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Haven: 301

Audrey: “It’s not an impossible way to live unless someone tells me something new about my life, which always seems to turn my life upside down.”

Haven’s back! Duke has long hair and Dwight has short hair. (I like it.) Nathan and Duke are still bickering like the little kids they must have been but at least neither of them is dead. Audrey has been subjected to another harrowing ordeal but at least she isn’t dead, either. And biggest surprise of all? The murder that seemed to start this story is also false. Even the Colorado Kid isn’t dead. Is this the third round of this story? Is that why the title is 301? Is everything that is happening something that has happened at least twice before? But I seem to remember that it went even farther back than that. Did the writers just run out of good titles?

I found the resolution of our cliffhanger a bit trite but I was glad that everyone came out of it okay. They have started with a fresh angle to the story and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Weekly Weirdness

I seem to have a thing for superhumans in everyday life. I also review the show Alphas. But whereas Alphas works very hard to try to find some scientifically plausible background for the superpowers that people acquire, Haven doesn’t give a damn. You have to be ready and willing to suspend disbelief for this show. I think it was stretching my capacity a bit to imagine that someone could create aliens out of the stories their grandfather told them and some conspiracy magazines. Making an alien mothership that can then suck you up in the “accepted” manner would take a lot of bending of reality. That is certainly a superpower with a capital SUPER. It was a clever twist on the alien theme, though. I guess I would have been more annoyed if they started bringing in actual aliens.

Overarching Mystery

We have a new character – the Hunter. He doesn’t seem like a nice guy if he is the one who took Audrey. However, the mystery man said she wasn’t the only one who loved the Colorado Kid, so perhaps he was actually trying to find him before the Hunter. Curiouser and curiouser.


Is it just me or is Nathan being an ass? He seems to have it out for Duke, although Duke seems to be trying to be reasonable and helpful. Duke wanted to kill Wesley but that kind of made sense to me as it looked like total destruction by his imagined aliens was about to occur. Nathan’s solution did give Wesley some choice and power in the situation but I agree with Duke that it wasn’t much better than killing him.

Dave and Vince are working together again. I was happy about that. I didn’t like them going against each other. It will be interesting to learn more about what the difficulties were/are that caused that rift. Audrey and Nathan are still smitten with each other. Poor Duke. The look on his face when Audrey went to Nathan said that I was wrong when I surmised they must just be friends. Duke is in love with Audrey, too, and apparently she was/is in love with the Colorado Kid. A love quadrangle?

Bits and Pieces

There was a hashtag on the side of the building that houses the Haven Herald – #ESCAPE TO HAVEN. I checked the hashtag and there are bunches of tweets from the cast and such. It reminded me that Dave and Vince are on Twitter.

Rosslyn was supposedly dead for four hours although Audrey had spoken to her three hours after that.

Did the nasty mystery man kill Rosslyn or did Wesley’s “aliens”?

Loved the crop circles. They must have been fun to make.


Nathan: “If you are supposed to die at the hands of somebody with this tattoo, I need to be on the approved list.”

Duke: “Do you think your set-up is better than Haven PD’s?”
Nathan: “We just upgraded.”

Mystery Guy: “You stand there so smug and possessive. You think you’re the only one who loved the Colorado Kid?”

Duke: “Will you please stop acting like a love-sick child?”

Dave: “If the boy’s troubled, what counts is what’s real in his mind.”

Wesley: “The troubles are a myth. This is real. This is science.”

Duke: “It’s like freakin’ War of the Worlds out there.”

Duke: “Hey, Nathan, explain to me the difference between killing a man and convincing him to crawl up his own ass. Because I’m at a loss.”

Dwight: “People with that mark are not all good.”

Audrey/Lucy (written): “Find him before the Hunter.”

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  1. Wonderful review! So glad the show is back. I love your whole "Weekly Weirdness" section...so true that this show doesn't give a damn about having the Troubles make any sense at all. This one was one of those that you just had to go with. My 13 year old who watches the show with me kept asking all kinds of questions, trying to make sense of it all "so...he created a space ship...from his imagination...and got sucked up and taken away...to...where ????"
    I agree, Nathan is being an ass. He needs to back off. It will start annoying Audrey.


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