with resources for all, the human race perfected. Ashes or paradise, which would you choose?”

Why do zealots always have to put things in such categorical terms? It’s most likely to be a mucky, problematic struggle, just as it always is.

Dani: “Just because you believe something for a long time doesn’t make it true.”

Parrish: “She made me doubt. You can’t have that.”

Gary: “I’m busy. I only have two hands.”
Bill: “Busy doing what?”
Gary: “I’m saving the world, Bill.”

Rosen: “Dani, I love you. I love you so very much. Please stay with me.”

Rosen: “Nina, that’s my responsibility. Whatever happens to Cameron or Dani or anyone. It’s my responsibility."
Nina: “You shouldn’t have to carry that alone.”
Rosen: “Yes, I should.”


  1. Knew it was going to happen. Still slayed me when it did.

  2. Ahhh! Spoilers in the first paragraph! I haven't seen this episode yet! :(

  3. Sorry about that. We don't usually worry about spoilers on this site but I understand that having it in the first paragraph means that it is up on the blog and you might inadvertently see it. I've moved the "read the full post"bit.

  4. Thanks! I never to go the review until I've seen the episode, but I just was on the main page seeing which reviews were up. I might not have even glanced at the first paragraph, except that Alphas' episode titles are sometimes vague, so I wasn't sure if it was one I'd seen or not.


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