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Haven: Stay

Audrey: “Who are you people?”

I love the premises that the writers come up with for each episode, but sometimes they don’t carry it through very well. I found this episode choppy with inadequate bridges in lots of places. It was cool to have dogs who turned into humans, but the idea that it would be inhumane treatment that made them so and humane treatment that would turn them back to dogs didn’t work very well for me.

Maybe there was just too much happening. Or maybe it was the annoying woman psychiatrist who just kind of popped up. Where did she come from? Why didn’t Audrey meet her before? Wouldn’t Nathan know who she is? A psychiatrist in a small town like that would stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone would know who she was, especially if she was treating people with troubles. Even though it does make sense that people with troubles might need some mental health assistance, Dr. Callahan just didn’t fit for me. To give the writers their due, they do come up with interesting titles for their episodes. "Stay" had many meanings in this context.

Weekly Weirdness

I really liked the trouble this week, someone who could make dogs into humans. We anthropomorphise dogs all the time. What was really interesting about these dogs was the fact that they weren’t the lovely fluffy dogs we usually see in these circumstances. They were feral dogs who weren’t too happy with the humans in the town. Making one dog rabid added some interest. Unfortunately, the story line where the dad just dropped the dog off to be destroyed is not that unusual. Sometimes people are not very nice to their dogs. It would be interesting if those dogs could come back and do something about it. It must have been a blast to play those dogs. The actors did a good job. As I said above, I’m not sure I bought the premise that inhumane or humane treatment was the key. It felt like the writers had written themselves into a corner and had to clumsily write their way out. I’m not sure a rabid human/dog would be that reasonable.

Overarching Mystery

This is the part of the show that I enjoyed. It was an interesting twist that the Hunter is a meteor shower (not an actual person) and that it coincides with the disappearance of Audrey’s predecessors. The Scooby gang only has 49 days to figure things out. It seems that perhaps Audrey can avoid disappearing if she finds the Colorado Kid. However, we have the nasty abductor guy with the bolt gun looking for him as well -- and willing to kill people along the way. So even though we don’t have the Hunter, we have a hunter. It may take the whole town to help Audrey.

Bits and Pieces

I felt terrible for the poor puppy/human who died in the dog crate. Did the other dogs bust out? Were they in the bigger cages/runs?

I’m a social worker who teaches social work. I wasn’t happy about the psychiatrist dissing our profession.

Nathan is still being an overprotective jerk.

I actually thought that we might be dealing with werewolves. I was worried when Duke got scratched and he didn’t amp up.

Loved the dog/human with the “cone of shame” running down the street.

Some of those dogs were too nice looking to be feral dogs.


Shop Owner: “You know, son, back in my day we could have fun without the crystal mescaline.”

Duke: “I gotta tell ya, if I was going to have to live multiple lives I would have picked someplace more exotic. More of a climate. Bali, Costa Rica, Hong Kong.”

Duke: “We got to chatting, there were coffees, scented candles, girl talk.”

Dr. Callahan: “I know what you do for this town, and if you think that you don’t need therapy... well, you really need therapy.”

Nathan: “It might not be such a bad idea. You did give my coat to a zombie, and you almost let Duke stab me this morning.”

Dr. Callahan: “How’s your new friend?”
Audrey: “Easy to talk to.”
Dr. Callahan: “You should try me. I can write prescriptions.”

Duke: “Excuse me, who are you? Wait, don’t tell me - another Audrey Parker.”

Dr. Callahan: “He should get closer, talk to him, try to connect.”
Nathan: “To the angry rabid man-dog with a gun?”

Audrey: “I’ve been trapped in a snow globe, I’ve fought shadows and I’ve almost been killed by machines.”
Dr. Callahan: “Hadley’s getting over the snow globes and Thorton, I hate going to that guy’s house at night, and he’s my Thursday. I got him into gardening instead of machines. Killer tomatoes. Well, not killer, obviously, they’re delicious.”

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  1. I liked Dr Callahan, but have to agree that the way she was introduced didn't make a lot of sense. Maybe no one knew her because, like the "fixer", her job is kept only between a few people? Not sure why she had to show up now...its not like we need another recurring character. I did like Duke's "another Audrey Parker" remark.
    And now Audrey has to use the 49 days to pull further away from Nate. Darn. No happy couples allowed.


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