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Revolution: Sex and Drugs

"You're right. The world's not a bunch of pretty postcards."

With a title like "Sex and Drugs," it's gotta be good. And actually, this was a pretty decent episode.

This week, we got an Aaron-centric hour, complete with touching flashbacks and a special Moment of Coolness. Aaron, a rich and successful Bill Gates type of guy before the Blackout, had a wife who truly loved him, not his money. After their very Alias-like limousine versus truck accident right after the Blackout, the two of them hit the road and ran into a nice guy named Sean instead of a homicidal murderer, which was nice for a change since we've gotten so many homicidal murderers. Eight months after the Blackout, Aaron left his beloved wife with Sean because he erroneously thought he wasn't equipped to help her survive.

And yet, Aaron just outwitted and killed a maniacal drug lord and saved Nora's life. Not to mention that by forcing Miles to go after Charlie, Aaron saved Charlie from having to commit a cold-blooded murder. Aaron said that no one needed him, and of course, he was wrong. Aaron's quick wit and courage just made some points with Nora, and I'm sure he didn't expect that.

I'm fond of Todd Stashwick, who did a great job with the wild-eyed role of Drexel, a drug lord with a yard full of poppies and a drug-addicted harem of slaves. Drexel was all about the fun and games involving death and suffering, which included sending Charlie, undercover and dressed like an apocalyptic hooker, over to assassinate the leader of the family of cops next door.  She was going to do it, too. Charlie is starting to see the glass as half-empty, and she wasn't expecting Miles to save her. She even tore up her collection of vintage postcards.  I bet she's going to regret that.

Meanwhile, back at the Militia, Rachel and Danny were reunited -- at least until Sebastian needs more information from Rachel. Sebastian Monroe promoted Neville to Major, and gee, Neville and his son Jason/Nate really, really don't get along. We learned that Nazi torturer Strausser had a father who was an artiste of butchery, which can't be good. And they put the Aaron and Holy Grail Pendant thing together already. It's a good thing Aaron is smart and courageous, even though he doesn't believe himself to be.

Bits and pieces:

-- Sean snapped a neck. Miles snapped a neck. Suddenly, everyone is snapping necks. It's a new Revolution fad.

-- Ohio State University with cows on the lawn. Why did that remind me of Fringe?

-- Miles held Nora's hand during the transfusion. He might just care about her.

-- Lots of apocalypse stuff. Aaron's wife got dysentery from drinking lake water. Drexel's doctor had homemade penicillin, which I know can be done because I used to read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Charlie got a nice bath, but Drexel's slaves had to bring it up the stairs and fill the tub with buckets.

-- Miles's blood type is O negative, the universal donor.

-- Aaron's wife (did we ever get her name) is probably still alive. I bet that means we'll see her again.


Miles: "Why, what'd you do to piss them off?"
Drexel: "Nothing, honestly. They just have a problem with heroin. Can you believe that?"

Aaron: "How are you talking like this? Who the hell are you? This isn't some militia soldier! The only thing these people are doing is torching Drexel's heroin. We should be sending them a fruit basket, not killing them!"

Miles: "Aaron? Shot Drexel? This Aaron?"
Like there's another Aaron in the bushes somewhere.

Good one. Two and a half out of four torched poppies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Ohio State University with cows on the lawn. Why did that remind me of Fringe?

    Actually accurate to some extent. OSU has a veterinary school and an agriculture program. They have horses and cows and other animal for both programs. I was actually impressed, until I decided it was a total fluke that it could be real.

  2. I'm sorry, Billie.
    But I found this ep silly.
    I was laughing almost all through the hour of watching it.
    For a character who's very skeptical in trusting people and situations, Charlie's nude scene is actually unnecessary; she is very aware that someone can barge in at anytime and being naked would mean letting your guard down.

  3. This one didn't do much for me either. I'm impressed that Charlie was willing to actually kill O'Halloran, but I still find her character "meh to unbearable."

    I was most entertained by getting three Justified veterans in a single episode (Drexel, Strauss, and O'Halloran). Kind of fun to see the naughty sheriff being a convincing good guy, and seeing Johnny Crowder as a really raging psychotic.

  4. Like Jess I too enjoyed getting to revisit some old Justified actors! It's ncice to see Johnny Crowder out of the wheelchair too! Helps tide over the wait until spring... ;o)

    I thought it was pretty realistic that Charlie should finally start to unravel emotionally. about time the reality of it all hit her!

    They sure had me fooled with Aaron's flashbacks! I kept worrying about tehm killing him off ("but he hasn't told anyone else about the pendant!"), then thinking his wife would run off with Sean... Poor Aaron. The guy really has a self-esteem problem! But I'll bet he'll be important to turn back the lights on. :o)

  5. I like this show more every week. I think the flashbacks are working really well to flesh out the characters and I am becoming anxious about what will happy with our little band of family.

    So, of course because I like it, it is going to disappear for four months...


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