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666 Park Avenue: Diabolic

"You think I'm crazy?"

Before this episode, I had considered 666 Park Avenue to be a stupid show. I know that sounds harsh but the show was wasting its monumental potential with lazy developments and half-cooked plotting. While this hour wasn't phenomenal by any means, it was nonetheless a much more intelligent episode than what I'm usually accustomed to with this show.

It would do 666 a lot of good to make Gavin and Olivia the defacto leads of the show. Jane and Henry are just much too bland to really push the story forward and at least the Dorans have an air of mystery to them that suits the show. I loved the revelation that Olivia's "obsessive lover" is imprisoned inside Gavin's stolen box. It's actually the most fascinating development on the show yet.

I'm also glad that the show finally has a full-on antagonist in Victor Shaw. He's a compelling and creepy enough presence now that Gavin is sort of assuming the role of our antihero. I like my characters with shades of grey so it will be interesting to see the war between these two magnates (given the show lasts a couple of episodes at least). In addition, I like the fact that the writers brought back a previous plot point in the form of Kandinski whom Gavin brilliantly lets loose from prison using his deal with Dr. Evans. Now that's a smart turn of events.

Finally, while Jane and Henry are still as exciting as a slice of toast, I was at least intrigued by the wedge that was driven between them in this episode. I actually felt sorry for Jane as she begged for Henry to believe that she "sees things." It was a well-acted scene and sort of heartbreaking that Henry has so little faith in his wife.

Sinister Snippets

- The flashbacks of Jane reliving the attack were tedious. It only happened last week, I think we remember!

- A head in a box. How charming.

- The cop guy could be an interesting addition to the show. His name eludes me though...

- Finally, Jane knows about her link to the building as she discovers who her grandmother is. It's about time she gets proactive (although she did uncover this information by mistake again).

This episode was much stronger than the last few offerings. There may be hope that 666 Park Avenue goes out with a bang after all.

3.5 out of 5 red boxes.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. So, Nadim, I think it is just you and I who have stuck with this show. I agree that this episode was a step up from the past. The scene with Sam the lawyer in the hall of mirrors was actually creepy and I like the cop. We only get his last name, Cooper.

    Poor Jane needs someone to believe her -- especially as it is only a matter of time before Henry cheats on her with Laurel or leaves her for his ambition.

    Definite glimmers this week of what this show could have been, but I'm afraid it may be too little, too late.

  2. Hahaha indeed Chris. So sad how we're the last two standing! I still haven't watched this week's episode! I do hope it's even better!


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