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666 Park Avenue: The Dead Don't Stay Dead

"Clearly he doesn't like people breaking deals."

Now we're talking! 666 Park Avenue is slowly yet capably finding its identity. However, the sad thing is I'm unable to fully enjoy it since it's pretty darn obvious the show is going to get cancelled very soon. The ratings are just too abysmal for it to even last a whole season which is so unfortunate. With a cast this stunning, it would be a shame for this show to become nothing more than a failed memory.

The episode's strongest element is undoubtedly Vanessa Williams who was blasphemously underused in the show's first two outings. She at least gets some focus here and Miss Williams does a wonderful job with what she's given. Whether it's doting over her dead daughter or speeding like a mad-woman through Manhattan's streets with Jane fearing for her life, she's always a charismatic presence on screen. I'm excited to see more of her and learn more about the Sasha ordeal. Is Olivia in cahoots with Gavin or will she become one of the show's unlikely heroines? Either way, I'm intrigued.

For once, Henry was more interesting than Jane. While his other half got to aimlessly stumble around The Drake in a very cliche manner (again), Henry was pushed by Gavin to come out of the shadows and pursue a political career for himself. Now this is one storyline that could reap some fascinating repercussions as I'm sure Gavin and politics will prove to be a highly entertaining mix.

Finally, our resident of the week was another engaging yet somewhat disposable affair. I enjoyed watching Annie the obituary writer find success with her "creative" writing only for everything to backfire as she's stalked and brutally tortured in her own apartment. However, the subplot felt somewhat disposable as we're still not entirely clear about the show's rules and mythology. Nevertheless, I can't deny that it was extremely entertaining.

Sinister Snippets

- Vanessa Williams was extremely hot zooming through New York in that Porsche of hers. God she really doesn't age does she?

- I'm going to need something exciting to happen with Henry and his mistress soon because that subplot really should be more thrilling than it is now.

- Anyone else feel like that Olivia's daughter is probably the psychic thief from the pilot?

- I liked the touch with "he's evil" being visible in the burning letter.

- The creepiest sequence the show's done so far was Annie being attacked and dragged in her own home. Just chilling. I adored it.

- Again, not the strongest cliffhanger with the hand and the suitcase.

The strongest hour yet. Here's hoping the show continues to improve with what little time it has left.

3.5 out of 5 suitcase hands.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. I am finding it very difficult to connect with this show. I agree that the cast is first rate, yet there is not a single character that I am either rooting for or loving to hate.

    I keep watching it hoping for the magic episode when everything falls into place. It just hasn't happened for me yet.

  2. My wife is really enjoying this show - me, not so much. It just doesn't seem to be moving forward at all. I have no idea what story it is they are trying to tell, and that can't be a good sign. It's a great cast, and great location, and as been pointed out before, the cinematography is outstanding, but I just am not getting drawn in very much. And when I heard that a cancellation is coming soon, most likely, I really don't have much desire to keep watching.

  3. We are absolutely thrilled here in Germany about the show. Sorry, Nadim, the best actor by far here is Terry O'Quinn and not Vanessa Williams. Obviously you are in love with her :) Well, she is georgeous, no doubt, but there was no sending-shivers-down-the-spine-moment with her so far.
    The location is great, the cast is fantastic and the story is suberb. We like particularly the backstory of the building. Although the episode stories are great, too. The Jane moments are giving us the creeps even though we keep saying "why oh why are you - again - going down to the basement? Hello, there is a guy laying next to you in your bed! Take him downstairs!"

    We do hope the how gets a chance. What actually do the audiance in the US want? Checkered lillies of the valley? We are tired of all the non-starter that did not make it through to a second season.

    Sisa & Claudia


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