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Alphas: Life After Death

Nina: “She was holding my hand.”
Rachel: “What?”
Nina: “I felt everything she felt, how precious it all is, how fast.”

So how do you follow up an episode like last week? With awesome acting and a baby. Bookending the death with a baby was a bit trite as a device but it worked because these actors give it their all.

David Strathairn and Warren Christie were superb with just the right mix of anger and grief. I cried when Clay asked Rosen who was responsible for Danielle’s death and all he could say was “Excuse me?” And the grief was apparent but subtle: although it was all over their faces and they chewed at each other, both Rosen and Hicks were very real in their responses. It is so easy for actors to go over the top displaying these emotions.

Of course, this made it a very difficult episode to watch, and the scenes with Gary and the baby provided just enough levity to give you a break. I wasn’t happy with watching Dani die a couple more times but I realized that everyone would be reliving that moment over and over again so it was appropriate.

This Week’s Alpha Powers

Our new Alpha was a baby who can increase vasopressin in anyone to make them feel protective. I wonder what he will be like when he grows up? Will his ability morph into something else? Do any Alphas have more than one ability? There seem to be lots of labs and medical facilities trying to create Alphas. They might have been smart enough to get Magda to take the vasopressin antagonist. Good thing they aren’t Dr. Rosen.

Our Alpha Team

The team is shaken by Dani’s death but they are pulling together. Hicks is staying at Bill’s house. Gary tried to help Hicks out by sharing his scream catharsis. Nina is trying to be helpful. Rachel is just overwhelmed. It is obvious that both Hicks and Rosen are broken. It was heartbreaking (I seem to use that word a lot with this show) when Hicks asked Nina to push him so he could forget Dani. Of course she had to say no. Rosen seems to have abdicated his role as the leader of the group. He spent most of the episode wandering around trying to recapture anything of Dani he could find. The only way he and Hicks will get through this is to focus on getting Parrish. They seem determined to kill him. Since he regenerates, that won’t be easy.

Rachel and John were very cute including the awkward first time. I laughed out loud when Rachel’s father showed up and she just fled. I am glad they got a second chance. Rachel and John deserve to be happy together. I miss Kat and her cheery face, but it was clever to get her out of the picture for this piece. She wouldn’t have fit very well.

The Anti-Alphas

Those parents were pretty convincing. They had powers we have seen before - super strength and electricity but they also seemed to be pretty competent liars. I would guess that Mr. Murphy works for Parrish or at least is running one of his labs. I don’t think the parents knew that Bill and Nina were Alphas, so maybe not. Or maybe they just weren’t told. There are lots of pieces here. I’m wondering if they will all get tied up sufficiently before the season ends.

Bits and Pieces

I didn’t like the smarmy coffin salesman. We want the best for our children. Really?

Of course Bill and his wife got Adam/Kyle/Benjamin but really they should have been vetted as foster parents first.

Great music again. The song that was playing while John and Rachel discovered each other was “The Hype” by the Hampdens. Also interesting that they managed to have sex and still end up with all the naughty bits covered.

Dani’s apartment actually looked like a poor artist’s apartment. I appreciate that authenticity. I dislike it when character's houses are much more expensive than they should be.


Clay: “Dr. Rosen, for the record. Who do you hold responsible for Danielle Rosen’s death?”
Rosen: “Excuse me?”

Gary: Can you fly, can you fly? I’m only kidding. I’m joking with you.”

Rosen: “Stanton Parrish is a master manipulator. He’s, quite frankly, a sociopath. He’s a very charismatic personality. He preys upon people who, for whatever reason, are looking for a purpose in their life and a sense of belonging -- particularly those who feel that they have lost some sort of connection with their friends or family.”
Poor Dr. Rosen. Now he gets to pile the guilt of killing his daughter on top of his lack of proper parenting.

Rachel’s Father: “Rachel, I’m leaving the house, I’m going shopping. I’m going for... two hours.”

Gary to the Baby: “They never listen to me.”

Bill: “He’ll learn young to put all the rough stuff behind him and move on in life.”

Hicks: “You know if Clay catches Parrish, he’ll put him in prison. He doesn’t deserve to go to prison.”
Rosen: “No, no he doesn’t.”

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