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Haven: Double Jeopardy

Audrey: “Despite his actions, despite his fate, he is a good man.”

Don’t we all wish sometimes that the people who do bad things and get away with them would get what they deserve? Well, if you are a troubled person in Haven, you may just get your wish. I really liked the trouble this week, but felt that the thing that holds this show together (the relationships in the Scooby gang) weren’t really given fair due. They seem to be fracturing and reforming, but there doesn’t seem to be good reasons for this happening. I’m feeling a little bit lost in this story. Nathan has gone off the rails. You would think that a police officer would check out the story before he actually asked for someone to be transferred. Now he has aided and abetted the escape of a criminal.

Weekly Weirdness

This week Lynette brought everyone to justice through the control of her gollum, the Lady Justice from a painting in the Haven courthouse. It was interesting to have this lithe young woman going around breaking people’s bones, taking out their eyes and destroying property. Duke almost got his throat cut for being a murderer. You could see how it might be very frustrating for someone like Lynette to continuously document bad people slipping through the system. Her justice was swift, vicious and to the point. Duke, being the bad boy that he is, was one of these people -- but the mistakes Lynette made, especially with Duke, also showed why we have a justice system in the first place. Deciding guilt needs to be a reasoned process based on evidence. Even though she was a vigilante, I felt bad for Lynette. Is she stuck in that painting forever or just until the troubles are over?

The Overarching Mystery

The bolt gun killer is getting ickier by the episode. He is taking pieces of the women he murders to build his own woman. I bet the finished product will look a lot like Audrey. If he has a tattoo then he is troubled and one can only guess (and I don’t really want to) what he might do with such a thing.


I was so hoping that Nathan would stop being a giant jerk. Not so. He is either playing with Jordan’s feelings or he is actually making out with her. Either of these choices is unsavory. He really doesn’t get what is happening with Audrey. Duke has been the best thing in the show for the last few episodes, and perhaps the writers are trying to move forward the Duke and Audrey pairing, but I’m not sure it works. (And Audrey has more important things on her mind.) She isn’t going to be happy if she finds out about Jordan.

Bits and Pieces

I love Laverne and how she calls Nathan "honey."

Audrey doesn’t trust Vince and Dave. It seems like they might be very powerful allies and they are trying to look out for her.

I’m enjoying how Duke is fighting his fate and trying to get Audrey to do the same. I enjoyed his little speech about families, but I hope they stop talking about “the murder” now.


Duke: “Go make your memories somewhere else.”

Duke: “So go ahead, make fun. I have a troubled stalker.”

Jordan: “You can’t just ink loyalty on your arm and expect us to trust you.”

Duke: “Audrey, Audrey, Audrey. Are you sleeping?” (How many times did my little sisters/kids do this to me?)

Duke: “Audrey, you broke her.”

Duke: “Thank you for the clean slate.”
Audrey: “You know, they’re overrated. I get one every 27 years.”

1 comment:

  1. The talk of the murder has been overdone now and hopefully it is at an end.

    Nathan as a character seems to regressing badly, he was always a touch emotionally immature or stunted but his behaviour this season is so annoying, almost every scene he is growling at Duke or pissed off at Audrey or sulking. I sure hope the writers have some character growth for Nathan planned somewhere in the future, because he is in many ways acting like a lovesick teenager. I think Lady Justice was an allusion to Stephen King's Rose Madder, it's the only SK novel I've ever read, enjoyed it.


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