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666 Park Avenue: What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

"Really, father? I love churches."

I'm glad 666 Park Avenue went ahead with the radical development of Jane's disappearance and return. It adds a much-needed element of intrigue and mystery to the proceedings (which is sad as that's all the show should have).

While I still don't love 666 and doubt I ever will, I'm enjoying it enough as a diversion that I probably will be disappointed when it ends in a couple of episodes. It's not as unfocused as it was a few hours ago, and it's definitely building towards something epic (if they don't screw up the ending).

I'm extremely intrigued to know what exactly happened to Jane. The flashbacks to her captivity in the underground tunnel were undoubtedly compelling. Here's hoping the reveal isn't anticlimactic like the rest of the show sometimes prove to be. I also want to learn more about Julian Waters and that symbol on Maris' door. Apparently Whoopi Goldberg is coming on board as Maris so that's bound to be enjoyable.

Sinister Bits

- Jane in an empty Times Square was some horrendously atrocious CGI.

- Is Henry going to start getting jealous of the cop now? How lame.

- The Alexis crap continues to grate. I did like the fact that she prevents cheating husband from writing when she's not around. At least that's semi-creative.

- I was admittedly by Gavin in the church. They really are going all out with the Devil references.

- Olivia punching Shaw was pretty cool. More of that please.

- Is Sasha really still alive? This could be somewhat good.

A somewhat engaging hour of 666 Park Avenue. But, I still want the show to be stronger.

3 out of 5 fake Times Squares.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.

1 comment:

  1. Episodes like this show what the show could have been overall. Yet, the writers continue to make stupid choices. I agree with you completely that the whole Henry/Jane/cop triangle is not needed (we already have one) and is a tad ridiculous.

    With only five shows left, I am beginning to wonder how they are going to wrap everything up. There are a lot of balls in the air right now.


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