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Nikita: 3.0

"You had me at 'give me the damn glock'."

Coming into the season three premiere, I definitely had my reservations. After all, this episode was going to signal a whole new chapter in the show's legacy so I was very hesitant. Now I know I should have had more faith in Craig Silverstein, who managed to usher the show's masterful storytelling into thrilling new avenues. Welcome back Nikita, you're still as phenomenal as ever.

Of course it's going to take some getting used to; Nikita's no longer on the run so a lot of the urgency is gone. It didn't help that Amanda wasn't in the premiere (aside from one reference) so the episode felt sort of standalone in nature. Nevertheless, Silverstein focused on his superb cast of characters as they continued to evolve in dynamic fashion while laying the groundwork for a potentially brilliant year.

First off, I'm loving Ryan and Nikki's struggle to come to terms with the boss/friendship dynamic. It's undoubtedly going to be interesting to watch as they butt heads on a regular basis while others such as Birkhoff struggle to balance the divide.

Of course, the real highlight of the hour was the spectacular relationship between Michael and Nikki which has been a joy to watch over the course of the show. The couple had two outstanding scenes in this episode. The first was Michael fighting his way back to get Nikki's "damn engagement ring" in the midst of all the chaos. The look on Maggie Q's face during this was just priceless and the sequence literally gave me goosebumps. The second scene was the episode's final proposal which was beyond perfect. The music, the humor, the cinematography. It's heartwarming to watch Nikki so happy. I seriously loved it.

Bits & Bullets

- So we have a new opening narrated by Ryan. Not bad, though a tad cheesy.

- Nice touch with Nikita attending a yoga class like a normal girl. It's good to see her out in the open.

- I enjoyed Martin as the villain of the piece. He was always one step ahead of the team (particularly in framing Michael).

- Loved Michael giving himself up and Nikki jumping across rooftops. The action on this show still rocks.

- Awesome "wolf team" reveal with Alex strutting into the hotel with Sean in tow. It's going to be fun to see her exploit her cover from now on.

- Although Sean didn't get to do much in this hour, I did enjoy seeing him go undercover as Michael's lawyer.

- One mention of Amanda and it seems she's still causing anarchy out there. Can't wait to see her again.

-I'm glad to say that the show's sense of humor is still very much intact. I think I literally died when Birkhoff said the rogue Nikita line with the "oh no she didn't" finger snap.

- Locking Michael in the cell was a very intelligent move.

- Nikki casually sliding into the car from above was super-cool.

- Epic moment as Nikki says she has "more than one loved one" and Alex arrives looking all badass and shoots Martin in the head. I'm so glad they haven't diluted her attitude like I thought they did (and I loved her using the sniper rifle to save Michael).

- So the President is a woman? And she's threatening to burn Division to the ground if they expose themselves? I can definitely see these two sides waging war by the end of the year and I'm eager to see that unfold.

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: You guys ready to kick some super-spy ass?

Birkhoff: I could always check with Langley.
Michael: By check he means hack.
Birkhoff: Lightly peek.
Michael: Gently penetrate.

Nikita: (To Birkhoff) We're all lucky that you're a perv.

Sean: You don't mind if we crash your room, do you?
Nikita: Yes, and don't touch my mini-bar.

Birkhoff: (To Ryan) I'm gonna give you a piece of advice you don't hear in black ops... Chill.

Birkhoff: We used to get that look all the time in the old rogue-Nikita days. "Oh no she didn't."

Evil dude: American intelligence always betraying each other. You really have to get your house in order.

Michael: Give me the damn glock.
Nikita: Where are you going?
Michael: To get your damn engagement ring.

- All in all, I'm definitely on board with Nikita's new chapter. Unlike Revenge which is having a rough transition, the changes on this show feel organic and earned. This was a fantastic opener.

4 out of 5 engagement rings.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. I loved the first two seasons. I'm not sure if this episode worked for me, though. Maybe it was because Hong Kong Harbour was too obviously Toronto Harbour, with the base of the CN Tower in plain sight. Or maybe it was because of the way Alex flinched when she shot that Martin guy. I'm no expert, but it seems to me that an ice-cold, Division-trained assassin wouldn't have even blinked when she pulled the trigger.

  2. Excellent episode: shame the ratings are absolutely terrible.

  3. Excellent start to the Season! But from the way Ryan was reacting to Birkhoff ("unless you know something we don't") I figured there was indeed something he knew and wasn't sharing, something that meant the stakes were bigger than the others realised. How long will it take him to share this with Nikki? And how will she react when she finds out?

    Loved the engagement scene!!! Awwwwww! About time! I just hope they don't pull a Joss Whedon on us... :s

  4. Fantastic start to the season. I'm looking forward to seeing our gang get used to not being on the run and all the new dynamics.

    And, being the incurable romantic I am, I loved the engagement scene. As you say, it is nice to see our heroes so happy.

  5. Glad to see you all loved it too. I adore this show and I'm so glad things are still as exciting as ever.

    And by the way anonymous, I didn't see it as Alex flinching at all. I rewatched the scenes and she's just waiting to see if he'll make a move and when he does, she shoots him pretty effectively! (Plus she's not supposed to be an ice-cold princess).

  6. I liked it a lot, but like Nadim said, a lot of the urgency is gone.

    I loved that proposal, and Michael eventually letting the secret out in the middle of all the action.

    Can't wait for Amanda to come back, though. There's always something missing when she's not around!

  7. Indeed Panda. I can hardly wait for Amanda's (and Owen's) amazing returns. She really is the ultimate villainess and always takes the show to the next level! Glad you're up to date :)

  8. How about watching Nikki and Mikey fighting their way to their wedding? That'll be fun! :)

  9. I liked the episode, although it was a bit odd not seeing Nikita in some kind of life and death situation, in real danger like in the previous seasons.
    But loved the final scene.


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