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Doux News: November 25, 2012

This Week: Feast or Famine? -- A Pilgrimage We've Been Waiting For -- (Cran)berry, Berry Nice -- It's All in the Yam -- Talking Turkey -- Joss-o-copia -- Mars-hmallow Attack!

Feast or Famine?

NBC Entertainment Chief Robert Greenblatt revealed his game plan for the next few months of programming on NBC to TVLine this week:

"There are some big competitive things coming, with [Season 12 of Fox's] American Idol and the Super Bowl [airing on CBS]...So we expect a pretty significant leveling of the playing field. But we knew that going in, so to start out this strong [in the fall] feels like a big accomplishment. We’re going to stay the course and do our best, and once we get into March I think we’ll be back in the game in a big way.”

Let’s take a minute to examine that statement, yeah? As I read it, he’s saying that NBC has given up on maintaining its surprising ratings lead, and has decided to not even bother staying in the game during January or February. (February, let’s remember, is a sweeps month.) Oh, let’s not worry about profitability or strong programming for two months—we’ll just rest on our laurels and then try again later.

I’m not a bit fan of Monday-morning quarterbacking, because I don’t have a degree in business or any experience with entertainment marketing—so what do I know? But I simply can’t understand this feast-or-famine approach: shouldn’t a business try for some semblance of profitability every day of the year, not just every now and again? 30 Rock likes to joke about Jack Donaghy intentionally ruining the network, but Greenblatt’s laissez-faire attitude makes me wonder if there’s some truth to that spoof.

A Pilgrimage We’ve Been Waiting For

The biggest news in TV this week is the removal of Chevy Chase from Community. He’ll appear in all but two of the upcoming season’s episodes, but then he’ll finally be gone. About time, too: while I think Pierce is a relatively interesting character, Chase’s backstage kvetching and random forays into racism have pretty much ruined the character for me. I’m happy that all the other actors won’t have to deal with his nonsense anymore.

(Cran)berry, Berry Nice

Once we get past the Winter Television Wasteland, there are lots of fun premieres to look forward to, including Downton Abbey, which will premiere stateside on January 6th.

HBO has released a new, completely spoiler-free promo for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, which premieres March 31st. Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

It’s All in The Yam

Chad Coleman, who played reformed-gangsta playboy-coach Cutty on The Wire, has been cast as Tyrese in The Walking Dead. I really liked Cutty, and I’m sure Coleman will bring the same likability to a character who is apparently important in the comics. (Although we can’t talk about how he is important here, since the first rule of Fight Club is no spoilers on The Walking Dead graphic novels.)

Talking Turkey

Although both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue have been canceled, both shows got the word in time to tweak the season finale into satisfying series finales. Last Resort creator Shawn Ryan, who has also worked on Angel and The Shield, explained to Kevin Pollack the complexity of the cancellation decision—and how it basically boiled down to Last Resort competing in a crazy time slot.

I feel personally responsible for the cancellation of Last Resort, since my DVR only lets me record two shows at once, and I had to choose between The Vampire Diaries, NBC’s comedy block, and Last Resort. I choose as wisely as I could. Sorry, Shawn Ryan.


Blastr has created a slide show of crazy Joss Whedon-related gifts, from blueprints for the spaceship Serenity to a replica of the Slayer’s Scythe. (Because, as we all know, scythe matters.) As always, most of these gifts are incredibly silly, but I wouldn’t mind a few Firefly stickers to decorate my laptop.

Mars-hmallow Attack!

Speaking to NPR earlier this week, John Grotzinger of the Mars Science Laboratory hinted that scientists had discovered something “earth-shaking” in a recent soil test from the material brought back from Mars by the rover Curiosity. He also described the discovery—which they are waiting to verify—as “really good,” so I’m sure they haven’t discovered evidence of an impending attack on Earth.

Because that would suck.

(This post has been brought to you by the Thanksgiving holiday.)


  1. NBC, the 3 letters combined that I hate...I miss the Greendale gang. October 19th, huh ?

    Whoah ! No more CC in the GG !!!??

    GOT : my, that was a very SHORT teaser.

    OK, I want EVERYTHING related to Firefly on blastr ! AS I often say : hey ! a Classic is a Classic. (and the picture at the top ? Another Classic)

    Mars : trace of water ??? Tell us NOW, I want to be shaken.

  2. PLEASE tell me that your new laptop is a Mac ?! LOL

  3. Great article, as always, Josie. I loved your section on Thursday night choices. The only reason I've stayed with Last Resort is that I watch 95% of everything I watch on hulu. No time choices involved!


  4. NBC needs new management. What can they possibly be thinking?

    Personally, after all this build up, if NASA hasn't found evidence that there was once life on Mars, I'm going to be totally let down.

    Great Thanksgiving edition of Doux News, Josie!

  5. I don't know about anyone else, but I kinda hope they've found Jimmy Hoffa.

  6. Celticmarc, it's a PC. But it's a PC that wants to be a Mac: a Sony Vaio ultrabook.

  7. Mark,

    They have. Just look at that old episode of the Simpsons with the football game. (Or maybe I'm mistaken. But the important here is to make you laugh.)


    Oh, cool, cool, cool.


    I rest my case, twice. No, make that thrice ! (Unless.....they've found NBC's new management on Mars)

  8. Josie,

    You can't go wrong with a Sony.

    (but sorry, I've made the switch to Mac; will not switch back....ever) (the office doesn't count) (Kafka is still L His AO)

  9. I agree with you Josie about NBC, I really don't know what they're doing over there. They're kinda of like old FOX, probably why I don't watch a single show on NBC. The last show I watched on NBC I think was Chuck?

    As for your having to make a DVR choice leading to Last Resort's cancellation, choices like that is why before this year's Primetime season started I upgraded my TiVo box to a Premiere edition (4 channels) just so I wouldn't have to be faced with choices like you did Josie. :D

  10. Matthew, I'm going to upgrade my entire TV situation (including trading in my clunky $100-five-years-ago set for a lovely flatscreen) the moment I get a better job. It's been my promise to myself for a while.

    I'm even thinking about adding a Roku to the line-up, because I don't like to watch TV on my laptop.

  11. That sounds cool Josie. Hope your TV situtation promise comes through as a Christmas wish/bonus. :D

    That's why I've always loved my TiVo, now even more with the upgrade (able to record more channels and even more recording space). Of course, I've now fallen even farther behind in catching up with my recordings...I record too many shows. :D


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