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666 Park Avenue

Season 1 | Cast

Terry O'Quinn as the devil married to Vanessa Williams? It sounds better than it actually is. 666 Park Avenue was a somewhat ambitious production that stumbled out the gate although it was positively brimming with potential. The optimist in me never lost hope, but the show effectively squandered a spooky setting and one of the best casts ever assembled for a television show.

Season One

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Murmurations
1.3 The Dead Don't Stay Dead
1.4 Hero Complex
1.5 A Crowd Of Demons
1.6 Diabolic
1.7 Downward Spiral 
1.8 What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
1.9 Hypnos 
1.10 The Comfort Of Death 
1.11 Sins Of Our Fathers
1.12 The Elysian Fields 
1.13 Lazarus 


Rachael Taylor (Jane Van Been)
Dave Annable (Henry Martin)
Robert Buckley (Brian Leonard)
Mercedes Masöhn (Louise Leonard)
Helena Mattsson (Alexis Blume)
Erik Palladino (Tony DeMeo)
Vanessa Williams (Olivia Doran)
Terry O'Quinn (Gavin Doran)
Samantha Logan (Nona Clark)
Nick Chinlund (Victor Shaw)