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Haven: Over My Head

Claire: “You’re only one person, Audrey. You can’t save everyone.”
Audrey: “But I have to try.”

Curiouser and curiouser. This episode was better. I still don’t like Det. Bowan, but he certainly looks like he’s going to make things interesting. It was fun to see Dave and Vince back on the case even if the detective stymied them. I hope they don’t stay down for long.

Unfortunately, the writers just couldn’t help themselves. They had to add another new character and possible new love interest for Nathan - Jordan. Jordan is also a tattooed person and her trouble fits perfectly with Nathan’s. She causes pain with her touch but Nathan can’t feel it. I'm not going to be happy if Nathan decides to mix it up with Jordan. Nathan is continuing to be a jerk but is he so blind that he doesn’t get what Audrey is doing? I thought he was a smart guy.

Weekly Weirdness

The trouble this week was similar to our alien guy. Daphne can manifest things with her trouble. In this case, she is manifesting her worst fears as she stays stuck in her car at the bottom of a cliff. I did appreciate how interesting this trouble was and how long it took for me to figure it out. It all seemed water related so it made sense that several of the people who actually ended up hurt or dying could have been the ones who were troubled. Daphne thought she was going to die in all manner of ways and thus caused the deaths of those she thought could help her. That really is a crappy trouble. Will it happen any time she thinks she is in danger?

Overarching Mystery

Detective Tom Bowan is mixed up in this somehow but doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in the troubles. I still think the actor is terrible but the character is getting a bit more interesting, perhaps he will improve as the writing improves. Our creepy bolt gun guy is still killing people and he is collecting body parts. I’m not sure I want to know why. The clock is ticking for Audrey and it’s obvious that this murderer is connected to her story. I really enjoyed the flashbacks Audrey was having (although learning regressive hypnotherapy on the internet is a bit much). I’m glad that they are going to gradually unravel some of the mysteries for us. We’ve now seen the Colorado kid. He does look dead.

We also got to learn about “The Guard.” This tattooed club apparently has some hot members who like to dress in black. I guess we will learn more about them as well. I really hope the writers have some well-thought out mystery that they will reveal. I’m not a fan of shows where the writers just make it up as they go along, especially considering the quality of this season so far.


The relationship between Audrey and Duke is the most interesting thing in the show right now. I’m really hoping the writers don’t do the square dance thing and have Audrey and Duke do-si-do. I know they have to cool the relationship between Audrey and Nathan to keep things interesting, but it would be better if they could do it with a bit of panache rather than following in the footsteps of so many shows. Audrey is obviously suffering without Nathan and she only has a little over a month of time. You would think he might notice such things.

Bits and Pieces

I don’t like Nathan as an angry, self-centred, pompous ass. Was he manipulating Jordan? She certainly seemed shaken by his ability to hold her hand.

I really enjoyed the look on Nathan’s face when Duke saved Daphne. It looked like he actually realized what a jerk he was being.

At least Claire is funny. I’m warming to her.


Alice: “For crying out loud, Frank, a three-year-old can learn to swim. What are you so afraid of?” (Subsequently she is eaten by a shark.)

Dr. Lucassi: “I’d like to know how it got into the pool in the first place. I swim laps here in the morning. At least, I used to.”

Mr. Harris: “But the fish, there are fish in my car.”
Duke: “Rock cod. It wasn’t a shark.”

Vince: “Feels like old times.”
Dave: “Bingo.”

Duke: “That’s why I wanted to be on this case, Audrey. To show you that my family’s legacy does not control me--and neither do you.”

Jordan: “Can I have my hand back please?”.

Dave: “Make no mistake, Det. Bowan, we keep a very close eye on everything that happens here in Haven.”
Vince: “Everything and everyone.”

1 comment:

  1. 3 new characters now and a couple new-ish story lines...I do hope they all come together, like you said, sure hope there is a plan there somewhere.
    I also don't like Nate as an "angry, self-centered, pompous ass."
    I do think he was manipulating Jordan. He knows perfectly well how much Audrey's touch affects him - so he knows how much it affects Jordan to be able to touch someone without hurting them. As much as I don't want him to be a jerk and use her - I also don't want a true romance to start.
    Vince and Dave back to their old tricks - great! I liked them at odds with each other because it was interesting...but I do so like them as a team!


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