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Teen Wolf: Master Plan

“Death doesn’t happen to you [...] it happens to everyone around you.”

There was a certain amount of 'Master Plan' that was every bit as outlandish and crazy as I thought it was going to be, and then there were moments where I was surprised with how grounded and personal it was. I guess that fact that both these clashing tones merged together so well means that it was incredibly strong.

Last week it became apparent that all of the season’s plot threads were starting to tie together, but this week they collided in a pretty hardcore way. From Jackson’s role as the hired gun, Scott’s rivalry with Derek’s pack, and Gerard’s evil plans, it merged all of the major arcs of the season in one explosive confrontation. It may have been nuts, and way over-the-top, but that’s the Teen Wolf we’ve all grown to love.

Gerard’s true intentions seemed a little more straight-forward than I initially believed them to be. Apparently all he was after was a wolf bite. I absolutely loved this season, particularly Gerard’s introduction, but it all seemed overly complicated in light of how everyone else was bitten before. But that kind of explanation can be attached to a lot of shows that fall into the same genre as this series when we’ve got a load of hidden agendas and secret plans, so it’s not something that bothered me all that much.

It was pretty great that Scott managed to stop him in the end, too. His downfall made all of the torture and pain he inflicted on our favourite Beacon Hills residents all worth it. Seeing all his hopes come crashing down just as he admitted to playing them all into the ground was incredibly satisfying. It’s always great to see the big bad fall at the end of the year, even if they manage to escape off-screen before the final few minutes. I’m not sure where he’s gone, but I’m pretty certain he’ll be back, and I’m already excited for that. Michael Hogan was the perfect mix of evil, dramatic and zany; he fit in with this show so well.

Allison’s turn at Gerard’s hand reversed in a way that I didn’t really anticipate. I thought it would be something that would unravel as soon as she discovered just how her mother came to get bitten by Derek; instead it was Gerard’s insanity that snapped her back into reality. It was great to see her being brought back down to earth though, and rejoin team Scott just in time. Her and Scott’s break-up felt right as well, I just hope their separation isn’t a huge part of next season. Their romance is a massive part of this show’s central story, but it could put a serious damper on the show if it’s not managed in the right way. It may not have been perfect all season, but it was pretty great how they’re struggles fell into this episode’s bigger stories elsewhere, and I want to see that balance continue past this year.

Jackson spent most of this season frowning and jumping around smashing things, so it was nice that his final moments of the year were so emotional and raw. Lydia and Jackson’s past fling never seemed like it held any more than plain superficiality, so I’m not all together sold on the idea of it being what brought him back around, but what I did enjoy was seeing Lydia becoming the one to save the day. Now that Jackson is a proper wolf I’m assuming she’ll get a bigger role to play along with him, especially if she’s in the know with all things supernatural.

The arrival of an alpha pack could mean great things for next season, particularly since Derek’s pack is bigger and better than before now that Peter has joined our side. He’s definitely going to turn on them, but until then it’s great seeing his and Derek’s hostility towards each other play out on screen. One of season two’s strongest aspects was the in-house tension between the wolves, and these alphas could ramp that tension up ten-fold.

The final 5 minutes were all about the set-up for season 3. One of the most intriguing of those scenes was Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morell’s. As usual, not much information can be derived from their appearances, but I’m hoping Deaton being so hands-on in his quest to help the wolves will mean both he and Morell become a big part of season 3. And I wouldn’t mind seeing more Bianca Lawson, either.

The final two minutes were surprisingly down-beat, just like all of Stiles’s scenes this week. Though season 2 was all about the crazy and insane, this ending was pitch-perfect. After everything that had happened, it was great to see the reset button being hit. Regardless of the left-over stories we have to fuel the new season, it’ll be nice to see the show start with something fresh for its super-sized third year. We can only hope the writers can keep it as fast paced and brilliant as this one was.

5 out of 5 alpha packs


Location Change: Season 3 will move production from Atlanta to LA. I’m not sure if this location shift will affect the show’s quality, but the aesthetics could be vastly different.

I’m delighted that season 3 has been given such a massive episode order, but I’m a little worried that it might mean there will be a drop in that great pace that kept this season so exciting.

Jackson’s shift into werewolf form was pretty cool wasn’t it? Not sure what the blue eyes signify, though.

He Said, She Said

Stiles: “Death doesn’t happen to you, Lydia. It happens to everyone around you, okay; all the people standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re going to live the rest of their lives without you in it."

Allison: I can’t make you wait for me; I’m not going to do that.”
Scott: “You don’t have to, because I know we’re going to be together.”

Ms. Morell: “I never liked you being retired anyway.”
Dr. Deaton: “Who said I was retired?”

Peter: “Someone certainly enjoys making an entrance.”

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  1. The third season will be two 12 episode seasons, so no filler episodes.

    The blue eyes have been seen before, on Hales.

  2. Lydia is FINALLY in the know! About damn time!!!

    I particularly enjoyed the way Scott pulled that trick on GErard, but wasn't quite sure about how he knew what Gerard was ultimately after...

    Sad about Alison and Scott, but she does need time for herself, with her dad, to take in everything that's happened.

    Looking forward to next season!!! :o)

  3. Johan, that's two 12 episode seasons spread across one year, the same amount of time that they've had to prepare for one 12 episode season for the last two years. That's less time to let the last season sink in, and let new ideas form. My point still stands. And could you be more specific with the blue eye thing? I never saw it before, so I want to have a look out for it! And thanks for reading =)

    Chris, thanks for reading all of these! And I loved that whole trick thing as well, even if it was a little far fetched, but that's Teen Wolf I guess!


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