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666 Park Avenue: Downward Spiral

"Gavin lets you out of the gilded cage every now and then. Hasn't the gold started to lose its luster?"

This always happens; a show gets cancelled, and in the same week manages to churn out a pretty good episode that gets you thinking about "what could have been". Really I should have seen this coming and while I'm not saying the show didn't deserve the axe (it did), I have a feeling I might be disappointed by the time series finale comes along (that is, if the forward momentum can be maintained).

Of course that's giving 666 Park Avenue too much credit. The show has proven itself more than adept at letting its audience down on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, I'm here to discuss this week's episode and it was undoubtedly much more intriguing than what we'd gotten before.

This hour benefited greatly from an increased emphasis on the show's mythology. Basically we discovered that Nona is a "child of The Drake" (hence the visions) which links her to yet another child: Jane. I found this little tidbit quite compelling, especially the notion that these children can step into each other's dreams. In addition, I was fascinated by the ending as Jane unlocked the underground staircase and (predictably) went down alone. I wish the show didn't waste so much time before it started uncovering these mysteries.

In other news, this was a pretty good hour for the Dorans, Olivia in particular. Giving them an antagonist (Victor Shaw) has done the show a world of good and I adored Olivia's kiss of death. The Dorans should be hatching sinister plots like this one on a much more regular basis to keep us guessing. Olivia remains a cipher so the show definitely has that going for it.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually excited for next week. Oh lord...

Sinister Snippets

- I found the opening flashback with Nona's mother getting trapped and presumably giving birth in The Drake elevator to be quite effective.

- The blade coming out of Kampinski's stomach was quite brutal and nasty. At least the show is invoking a reaction now.

- I enjoyed Olivia getting Henry a special prince at the jewelry store. Those Dorans sure have a lot of influence in Manhattan.

- I laughed at the doctor's skin burning with the dollar amount tattoo. I guess he'll never forget how much he owes Gavin.

- Olivia shaving Gavin should have been creepier than it was, but I still enjoyed it.

- Alexis lives in The Drake now? What's her plan and why should I care? This entire "love triangle" needs to go away or become interesting fast.

Although there's no future for the show, this was a surprisingly promising hour. Maybe 666 can go out with a bang after all.

3.5 out of 5 stomach blades.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.

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  1. I agree that this show was a step up, but now that we know the end is in sight, it's hard to care too much. The last two episodes have showed us what this show could have been. As you say, Nadim, too bad they didn't figure it out earlier.


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