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Revenge: Forgiveness

"I needed someone, you walked through the door. Don't let it get to your head."

Finally! This was the first truly great Revenge episode of the season, and I couldn't be more pleased. I was starting to lose my passion for the show, but this hour singlehandedly proved me wrong by weaving together a splendid web of intrigue around several moving developments.

The teaser alone was stronger than the previous four episodes combined as Kara Clarke walked back into Victoria's life and gave her a big hug while the latter contemplated stabbing her with pruning shears. Madeleine Stowe played the scene beautifully, and I look forward to seeing her interact with Jennifer Jason Leigh on a more permanent basis.

Emily VanCamp also got to display some of her best work yet as she dealt with her mother's suspicious yet moving cries for forgiveness, as well as Amanda's overall predicament. Emily knocked it out of the park as she was finally given something to do besides pout and reflect pensively. Here's hoping she starts kicking ass and taking names (or rather striking names off her list again) soon.

Vengeful Bits

- Epic first meeting between Emily and Kara (who doesn't know she's her daughter) culminating with Mason Treadwell's arrival.

- It was heartbreaking to watch Kara plead for forgiveness as Emily cried outside the bedroom.

- Loved Amanda and Emily finally apologizing for all of their double crosses and lies.

- Brilliant decision to reuse Angus and Julia Stone's music from the pilot as Emily found herself on the beach yet again. Stunning.

- Excellent ending with Mason telling FauxAmanda that he knows she's faking the identity.

Devious Delights

Kara: Such a beautiful home. So smart to build it right on the ocean; you can see your enemies coming.
Victoria: My enemies are becoming increasingly difficult to identify.

Nolan: (to Emily) That's good for revenge-y stuff, but sad for you.

Mason: Where have you been?
Kara: Away.
Mason: Why, that's one of my favorite places.

Mason: There may be no sadder sight than a woman attempting to rob her own house unless, of course, you misplaced something, like the dead woman who I hear has been sleeping in this bed. Through being dead is de rigueur around here these days.
Victoria: You should try it sometime, Mason.

- Emotional and highly captivating, this hour was a return to form for Revenge.

4 out of 5 pruning shears.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Nice review, Nadim.

    Yes, it was an emo thing seeing Ems listen to the tearful monologue of her mom.
    At the beach scene, Emily VC nailed in emoting the restraint in confronting Kara whether she is telling the truth about her remorse in past mistakes she made to Amanda.

    I am beginning to wonder about Aiden; he doesn't take rejection too kindly.

    By manipulating Daniel, he is cooking an elaborate plot that might put Nolan and Ems into a dangerous position.
    I wouldn't be surprise if we later know that Aiden and Padma know each other. :)

    Mason is bringing out all his guns.
    He is truly inviting an early demise. hahaha.

    Surprisingly, I like FauxAmanda in this episode; for now, at least, it's nice that she did not die.
    Being almost make-up free is good for her (and the baby). :)

    Loved the slow-mo reunion between Victoria and Kara.

    Also love Victoria' summoning Conrad – “… I wanna see you here in one hour.” Truly a puppy. :)

  2. I wasn't as disappointed as you with the earlier episodes, but I will agree that this one was a notch above them. ;o)

    Mind if I point out a couple of details? I believe the begging for forgiveness and crying etc were in the guest bedroom at Emily's house when she was helping Amanda settle in.

    And Mason didn't know Amanda's real identity (i.e. Emily Thorne), he just knew she wasn't the REAL Amanda Clark (because of the scar). And yeah, he's setting himself up for a world of hurt!

    The last thing I want to see is Nolan losing NolCorp. PLEASE don't go there show!!! :o(

  3. I loved the scene between Daniel, Aiden and Ashley. In an interview, Josh Bowman said it was hard keeping up an American accent whenever he has scenes with Ashley; and loved him saying "loo" like it was the weirdest thing ever.

    I'm starting to like Aiden.

  4. I agree that this episode was back on form. I loved it!

    This is the second episode in a row where we have seen Emily cry. While I fully understand why anyone would cry under the circumstances, it is an interesting choice as it reveals a much more vulnerable person than we were allowed to see last year.

    And, my heart broke for Nolan when he learned about Padma going to Daniel. I like the guy; he deserves better.

    PS -- what does it say about my state of mind that, throughout this episode, I kept wondering how those beautiful houses stood up to Sandy's onslaught. :-)


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